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  1. The upgraded umbilical cable is worth having too. Got mine from Guy at Puresound.
  2. It's aimed at a younger audience but there's more than enough musical skill on show from the likes of Nubya Garcia, Alfa Mist and Shabaka Hutchings to keep an old git like me interested. If it encourages youngsters to seek out the originals then mission accomplished.
  3. Worth a look/listen.*/*/Natty-Dread-Limited-Edition-Half-Speed-Master/6QDX0000000
  4. Posting this on the off-chance someone out there can help. My son has just started a Mech Eng course at Uni and requires a PC to run Fusion 360 software. Recommended specs are CPU type - 3GHz or greater, 6 or more cores/Memory - 8GB RAM or greater/Graphics - dedicated GPU with 4GB or more VRAM, DirectX12 supported. Have Googled it and there are numerous results of varying (high!) expense. Grateful if anyone is able to recommend an optimum brand of PC - must be laptop. Many thanks in advance.
  5. Ruby Rushton are one of my favourite contemporary jazz groups. Ed Cawthorne (aka Tenderlonious) is a very talented individual. If you like Yusef Lateef you might want to investigate this.
  6. The 2010 Music On Vinyl repress sounds very good and you can still pick up a new/mint copy for around £20 - £25