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  1. Sorry just got back to my hotel. Yes a good game, and a well deserved win, but what has happened to Villa, they were dreadful. I had good a seat for the game , almost on the halfway line, top tier 6th row. Looking forward to Tuesdays cup game against Leeds now. COYG!
  2. There are 2 Pop up shops opening 75 days before what would have been Bowies 75th birthday. One in Heddon Street London (where the Ziggy cover was shot) and the other in New York near his appartment. They are an aural visual interactive retail experience . Anyway I happen to be in London this weekend for football, so have decided to have a couple of extra days, and aim to get to the opening day, Monday 25 October at 11am. 65, and I am excited like a schoolboy!
  3. Glad your sorted. been there done that and got the T-Shirt
  4. Introducing the hardline according to Terence Trent D'arby Vinyl
  5. Kwaku Asante - Blue Solstice Vol 1 ep Qobuz
  6. Craig Armstrong - The space between us. CD
  7. Police - Regatta de Blanc original vinyl
  8. That was the season Jeff Astle scored in every round, including the winner in the final. I also recall it being the first cup final being shown live in colour, and for some reason, both teams played in their away strip
  9. He said that he had been using Qobuz for about a year, and I wondered if he had paid for a year in advance, and that had now expired. Easily done
  10. I had an email yesterday, telling me the release date of their new album has been put back to Dec 3rd
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