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  1. I am travelling up from St Neots on Friday and will be passing Grantham Can the guy at Bedford get the speakers across to me ? I will be happy to drop them into Grantham on my way home Cheers Shaun
  2. Well you have got my attention with that but I have to ask about the following My amp is 330w power consumption do you know what the 700es would have been ? Regards Shaun
  3. Anybody know where I can put my hands on a Bucking transformer It is for a Sony TA-F707es 220/230v version Thanks in advance
  4. Hello Mike Sorry i have only just seen your post Not sure which equinox it is probably the original one - I dont think they have changed much really The shelves are 500mm wide and 500mm deep Hope this helps Shaun
  5. Hi I will be putting my Art Audio Jota up for sale soon - It is 20wpc running Emmission Labs 300B XLS It is the Silver Signature version and also has uprated Jupiter Caps fitted It can be used as an integrated and has three inputs, and vol control with remote vol also
  6. Bump I am only selling this as I could not fit my power amps on it side by side but there are not many off the shelf racks that will
  7. As the title says a 5 Shelf Rack Some mods from standard though The base module has some small brackets fitted to allow another shelf to be added - these can easily be removed as are only pop riveted on The Large unit is a base unit with the bottom section removed to give a clearance of 310mm which I needed for a valve amp. The top is marine ply as I did not trust the glass with 50KG of turntable on it All the glass is frosted but I also have two extra shelves in brown which are included Clearances between shelves from the top are 135mm, 180mm, 310mm, and 230mm I would like £120 for it cash on pick up - I live in Retford North notts just off the A1
  8. Just had it confirmed from Leema that this is a late Mk1 built in Oct 2008
  9. Bump for the week end - and I should have put ONO on this Just what you need is a new amp blasting out your favourite tunes when you come home from the pub