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  1. We should not despair, it has line level outputs for active sub/s or passive with suitable sub amp/s. REAR: Stereo line in (via RCA/phono, for connecting additional devices such as minidisc players) Stereo line out (via RCA/phono, for connection to external amplifier/hifi system or recording device) FM/AM antenna sockets
  2. But I cannot see what speaker cables, interconnects, tonearm cable and mains cable they recommend/specify to be used with this beauty?
  3. Hi Robin. My Shuguang's were balloon shape with gold color base. Cannot remember if they were 'mesh plate' aka pierced plate like TJ's or solid plate. Emission Labs is the only company which actually makes real mesh plate 300B's for my understanding.
  4. I have tested: TJ mesh plate - way too bright and harsh to my taste/system. Basic Shuguang 300B - actually very nice for the money, but not as delicate and same time precise as Black Treasures. Waiting to test Emission Labs 300B-XLS when I get my amp back from the bloody couriers .
  5. Never heard the WE 300B, too much money, but with my Diavolo best sounding valves were Shuguang 300B-Z Black Treasures.
  6. Right you are. It's so easy to get increase and decrease mixed up .
  7. I am using this company's component stands under my Bastanis and simply cannot imagine life without them anymore. They totally isolate my 15" woofers from the suspended floors we have currenly.
  8. I am currently using 12" tonearm and have spent countles hours trying to adjust the anti-skate and allways came to an conclusins that less is better. 12" Shick tonearm doesn't have anti scate adjustment at all, and I think the designer of the tonearm has got it right. Currently I am using 2g VTF and 0g anti skate. With 9"arms, which I assume you have, you could try starting with 1/2 of the VTF and adjust the rest by listening the stereo image from the speakers. To get this right, speakers needs to be positioned equal distance to each other from the back wall, from the corners and also from the listening position. If the sound, which should be coming right between the speakers, is coming from LEFT then DECREASE the anti-skate force and if the sound is coming from the RIGHT then INCREASE the anti-skate force. This is the way I have done it in the past anyway.
  9. Just had to dig this old post and thank Serge for the Leak mini sandwich speaker recommendation. These are truly great speakers for the money I paid. Mine are 15ohm pair, so just perfect to use with Sansui 16ohm speaker tabs, haven't tried with 8ohm tabs yet. Received them today and sound quality is amazing even if current placement is against every rule of the 'rulebook'.
  10. Really sorry to hear of your misfortune Danny. I hope is nothing major problems inside the amp. Might be best to talk to the dealer and see what they say. I have been told/read that the valve gear needs to cool down and dissarge the current inside before it safely can be turned on again. This doesn't need to be more than a minute or so, but is important to protect the electronics inside.
  11. Thanks for the suggestions for all and everyone individually . I have found some more info and pictures about this amp and it seems that the amp has 8ohm and 16ohm speaker tabs, which was a great bonus. I can actually use the amp with my main speakers aka 'toilet seats' which are 16ohm nominal impedance. Also this new info that I have 16ohm speaker tabs in use, will open the vintage speaker options even further. Please keep the suggestions coming.
  12. I just bought this little beaty to start my bedroom system. I would need a pair of relatively small speakers to go with it. I have no experience of standmount speakers because I have allways used floorstanders. Can I have anything open sounding as Open Baffle from 'small boxes' or would I be better of buying some small drivers and make a small OB pair I could use on the bedroom? If DIY route is best way forward could you recommend drivers please.
  13. If open traditional baffle speakers are too big or not 'your thing', I actually adore my 'toilet seats' , not least because of the sound they produce, you could see if the looks of the new Bastanis Firebird would fit the bill? You would be able to hear even the lowest register on the orgar bass, weather you like it or not, with the 18" dibole woofers driven by XTZ plate amps. I have 15" sealed woofers currently, but will change them to 18" dipole when I build new baffles for the Bastanis. love the comment from the web page: The Looks? Bastanis Firebird are what you make them!” Hifistatement Netmagazine/July 2010
  14. I hope you find this link helpfull.
  15. Are you using 300B or 300B-XLS from Emission Labs? I have a new pair of Emission Labs 300B-XLS with me but the amp is currently being serviced/upgraded. I haven't had a change to try 300B-XLS in my kit. I used Black Treasures prior service.
  16. You could allways take alook if XTZ Sub 1 amps would do it for you. I have been using a pair for a while now and they do the job perfectly powering my 15" sealed woofers(Bastanis).
  17. I am really hoping that Tom could get me output transformers with 4ohm, 8ohm and 16ohm speaker tabs, have to ask the man himself, newer know.
  18. Buy with confidence. Nicholas is top bloke to deal with. I am enjoying my Big Silver Oval interconnects and speaker cables, many thans to Nicholas,
  19. I got a quick reply from Robert. Bastanis Atlas nominal impedance is 16 ohm. Minimum impedance is 12.5 ohm and max 22 ohm, so I assume amplifier's 16 ohm impedance tabs will be just right.
  20. Hi Serge and many thanks for your comprehensive reply. The minimum impedance is a great starting point. I just e-mailed to Robert Bastani and asked about the Atlas impedance curve. Thanks again,
  21. Could someone explain to me what the correlation between speaker's nominal impedance and amplifier's speaker tab impedance is and how this works/sounds in reality? Currently I have only 4 ohm speaker tabs on my Art Audio Diavolo SET amplifier which is rated 13w/channel. My Bastanis Atlas open baffle speakers are rated 14 ohm and are 100db sensitive. I am planning to have the output transformers changed to new ones which has 8 ohm and 16 ohm speaker tabs. What I am expected to hear different, when using the 8 ohm or 16 ohm speaker tabs? This is a good thread, but I would like to get more information how my Bastanis Atlas (14 ohm) speakers would work with amplifiers 16 ohm speaker tabs. Reason being I need to deside if I want 4 ohm and 8 ohm or 8 ohm and 16 ohm output transformers. Thanks
  22. +1 12" Jelco with SPU works really well.
  23. You could try to find good quality black natural wax or buy bees wax and mix it with black stain. Just make sure that you check the color match first. Rub wax first to the scratched areas and once that is dry all, over the speakers. Will give you high gloss finish if you put some TLC on the process .
  24. Ask if they have any Sambas left or use your old as an trade in for more expensive models.
  25. Cannot go wrong with BAT if you have fully balanced circuit from source to the power amp(s) and good quality interconnects(not necessary expensive).