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  1. Paul Simon - There goes Rhymin' Simon Vinyl
  2. Ray Lamontagne - Monovision Qobuz 24/96
  3. No that will be fine, it varies on who you ask. Do not use on Shellac (78's) though.
  4. 25% isopropyl 75% distilled water and a couple of drops of wetting agent (Ifotol or something similar)
  5. Surely you have a choice in everything you buy, not just luxury items. That is akin to being vegetarian, and eating fish, and the occasional bacon sandwich. I do not like the Chinese regime, I do not like the sweatshops of Thailand and India to name a few others, but unfortunately the world, seems to like cheap food and goods. Apple on the other hand have their products made cheaply in China, and then sell them at hugely inflated prices, and have become one of the richest companies in the world.
  6. I do not allow politics to decide if a product is well designed and manufactured, otherwise there would be numerous countries I would not buy from. Also at the op, I notice you have a MacBook as your digital front end, technically it is not hi-fi , but why have you singled out audio products, when you have obviously bought other technologies from China?
  7. Mark Knopfler - Sailing to Philadelphia Qobuz
  8. Laura Marling - Song for or daughter Qobuz
  9. Martin I am totally with you on this. I have a 55" Sony 4k smart TV, the picture Quality is superb, I find 4k and 1080 productions hardly noticeable on this screen. Whereas the difference between 720 and 1080 very noticeable. The larger the screen, the more pronounced the difference I would imagine, the same as blowing up a hi resolution photo, the more pixels the bigger you can go.
  10. I think the answer to that, would be try it, and hear for yourself. Your room and system will be unique, so you will be best qualified.
  11. Keeping on the 70's theme Slade - Alive Vinyl
  12. T. Rex - Electric Warrior Vinyl For a commercial Pop/Rock album, nearly 50 years old, this never ceases to amaze at the quality of the recording. My original vinyl still sounds great.
  13. greybeard


    It makes me wonder what she wants to spend 100 k on? Not that I am a cynic
  14. Adding the heavy kit should aid speed stability too.
  15. Cassandra Wilson - Traveling Miles Qobuz