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  1. Yello - You gotta say yes to another excess Vinyl
  2. The Wailin' Jennys - Live at The Mauch Chunk opera House CD
  3. greybeard


    I have recently swapped, from my DIY alps blue passive, with silver wiring, to a Khozmo 48 step, passive pre, and to my ears there is a significant improvement in detail and clarity, especially in the bass. I tried using digital volume control, and with the Alps blue, found no difference, but with the Khozmo, I find an improvement again, so the pre is back in the chain.
  4. Suzanne Vega - Tales from the realm of the Queen of Pentacles Vinyl
  5. Sat listening to my DIY Ls35a clones at the moment, with a Unison Research S4 and they are sounding sublime, oh and the vocals .....wow.
  6. Bert Kaempfert - Swingin' Safari Original 1962 vinyl with superb SQ. A guilty pleasure, which reminds me of Dad
  7. Agreed, sealed cabinets for me, produce better bass, if not prodigious bass, and are also to a lesser extent not so fussy about positioning.
  8. Mines Blue, and sounds great! But I have not compared it to black vinyl.
  9. I could not make this show, a bit too far for me this time. But I was lucky enough to have a small, local show put on by Woolacotts, at the Wadebridge showground. There was only about 15 rooms, but it was free, along with a nice free buffet too. Like most have said here, the sound was a bit bright in most rooms, bar the Klipsch room where it was a bit bass heavy, The star of the show for me was a little system shown by Mian distributers which consisted of a Leema amp/ streamer and some small Elac Carina speakers. Unfortunately I did not take a photo of this system But did get a couple of others Klipsch and Monitor Audio.
  10. I. Benjaman introducing Fraction of Jah Action Qobuz
  11. Bruce Springsteen - Darkness on the edge of town Original (Promo not for resale) vinyl
  12. Yes I agree, i do not have all her albums but own 12, and always enjoy playing them, this one and Hissing of summer lawns are two of my favourites, closely followed by Blue and Court & Spark, Clouds, Hejira and Both sides now.
  13. Andrew you do know that this amp was service by Graham (valvebloke), and was only used once at Kegworth, and then once to check it was all in order, before I met you with it.
  14. You got done, £1 brand new for me
  15. I bought my copy of that, from the Hari Krishna's that used to frequent Oxford Street in the late 60's early 70's
  16. Cymande - Second time around Vinyl re-issue
  17. Joni Mitchell - Don Juans reckless daughter original vinyl
  18. George Michael - Listen without prejudice original vinyl
  19. The Exact Technology is very good, but very expensive, and yes I have heard it. In my humble opinion, you can achieve the same results with an active setup, using REW and implementing the filters given for your choice of digital speaker management, plus adding time delay. You can also use Dirac live with Mini DSP, and a few other companies products. I have not used this so cannot comment, but plenty on here do, and are pleased with the results.
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