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  1. Had a great weekend in North London with my 7 year old grandson for his first visit to the Emirates, even the result did not dampen his enthusiasm, "can I come to the next match with you. Pops" was his question as we were exiting the stadium, this made me very happy
  2. Funny you should say that, it is a gas fired burner that they had disconnected, but have now found the room too cold. So the centre speaker has gone and so have the Fyne speakers to be replaced with some B&W 803 D4's. The stove has been replaced with an electric version. The next time I visit I will try and remember to take a new photo!
  3. Congratulations Liverpool, the best team on the night won. Very disappointed with Arsenals performance tonight, after the commitment they showed at Anfield, I expected much more tonight. It seemed no one had told them it was a semi final.
  4. Tonight's semi-final, second leg is delicately poised, but I have no clue as to the outcome, or the teams that will be playing, as the clubs seem to be keeping their powder dry at the moment, on availability of players. Should be a good match as winner takes all. COYG. Taking my Grandson to the Burnley game on Sunday, so missing this one, after the original fixture was postponed, which I could have gone to!
  5. Sherlock will be along shortly to explain
  6. Wings - Wild Life Original 1971 vinyl with Linda & Paul labels
  7. He's disowned you, traitor you'll be in the Tower next!!
  8. Turning on your own people, you Yorkshire cockney!!
  9. If you can believe the press, and that is a big if! It looks like Benitez is on his way, with Big Dunc coming in, again!
  10. Well it is a good job I know nothing . A great defensive display by the 10 men of Arsenal, made Liverpool look ordinary and devoid of ideas. Still it is only half time, but should be a cracker at the Emirates. COYG!!
  11. Just seen the team for tonight, and I'm afraid I can only see this going the way of Liverpool in this leg. Our bench is very weak too, a mixture of injuries, CAF, and the dreaded Covid has decimated the squad. I just hope the game is not out of sight before the second leg. COYG!
  12. Glad to see the back of him Barry
  13. Bob Marley - Catch a fire Abbey Road remaster
  14. Their Satanic Majesties Request?
  15. New Year resolutions are holding guys ( do not take the bait on cable threads )
  16. You are missing the point, Villas goal would have stood if VAR had not been in use, like the majority of ties played in the 3rd round. My point is that there were goals awarded in other matches, and some that were not, because VAR was not in use. So for a fair playing field, IMO, VAR should not be used in the FA cup. VAR in the premiership is fine, all games are governed by it, so all teams may have decisions given, or overturned, that were not detected by the naked eye, in real time.
  17. Personally I do not agree with VAR being used in only some games, in the FA Cup . It is not a level playing field for all. It should be all games or no games, so in this case no games.
  18. They have had some terrible games this season, but that was the worst, even beating their effort at Goodison Park! Maybe Arsenal have had some false negative COVID tests, they all looked like they had no energy
  19. As no one has added any Jazz, how about Bitches Brew by Miles Davis or Southern Comfort by The Crusaders
  20. I use my DIY LS35a's in a room similar in size to yours, and enjoy the sound they give me, they are wonderful with vocals, and the mid range is superb, yes the bass is obviously not deep, but once I start listening, I do not seem to notice.
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