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  1. I would suggest that you look at a power regenerator given the value of the equipment. A surge suppressor maybe good for the odd click or pop on the mains. It is possible that a surge suppressor/filter could limit the total amount of current draw due to the nature of the filter design which includes a series inductance. Take a look at Alan
  2. String and magnets for arm bearing, never could get the correct weight.Parts take at least 6months to get from Germany. Arm lift failed after a couple of weeks.
  3. I agree. I have spent quite a lot more money on various TT over the past couple of years. In the end I down graded to the SL1500 and have been very pleased. Some may work well in the labs, but not so well in the home. I wont name names, but I would avoid belts, magnets, thread, Non-Rectangular format, and those will lids which fall off. On some changing from 33 to 45 involved removing plater and 78 meant fitting a different belt. I wanted 3 speed, SME type Head shell, built-in PSU. etc
  4. I have a few early CD's which would not play correctly, and putting them in the freezer allowed me to play them and take a rip copy. t know the mechanism behind it.
  5. You could try this ? Or buy this and throw headshell away Alan
  6. Please see this review. Main issue is the cart is glued to head shell and although its a standard SME connector the head shell is a different length to the other SME head shell clones.Giving the incorrect overhang adjustment. Alan
  7. If you look on Google you will see that the wrap around case is quite thin, and the top plate of the deck is also quite thin as well. I would not pay too much money for it, and some bitumen damping pads may help.
  8. I think you will find the pins are quite flimsy. Can you not change to spades which will give fare better contact.
  9. Radioham

    RSD 2020

    Just come back from my local rsd shop. Apparently anything left over will be on the web tonight. The shop is vinyl revival at Buckden Cambs. Here is the list of the leftovers, plus the two future dates. Here are some more RSD Drops[section-id]=13229&sort=position&perpage=45&page=products&utm_source=sendinblue&utm_campaign=Record_Store_Day_20__Aug_Drop&utm_medium=email Alan
  10. Try a local dealer to see if they offer the dealer charge £4 per disk which includes new outer and inner sleeves.This includes return postage to uk address. The more you clean the cheaper it gets for example 25 is £2.80 each. You pay postage to Peterborough.
  11. I use the Tannoy super tweeters.With the super tweeters it provides just a slight uplift to the sound and enhances any special effects.
  12. Hi, I did not realise that the ATC09 was a MC. I would consider that a MM cartridge can have a replacement Stylus while a MC can not. So you have to think about Stylus wear and damage. A MC will sound better but with modern technology the difference is getting quite close. Out of you preferred list I notice that two are moving magnet and one is moving coil, so I am confused. My preferred choice would be to choose a cartridge for its house sound and trackability. Then choose the stylus shape and mounting (eg Nude or Diamond Tipped. Then finally the MM or MC where the MC will be about £100-150 more expensive than the MM.
  13. Hi Again, The test was still not valid even with a cartridge connected, it would still be the wrong impedance compared to a MC. So the noise level is irrelevant.
  14. Hi, Testing a pre-amp without the cartridge installed is not a good idea. Although there will be higher gain with the MC the output of the MC will have a much lower impedance than the MM so will bring the noise floor down. The only way to test is to either buy an MM and MC or make up some test leads using two pairs of resistors to simulate the cartridge. For MM it could be about 47,000 ohms and for MC about 20 ohms. Judging just by listening to the un-terminated input is not a realistic test.
  15. It was delayed by the artist as she had hoped to do a tour at the same time as the vinyl release back earlier in the year. However it looks like the tour will not take place so they have decided to release the music anyway