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  1. Pleasant is probably the best I could say, I did actually nod off for a couple of tracks, and as you said, not at all what I expected.
  2. The sampling rate in the DCX is 24/96 so I limit the streams from Qobuz to that, so as no down sampling is involved.
  3. Yes it is superb, also sounded wonderful streamed earlier this morning, prior to its delivery😊
  4. Well having spent an enjoyable afternoon listening to the Nord with my active setup, no audible differences were obvious, as you rightly say Tony, none really should have been expected.
  5. Melody Gardot - Sunset in Blue Vinyl
  6. Faithless - All Blessed Qobuz 24/96
  7. Ben Harper - Winter is for lovers Qobuz
  8. I have not got the digital input on mine, I have the lite version.
  9. I run one of my Pi4's into my Oppo sonica dac using the USB output and it is very good, I have not felt the need to get a hat. I recently acquired a Nord Easy-Stream Connect DAC ES9038 v2, which has the Khadas toneboard , and that is also very good, and the software (4stream), pretty good too. Maybe I'll have a swap and put it in the main system to see how it compares with the Oppo.
  10. I beg to differ, I stated that it was a 3009 upgraded by Sonik Sircle. The thing with The Technics 1200 is that everyone has for many years called it a DJ deck, but it was originally sold as a Hi-Fi deck (for what that terminology is worth) and was adopted by DJ's in the 70's.The SP10 was originally designed for use in Radio broadcast studios' The British Hi-Fi industry (as I am sure you know) at that time was very anti direct drive, in fact if it was not a Linn it was not worth having. These decks therefore were under the radar, so to speak, in those Halcyon days of Audio. It is only in these more enlightened times, that people are seeing the benefit of DD Turntables, and giving them the respect they deserve.
  11. Umbrage was not taken here, i was just pointing out that the upgrade to my arm had changed its form factor, and your point of view was therefore meaningless.
  12. I love Most of Miles music, but likewise I just do not get Bitches Brew, and I have tried. I struggle with most prog rock as well.
  13. Well maybe you should keep your opinions to yourself, unless asked. As I said the 3009 is upgraded, it now has a straight carbon fibre arm tube fitted to the original base and bearings, and I can assure you it sounds very good to me, and that is all that matters. The 1210 is also a much better deck, than many so called hi-fi turntables I have heard, It replaced a Rock Elite and Mission arm.