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  1. Not completed as such Paul but I dont envisage there will be any hiccups But I will note your interest if that is OK Shaun
  2. I am in the market for 4 off Sexyish 211 Tubes - not Vintage similar to Audionote Moly’s Need to be a matched Quad or Two Matched pairs What have you got
  3. A bump for this weekend - and this is the cheapest out there ???
  4. Yes they are nice in black too its still a beautifully well put together piece of Hifi engineering just wear dark glasses when you are using it 😂
  5. Its not that really Both are great players but I dont have any SACD's I should have really stuck to my guns and waited for a Black 557 to match my Black 707ES amp
  6. Good that you have rescued it Julian It would be such a shame to see these great machines die for the want of one part
  7. Must have been a good reason Rick They are a thing of beauty ( build design and operation ) and I was seduced when I should have bought what I was after which was an older ES with wooden side cheeks Which I now have ( CDP 557ES ) so this needs to go to a good home - with the spare laser it is a bit of a bargain I believe
  8. I offered it to him and he was very keen then just went quiet on me - no reply's to messages so don't know ?
  9. Thanks Al Hopefully that has sorted it
  10. SONY SCD-XA777ES CD PLAYER FOR SALE Mint condition and works perfectly. No skips, jumps or failure to read/play CDs or SACDs. The digital display works perfectly and there are just two tiny rack marks on the top (see photos below) Comes with original owner's manual and remote control. Built by Sony at the time to be their ultimate no compromise statement CD/SACD player. By the time Sony released their XA777ES they had had numerous attempts at perfecting CD replay through some pretty amazing machines and built up a vast resource of knowledge and expertise in the field of digital replay. Sony used all of this knowhow to produce the SCD-XA77ES at a time when the company still wanted to be a high end hifi market leader. Not surprisingly, the XA77ES's build quality is fabulous, far exceeding much of what is available today. The machine alone weighs 36 pounds (more than many decently powerful amplifiers). Everything is made out of metal. No cheap plastic parts, £10 CD ROM drives or tooth pick size capacitors here. The tray glides out in a way that Accuphase owners will recognize and the overall fit, finish, etc. is just exemplary. No wonder Accuphase, Lindemann and others used the XA777ES's transport in their flagship big bucks CD players for years. I will also include a brand new Laser / drive for this - Will keep this player going for many years to come I am asking a reasonable £700 This player originally belonged to a gentleman on AOS and I have used a lot of his description - link to original ad below IMG_2283 by S ONEILL, on Flickrhttp://IMG_2288 by S ONEILL, on Flickrhttp://IMG_2287 by S ONEILL, on Flickrhttp://IMG_2285 by S ONEILL, on Flickrhttp://IMG_2284 by S ONEILL, on Flickr