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  1. I have a top model Denon which copies analogue or digital to CD or CD to CD-R. Works superbly. Superb physical condition too. Can't recall the model offhand yet, but it was their top one I'm sure. Message me if you're interested and I'll find the model number.
  2. I have the following available if you or anyone else is interested: 1) Lumin T1 streamer with the latest update including Leedh processing £1900 2) and I did have a Chromecast Audio, as new, boxed etc. but that is NOW SOLD. Just PM me for more details.
  3. Any chance of a copy of that diagram for HM-7s please, Rabski?
  4. Help required please, obtaining a replacement laminated core frame transformer for a Decca Ribbon tweeter (DK30 or London). I have been helping Chris, another Wammer at the other end of the country, by building replacement MS737 crossovers for him, using far better components, hardwired, on a larger board, and then on testing, the new crossovers sounded wonderful, but sadly we also discovered that one of the London horns has a non-functional transformer. So I need to get him a replacement transformer, or a rebuild/rewind, or a replacement complete unit. Anybody? Please!
  5. Help required please, obtaining a replacement transformer for a Decca Ribbon tweeter (DK30 or London). Anyone got one where the ribbon has gone but the transformer is still ok? Please!!!!
  6. Interested in buying EAR MC-4 or similar SUT for SPU. I'd be very pleased to receive a PM from you with details. Thank you!
  7. 8TCs are still available. Now reduced to £120. These are around £400 from Russ Andrews for a 2m pair.
  8. I am sending you a PM about this. Cheers!
  9. I have 1 pair of genuine woven Kimber Cables left. Cables 1: These are now SOLD. The first pair are Kimber 4TC, 2.5m long, Banana plugs on both ends. £90. The 4TCs are now SOLD STILL AVAILABLE: Cables 2: The second pair are 2.1m long and are Kimber 8TC, set up for bi-wiring. These have banana plugs on the amplifier end and the other end is split into 2 pairs of WTB plugs for bi-wiring a 2-way speaker. Alternatively the WTB plugs can be plugged into each other, making the cable into ordinary (non-bi-wire) cable. £130 All are in good condition apart from the input banana plugs on the 8TC which have been screwed down too tightly and crushed. They still work but I would change them. Happy to accept Paypal (Friends & Family) or bank transfer. Just let me know!
  10. I think I have some 8TC available if you are still interested. I'd have to check the lengths. Russ Andrews terminated AFAIK. Let me know if you're interested and I'll check....
  11. Still use a CSA14 in my 2nd system.Lovely.
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