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  1. New Orleans Funk 4 - Various Artists Vinyl
  2. Myles Were you at Portreath, when the mobile Radar was there?
  3. Did you use St. Eval airfield too? I remember there being rally stages there many years ago.
  4. Thanks Peter. This was built many years ago, the speed controller I purchased in kit form from DIY collective (I think!) The motor is a DC Premotec , and the arm is an original OL Illustrious.
  5. It is going to be a nervy second half, after that world class free kick has put Benfica right back in the tie. Great opening goal by Auba. COYG our season hangs on this second half!
  6. Where are you in Cornwall, you say near Truro, but also West Cornwall, which I always associate with Hayle /Penzance.
  7. Which is a surprise. as he is only 51 !
  8. Thanks for that Baz booked for Saturday
  9. I would not hold your breath though, it has been reported before, and then nothing. I met him, and Andrew Ridgely in the 3 Crowns in Bushey, before they became famous. And Andrew Ridgeley now lives just outside Wadebridge, small world!
  10. There is talk of it being reissued on vinyl.