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  1. Hi Alan. Have you been talking with Gary at Audio Emotion, they are based in Leven. They have huge selection of speakers in stock.
  2. Great to hear that you like Tom's designed amps as well, thay are very very good in deed
  3. this is the best 'burn in' method I have seen so far Will 100% certainly reduce system's residual noise level
  4. I have allways liked the looks of Funk Firm TT's Back to the nature with Barky TT.
  5. Would gold plated silver wire make it 'ultra high end' then ???
  6. Hi Phil. What I meant to ask was that how this £5000 TVC based preamp compares to other cheaper TVC based preamps on the market? I am thinking for example Promitheus TVC, which is 10% of the price of MF. I have Promitheus TVC currently on my system and I really like it.
  7. Hi Duvet and thanks for a great write up . Have you tried any other TVC preamps on your current system? What I am after is really to know how this very expensive TVC compares to the other TVC preamps on the market.
  8. My bad, he had problems with the noise BEFORE he got the AN amps , should read posts. Well my suggestion what comes to removing the volume pot, is not relevant in that case. But I would still hold on the thought to remove the volume pot IF/WHEN he tries active/passive preamp with volume pot/stepped attenuator. I cannot see any point having two sets of attenuators back to back. It worked on my case and reduced the noise to inaudible on my open baffle speakers, with full volume level. What comes to argument if active pre can add or subtract what comes to the sound quality is IMHO user dependant. Using passive TVC on my system brings more detail and clarity to the sound, whether it is better is another thing. For sure the sound is as pure and I can hear how crap some of the modern LP's are, but it is not enjoyable on times. Using my active 6SN7 valve based pre 'rounds' up the hard edges of the sound and by doing this makes listening more enjoyable on some recordings. I could not say which design is better on my system, because both are very very good on their own way. Only two certainties in life are taxes and death.
  9. What I suggested to the thread starter was to bypass the volume controls on his power amps. If this would reduce the noise, what was for my understanding his problem to start with, problem solved . I totally agree with Eric's post that less components on the signal path, better change not to deteriorate the signal. Of course if this is not the goal, then one can do what ever they want. What was your suggestion to solve the problem, bring well designed active pre and use this with the volume pots in-situ? Obviously I am not as experienced as you are what comes to designing and building circuits, and to be honest, I could not care less. I was just trying to help the whammer, not 'throw male cow excrement' around .
  10. What can I say. Obviously Tom cannot design 'decent circuits' according to your observations. I don't know what volume pots Audio Note uses, but Alps Blue volume pot that I took off from Diavolo last week made helluva lot of noise. Inside the Prometheus TVC has two transformers and a stepped attenuator and this combo is dead quiet.
  11. Here is a nice review, which made sense to me: If interested in any further give Gary at Audio Emotion a call and he will explain it further.
  12. The second control is for gain adjustment. It should be very helpfull on system matching .
  13. If I would in your shoes, I would first bypass the volume pots. If this reduses the noise level, as I would expect it to do, then you could buy better stepped attenuators and replace those horrible horrible volume pots with them. I was in the same situation as you in last week with my Diavolo. I ended up taking the volume pot and input selectors off and just using the Diavolo as it should be used, that is power amp. Currently using Promitheus TVC as an pre and it is dead quiet compared to my active Welborne Labs Reveille, which in turn is the quietest pre I have ever heard. Hope this helps.
  14. That Luxman D-08 looks soooo sweeeet Thanks for the great pictures Carl.
  15. Transformers and the parts inside the amp Tom uses are top quality. Have fun with tube rolling and most of all enjoy the music
  16. EML 300B-XLS will suit any 300B amplifier no problem, BUT will perform the best if the plate current is increased. See attached ink: Another purpose of the EML 300B-XLS is to get more power, than is possible with standard 300B tubes. This can only be done when you have the possibility to adjust the settings of the amplifier. If you increase the plate current of the tube ABOVE the standard 300B specifications, something very special will happen. The tube will now move to a part of the curves where it has a lower plate resistance. This is a specialty of the 300B-XLS. This will give a better damping factor of the bass and mid range loudspeakers, resulting in a more natural sound.
  17. Great write up Chris. I cannot agree more with you. Bastanis OB speakers are truly special, so revealing that in somedays they scare the s***t out of me. I started with one wideband per speaker (Mandala Prometheus) and then bought a second pair of wideband drivers and by doing this turned them to Mandala Atlas. Once you have a change, I recommend you to buy another pair of wideband drivers and add them to the baffles, I guarantee you will be even more impressed.
  18. You can buy with confidence any Art Audio amps. Tom is in business and going strong. He is also one of the most helpfull persons I have ever talked with and truly knows his products
  19. I used my 300B's with 'stock' Art Audio Diavolo. Now I am using a pair of EML 300B-XLS, with Diavolo's plate current increased to 100mA. Just had my first taster(3 hours all in all) and it does sound really promising
  20. see BIAS COMPENSATION on 1/2 way of the article
  21. These rectum fryers have additional safety feature aka. depth limiter. Also can be used as potato mashers, I think
  22. Cannot go wrong with that price, especially if they have been tested by the seller, looking at the stickers on the base . They look well built and black solid plates should sound nice. Once I finally get my Diavolo from the courier, I will write my first impressions of the EML 300B-XLS.
  23. Thanks for the tip off. Got two Leonard Cohen LP's in good price .
  24. Plays 33, 45 and 78 RPM records. Also plays 7 inch records using supplied adaptor.