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  1. But the question remains as to the whether the "expert" hit you with the hammer before or after he ran off with the consultancy fee.
  2. Wrong. You need the WHOLE system to get any sound. But the most critical components are the room and how you deal with it.
  3. I think that you're forgetting the elephant in the room. Ie the wardrobe.
  4. You have a view on how the world works. It is arrogant to state that someone else's view is wrong just because you do not share it. STFU.
  5. If you have to ask, it's placebo.
  6. How about lions and witches, do they work?
  7. I think that you owe Headcoat and me an apology.
  8. Really? https://www.stereonet.co.uk/news/exclusive-kralk-audio-30-range-loudspeakers-unveiled
  9. All cable threads should be terminated.
  10. Emlin

    Null Testing

    It seems that the subjectivists have finally given in and that science has finally triumphed. Now we can go back to the music and stop fighting over foo. Happy days at last!
  11. There's a plugin/app on LMS that does RP FLAC (all streams, and lower quality if you want that) just fine. I'm listening to it now.
  12. Bailiffs can only be sent after the case has gone to court and you have lost. As that won't happen, relax!
  13. Whatever the replay chain, music will always sound less than optimal if played at too low a level. The main reason is that human ears are nonlinear, ie the treble and bass will roll off more as you decrease the volume. You could apply some EQ to offset that.