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  1. Joni Mitchell - Don Juan's reckless daughter Original vinyl
  2. Bryan Ferry - Boys and Girls A great 80's recording, that has now been remastered at Abbey Road and is sounding wonderful, on new vinyl.
  3. If this DAC bake off happens I would be interested in attending, if there is room. I can bring my Oppo sonica dac if anyone is interested in hearing it. I know it is no longer in production, but it has the ess 9038 pro chip, which I believe, is still the Flagship chip in their range. This was a veritable bargain when new (£799) for the tech, and build quality. It would be interesting to hear if things have moved on, in a big way, or just subtle changes.
  4. Thoroughly enjoyed watching a live game again, even though we lost (well it should have been a draw, but there was no goal line technology as it was a friendly, and we scored a clear goal to equalise, but the linesman wasn't up with play, and missed it ) great to have some banter with fans, in the pubs and bars. Took my son for the first time, a bit late as he is 40, but he never a showed any interest when he was younger!
  5. greybeard


    I can only sing Graeme's praise too, as most have said, he is excellent with valve equipment. Unfortunately being good, means being busy, but glad to hear you have made contact.
  6. I'm using the NHS app (Not the NHS Covid 19 app) you get a covid pass either for England (domestic) or for overseas (travel) which needs renewing monthly (FOC). It shows as a QR code which I assume will be scanned, this is my first time to use it. I do believe you can also get a paper version, if you are adverse to technology
  7. Arrived today, remastered at Abbey Road. Bryan Ferry - Boys and Girls Vinyl
  8. Rod Stewart - Every picture tells a story Original Vinyl
  9. Yes loving it, swam in the sea 4 nights last week, not so good today though.
  10. Off To the Emirates on Sunday for the Chelsea pre season friendly, first time since March 2020! Covid passports being trialled I believe, so that should be interesting. I must say, I am quite excited to be watching a live game again
  11. greybeard

    AE2 speaker help

    Check the wiring for being out of phase, if not that, check the crossover components for any signs of fatigue. I take it the drivers are both identical, one has not been replaced with a non original.
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