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  1. Hi Erik. I was really looking for an IQ3 stylus only. I have the cartridge boby and bent stylus allready. You are selling the whole cartridge, am I right?
  2. Looking for an Audio Note IQ3 stylus. If you are willing to post to Finland PM me, Thanks, Juha
  3. Would anyone has a 12" Jelco tonearm not in use at present? Thanks,
  4. Hi. I have Ortofon Kontrapunkt B with damaged cantilever if you are interested in. I see you are from Sweden, so Euros would be OK as well.
  5. I have allways liked the company's produts. The built quality is suberb and the silver oval interconnects and the speaker cables work really well together.
  6. My first choise with Deccas would beTerminator T3Pro from Trans-Fi Audio, as long as you can fit it to your TT. My ESCo modified Denon DL-103 sounds sublime mounted next to my Garrard 401 and I know that Decca would be even better.
  7. A pair of Hytron VT-52 valves from the 1940's on my Graaf amp, not used that regularly. Sansui 250 from the 1960's, used nearly every day.
  8. I have always loved Genelec active monitors. Well established company, with great R&D since 1978. Great choice Keith
  9. Hi Alan. Can you find out when the two different colour text valves were made? What I think is that different colours corresponds to different manufacturing years and dates and therefore can/will sound different, like Amperex white text valves compared to orange for example. I know it doesn't make sense but they do sound different even if they look identical inside. Could be due to different materials used
  10. I totally agree with Philip. XTZ sub amps needs XTZ Room Analyzer to get best of what ever you are using them with. I never got my 15" sealed woofers integrated well with the widebands before I bought the Room Analyzer. I am using a pair of Sub Amp 1's drivind a pair of Bastanis 15" sealed woofers.
  11. I have been toying with the idea of having 4 tapped horns with my OB's, so this new Dual-Core model would fit the bill perfectly.
  12. Great review Steve. Do you know that there is new Dual-Core model coming to the market this spring? This would be great for someone who has more than 2 subs on the system .
  13. Hi Steve. Did you do the measurements using only one mic position(seating position) or did you use the three mic positions option?
  14. I have totally missed this one, many thanks for the link. John did mention about trying OB with one Crystal driver and two 15" bass drivers.
  15. I hope you are patient , I am looking to have these up and running in a years time. Need to move to our new house next spring, then restore it to its former glory before I can start building the horns.
  16. Hi Ron. This is difficult for me to explain, but there is plenty on quantity on the bass but it is lacking the quality, if this makes any sense. I can get all the doors shake in the room(32sqm) with plate amps volume on 3 o'clock. I have been playing around a lot with XTZ room analyser and did get rid of all the room modes. I am very pleased to the whole range frequency response as well, but I just want the bass response be as quick, deep and textured as the above 100Hz frequencies are .
  17. Possible resonances and room modes have been my main concern as well in a fairly small room that I am going to have. It might be best to try first with with the smaller 40Hz tapped horns combined with the sealed woofers I already have. If I want to minimise resonance issues, what material the walls and ceiling should be? Is it best to use soft materials, like ground soft wood based boards? The house will be made breathable through the structures so I will be using these materials anyway. I have understood that if I use soft surface materials they will reduce the resonances / echo, am I right?
  18. Hi Ron. I noticed a big difference when I installed a second pair of Bastanis wideband drivers to by open baffles. The sound became much more authorative and filled the whole room without an effort, and this is with 300B SET amp. My Diavolo is more than capable of driving 100 db sensitive Bastanis. Robert Bastanis has designed his Mandala line speakers so that frequencies above the 100Hz are done by the wideband drivers with yourmain amp and below this frequency you need a pair of plate amps to drive the subwoofers of your choise. In my case they are 15" sealed woofers in a box driven by a pair of XTZ SUB 1 amps. You can also have 18" woofers in a dibole set up. It is this subwoofer set up I want to change, not the OB .
  19. Hi Steve. Let me clarify myself . I am really really happy what my four 12" Bastanis wideband drivers with pair of Gemini tweeters are doing on my OB set up. This configuration is giving me extremely transparent sound which will be very very close to Avatgarde Duos. I know that is a bold statement, but they are really that good . This set up is giving me everything I need above the 100Hz. I have no plans changing them. Well saying that wideband drivers will be upgraded to Bastanis Crystal sometime in the future, but that is not the issue here. Reason why I am looking to change my subwoofer system is that I need/want more slam, body and structure than 15" sealed woofers are currently giving me. Could be that I am chasing my tail here, but cannot help myself . I have been doing a lot of reading what comes to different ways of getting there and at the moment I am sure that I will built a pair of 20Hz-40Hz tapped horns and combine these to another pair of smaller tapped horns from 40Hz-100Hz. This should give me what I am after, in principle. I have bought the 6.5" drivers for the smaller tapped horns and just need to buy the 15" Eminence drivers for the bigger tapped horns. Could be that this all is a overkill on my small room, but I need to try and hear it by myself.
  20. My Diavolo is older than your Quintet and has self bias built in. You could always give Tom a call and ask him.
  21. I am taking my first steps what comes to DIY speaker design . There is a lot of great info on this forum, so many thanks for all. Has anyone built/heard Infinite Baffle subwoofer systems? I could have understood this all wrong but would it be possible to get to lower on the frequency range with this subwoofer type? I am planning/dreaming to built a clean and punchy subwoofer system that would have a great synergy with my Bastanis Atlas open baffle speakers. This would meant that the sub would have to cover the frequencies down from 100Hz. What I am wondering now that would IB subwoofer combined to tapered baffle subwoofer give me what I am after? My listening room will be 4 meters by 5 meters in a 1920's timber frame house with suspended floors.
  22. I used to clean my records with Knosti and the company's own cleaning fluid. After cleaning I left records to dry on the Knosti rack. I have to say that it left a nasty residue which you found on the back of a stylus after playing the record. Then I came across second hand Knitty Gritty vacuum cleaner and bought it. I found out that Knitty Gritty uses 1 to 10 mixture alcohol on their cleaning fluid mix. I think this is partly because stronger stuff could 'melt' the inside parts of the cleaning fluid pump and the vacuum itself. I really cannot be sure, so I have used that mixing ratio, actually 15%, since I bought it with good results. So for one liter of distilled water I add 1.5 dl of IPA and 1 to 200 ratio of Ilford Ilfotol wetting agent from photo shop. Has worked with me so far.