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  1. Yes, one for the left foot, and one for the right foot 😁
  2. The SQ with MoOde is very good indeed, I hardly listen to CD anymore. Glad you are sorted 😊
  3. Edwards MM 1 has a white front panel.
  4. Tracey Thorn (EBTG) Tinsel & Lights If you bought the vinyl version, you got a sheet of wrapping paper!
  5. Unfortunately I no longer do, I use MoOde audio now, which was a bit tricky to setup compared with volumio, but works fine with all hi-res files, I use Qobus. But I also have a Raspberry Pi 4b 2gb, not a 3, which could be the problem. I also have an ethernet connection not wi-fi. The only reason I changed from Volumio, was the small charge they made, to use their software with Qobuz/Tidal. I never had any issues, with using it for hi-res streaming though.
  6. 3 live albums I always enjoy are Lou Reed - Rock n' Roll animal, Rory Gallagher - Live in Europe, Thin Lizzy - Live and Dangerous.
  7. The Weekend - After Hours Tidal (master)
  8. The Beat - I just can't stop it. Vinyl
  9. I find it's the control of bass, and dynamics that I prefer with higher power ratings. The Hypex modules have incredibly low noise floors and a clarity that is startling, and takes a bit of getting used to, I found. But I find I miss it now, when listening to alot of other amps. As with everything horses for courses. Enjoy the XTC.
  10. It's a type of amplifier/and different 😁
  11. Tracey Chapman - Greatest hits Qobuz
  12. Janiva Magness - What love will make you do Qobuz
  13. Input Sync - Incoming data clock signal is reclocked by built in JET(tm) PLL circuit an used as DAC reference clock.
  14. Try searching for "powered speakers" instead, you will have to wade through BT speakers and the likes, but you should get enough to peruse at your leisure