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  1. I had original Ardens for 5/6 years, they were in a small room too, so not ideal. I loved their effortless presentation, especially at low volumes, which is mainly what I listened at, unfortunately high volumes excited the room, and the neighbours! Lovely speakers, but they had to go I still have a pair of Cheviots, which are not getting much use these days, since I have built active speakers, with dsp for room correction.
  2. Tracey Chapman - Telling stories CD
  3. Krista Detor - Chocolate paper suites CD
  4. Well a great end to a poor season, well done Arsenal!
  5. Nerves starting to set in prior to The FA Cup Final, should be a good game, COYG !!! Lets hope I can lift the cup again
  6. Jazz on the corner two Great compilation album to dip your toe into jazz
  7. I bought mine in Stephen Siger in Edgware
  8. Had a 28 day matured sirloin last week, it was so good I have been back and got another one for tomorrow.
  9. Kirsty MacColl - Tropical Brainstorm CD