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  1. Very often the oil becomes sticky and needs cleaning out and replacing. You should be able to remove the whole assembly and either clean or replace it. A new lift assembly will cost you 25 pounds from a rega dealer.
  2. Did Radiant Red, ever get a loan unit to demo, I could not find anything in the 42 replies to the above post. I played a 78 today and it was a joy just to swap the headshell for the one fitted with the 78 version of the Ortofon 2M Red (same weight). I also checked the calibration of the tracking weight dial and it was spot on .
  3. If you can do A+B and your speakers have separate LF and HF terminals then you can bi-wire the speakers with 4 core (2x2) cable.
  4. Hi All, Today I received by courier a new turntable from my local dealer. I was looking for 3 speed 33/45/78 and Interchangeable Head-shell to swap between my stereo and mono 78 cartridge. In some ways I have downgraded to the Technics SL1500C (£900) and it was a joy just to take it out of the box, fit the platter and adjust the tracking weight, dial in the anti-skate bias, and adjust the arm height. No need for threads and weights and Allen keys. The platter is aluminium with a rubber damping material on the underside. The arm is similar/same as the SL1210. The motor is direct drive with more poles than the SL1210. In the past I have used turntables from £350 to £2500 and found issues in relation to function, fit and form. The arm lift on the run-out groove is a bit clunky and I have turned that feature off. I am not using the internal MM pre-amp but reviews indicate that its very good for those amps which dont have a pre-amp input. I did order a better RCA cable than the supplied "stock" cable, but Chord are on a 3 week lockdown and I already have some better cables like Atlas and Ecosse I can use until they resume production. I know there are the other disco style turntables and open frame style but that would be an WAF issue, and at present she is our only source of income. Been listening most of the afternoon/evening to part of my vinyl collection. Alan
  5. Why do the capacitors near the volume control have masking tape on them ?
  6. I notice the manufacturer does not quote a figure for Signal to Noise. I would expect not to hear any hum from the speaker. You could try re-locating the amp away from other products. My Luxman is -105dB which is a very good figure (KT88 Valves).
  7. Many thanks for looking
  8. Its now working, very strange.
  9. Hi, Not sure where to post this ? My local dealer added a corona website message to his home page this morning. I read the message and after then I can no longer access his website. All other URL's seem to work OK. PC is windows 10, Browser Chrome or Edge. Cant access it on 2 Laptops, 1 Desktop , mobile phone, and Tablet. All on Virgin. Any Ideas ? Access to was denied You don't have authorisation to view this page. HTTP ERROR 403
  10. Running a TT can be expensive.I find the need for a record cleaning machine useful even on new records, and a sugarcube click remover. Depending on the type of music you may find wow and flutter to be an issue on classical music. However I prefer Vinyl over digital sources (CD or Streaming).There are very few direct drive turntables on the market as apart from Technics the other major manufacturer pulled out of the market.(Micro Seiki). Moving Coil will sound better than MM however you will of course need a suitable preamp and the stylus is non-replaceable.
  11. Hi, If you have the HiFi yearbook for 1986 I would be interested in the prices of the following Akai Equipment. Cassette HX A301W Tuner AT K22L Amplifier AM U22 Deck AP D33C I was very lucky to pick up a complete system for £50 including a pair of Revolver colt speakers Alan
  12. Hi All, Sorry for the rant, as the OP I am not looking to put any further money into the project (no pun intended). My dream deck was going to be a Luxman , however the new ones are no longer direct drive and have the wide belt visible on the outside of the platter. Henley Audio are giving me a call back on Monday when they have spoken to their engineer about the latest issue. Music is Jazz and Big Band which are mainly charity shop finds but cleaned on my Audio Desk RCM. Whats more annoying/interesting is that I bought an Akai direct drive deck for a few pounds (AP D33) whilst mine is being repaired on Facebook/Market place and gave it a service and changed a capacitor in the speed control circuit , fitted a Rega Carbon cartridge and its almost perfect. I have even thought about down grading to a Technics SL1500C I am not sure if its a technical downgrade but price wise its £900 compared to £2500 ! Alan
  13. Hi I have owned an Ortofon/Project Century turntable for just under a year and noticed a number of issues which I have self corrected since owning the deck. In hindsight I should rejected the deck, but some of the problems did not arise until I changed other parts of the system and got more into vinyl When I changed to the Luxman valve pre I noticed hum from the turntable. In the end I found the signal return from the arm wiring were reversed (L-ve and R-ve). On my other pre- it was not an issue, as they shared the same earth return on the phono input but on the Luxman the earth returns are not common. I then notice speed issues and found the platter bearing completely dry. No oil was provided and the handbook does not mention anything about lubrication. There were some other issues so my dealer agreed to send the turntable back to Henley Audio for evaluation. They did find a few other issues they have corrected FOC. However I am concerned that the two screws used to hold the SME type connector appear to be the wrong size or type as they stand proud of the arm tube, (Henley said this was normal) See photo. They have now sent the deck back, but failed to secure the arm rest, and as you see it has broken the arm lift platform (see photo). I guess the arm lift can be replaced, but my OCD wonders if the bearings would have been damaged and for £2.5K I would have thought the fit and finish on the screws would be better (or perhaps not?) As I only got the deck back this afternoon I have fired of an email to my dealer and Henley who are the importers. Its seems that as I go on the upgrade path I am not having much luck. Rega poor soldering on motor capacitor causing deck to run slow/backwards and loss of one channel. ClearAudio tracking weight not very stable due to arm hanging from a thread above the magnetic bearing and arm lift failed twice and was replaced MoFi tripped the circuit breaker nearly every time I switch it on. Any suggestions as to what other deck I should consider ? if I get a suitable refund. I dont have the space for anything like a 401 and SME and would be looking for something new. Alan
  14. Hi All, For £25 I picked up on Facebook Market place, A complete HiFi system including Akai :-Amplifier, Tuner, Turntable and Revolver Colt Speakers made by RAM. Does any one have info on the speakers esp who make the drivers, what year, and what sort of price new. How do they compare to other bookshelf speakers. Over the next few days will give them a listen compared to my LS3/5a Clones and a pair of Monitor Audio. Alan