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  1. Hi Alan, Sorry to hear that you're still having problems. I see that you say that you went to power up the Zen on Saturday. Do you not leave it on all the time? Sometimes mine will say it can't connect but it's rare but I leave mine turned on all the time. Presumably if they can't find anything wrong with the hdd, then it shouldn't be at fault? I know that keep powering up the Zen will sometimes change the ip address so it maybe why it struggled to find the server? I hasten to add that I am not a computer expert and am only going on personal experience. As for the VAT, it annoys me that we have to line the Governments pockets to breath. However, what ever flavour of dictatorship will sadly be the same........waits for the barrage of pro politics to come in
  2. I think the Mk2 Zen only had HDD but the mk3 can be specified as SSD or HDD.
  3. Bugger, unlucky. Any mileage in getting it replaced with an SSD?
  4. Sorry to hear this but hopefully you will get it sorted. Is you one still in warranty or is this going to cost you?
  5. Oh hell, that does sound rather serious. I don't think you've got anything to lose by ringing them. Usually much easier to speak to someone than hammer it out on a keyboard. For what it's worth, if you can get it to run on 2.X.X, I would think that you would also get an upgrade in sound quality......don't ask me why but I definitely noticed it as have others I believe. Therefore, it worth pursuing this or you have an expensive paper weight. Good luck.
  6. Bugger! I also was having issues when running the 1.X.X OS which have been largely resolved in 2.X.X Maybe a phone call to Innous GB is in order as I think that they are based in Northampton/Midlands area and either send the unit to them or take it to them, if you are close enough? Their phone number is 44(0) 2475 200 210 I run mine (Mk2 Zen) through an Android tablet, so I have no knowledge of using Chromebook. In any case good luck and hope that you get it sorted.
  7. Go onto Innuos.com and lodge a service ticket and then one of the team, maybe Nunno himself will get back to you to try to resolve. When I've had issues before they have been very good. Just one thought, you have upgraded the OS to 2.0 and above?
  8. Good luck with the sale, I have one....belting amp!
  9. I have bought some interconnects and an Origin Live arm and they have been spot on. Spoke to Martin, I believe.
  10. Boycie

    Iinnous mk2

    Mk3 mini is the latest that has been released as there are more of these in circulation than all other models put together. Mk2 is coming in August once the mk3's have had a chance to throw up any further bugs. Hopefully when the mk2's are released most of the foibles will have been ironed out.
  11. Sorry Flash, you aren't being stubborn and thanks for the detailed explanation. The original cable was a cheap ixos interconnect which I used just to get the sub up and running whilst waiting for the new decent cable to arrive. Not wishing to start a cable wars discussion (there's been plenty of those before ) all I was alluding to was that the sound now has more solidity to it than before. However, if the weather doesn't play ball this weekend I may try your suggestion just to see if this is partly down to an actual increase in volume due to the different cables or because of the single channel of stereo/2 channel into mono reason.
  12. Yes, I agree. I left all settings the same and changed the cables over. It didn't sound louder it just brought more air around the instruments and that in turn added more solidity to the overall sound.
  13. AndyCC72, a price would help things
  14. Valid point, no I just swapped the cabling over and while it's not 'night and day' the perception is that there is just a little bit more solidity to things, not necessarily additional volume but I hadn't thought about doubling the input.
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