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  1. Now that I am retired and use the hifi more I now use a Primare Class D. Its 0.5W in eco mode and 5.5W in normal standby mode. Should keep the room cooler compared to my KT88's I was using.
  2. DO NOT RESPOND THIS ADVERT IS 3 YEARS OLD. I did not repost this !!!!
  3. I have built up a good reputation with my local dealer. Usually I can borrow any item and pay if I decide to keep the item. A couple of weeks ago I borrowed a Sugden, Lyndorf, and Primare amplifiers. I then ordered the Primare as the one I had on loan was the wrong colour and had the room board. I only wanted the Amp+ Dac and the CD Transport. Been using the dealer for about the past 10 years. He knows that I will not try to shop around for a better deal , although he has always given me a good price and trade-in. Sometimes I have returned items without buying anything saying "its not for me". My dealers profile shows me as not the highest spender, but a regular purchaser. Alan
  4. Hi All, Some info from the web..... While it's possible with the use of special cable connectors and adapters, however, it's not recommended. Because mixing and matching 50 ohm and 75 ohm cables and systems would lead to further signal loss, so it's best to stay consistent with the same type of relevant 50 or 75 ohm system and accessories. It has been suggested that prior to the introduction of IEC 169-8 in 1978, which defined interchangeability, there may have been differences in the pin diameters between 50R and 75R plugs. This will only be resolved by the actual measurement of plugs known to have been manufactured prior to 1978 I would therefore suggest some 50ohm plugs and 50ohm cable. Avoid video/cctv cables and connectors as these are 75 ohm. Alan
  5. I found the sugdens did not go well with my Stirling's. I had very little control of the volume The Sugden has a sensitivity of 100mV for full output. In the end I upgraded my Primare to the I25 version (class D mk2 version) compared to my I22. The Primare allows me to adjust the input sensitivity of both the Analogue and Digital inputs, plus runs very cool.(about 95% efficient).I also tried the Steinway-Lyndorf which was very good with the ROOM facility. (not Roon), but the manufacture has cut back on the range of amplifiers with only the top of the range (400W) being available. Alan
  6. Sorry, my confusion... I borrowed quite a few amplifiers last week and also bought the Rotel tribute series for the home office and it does have the two pin IEC.
  7. Its a Primare I25 and yes its class D. I already have the I22 and this is an upgrade to their own version of class D
  8. Hi All, Quite a number of amplifiers and other pieces of audio equipment now come fitted with the IEC (kettle plug) type socket and the earth pin is not fitted in the socket. A lot of aftermarket cables and filters rely on various components, screens and braids being laid out in a specific relationship to each conductor. (LNE) . If the earth end of the cable is left floating, does that reduce the effectiveness of the cable. I see that some cable manufacturers do make special 2 core cables fitted with a figure of 8 connector, but not seen anything for an IEC connector. I am waiting for delivery of a new amplifier and most of the reviews suggest upgrading to a "better" mains cable, but why pay for three conductors, when only two are used. One very dangerous situation I did come across was where the manufacturer has removed the earth pin from the IEC plug, which maybe OK for their equipment, but if you were to reuse the lead on equipment which required a safety earth it could be very dangerous. I guess that's why the trend is to not use the earth in the socket.
  9. I would prefer to have my amplifier run less power than my speakers. On the basis that my speakers would be very expensive to replace compared to an amplifier. I agree that running a low powered amplifier hard could generate harmonics which maybe bad for the speaker. Also if you run valve amplifiers it would be very difficult and expensive to even get near 100 watts.
  10. I recently borrowed a Sugden ANV50 and it had lots of power and punch. I was not class A so ran quite cool.
  11. I used mine on all types of music. Only sold it due to heat issues in room. Would not recommend tube rolling but stick with Luxman KT88.
  12. That’s a pity as could have made interesting reading who ever pompom is
  13. I have tried a sugden this week but not much control over volume as 100mV produces full 100 watts . Why do amplifier manufacturers have such low input sensitivity and yet peripheral products are nearer 2volts. I borrowed today a new primare which is an updated of my current model and has a newer version of the class D amplifier. Each input also have a range of +-10dB . Just waiting for a reply from Primare to see if I need to change CD player as well so I can use the same remote for both amp and cd.
  14. Same here Sue Ryder Peterborough , normally about £1 each but now on offer 5 for £1.
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