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  1. Never solder wires which go under screws as solder is softer than copper and will spread under pressure from the screw leading to loose connection. Only correct way is to crimp on a blade terminal and then put under screw
  2. What sources are you using it with
  3. I had a pair of epos some years ago, and if I remember they came with two baffle/grille. One was a plain one as show in the pictures and the other was a fabric covered one. So the plain one should just push off using the tool in the lower picture which fits in a hole on the rear of the speaker. (Just above the tweeter)
  4. iF YOU ARE USING A TUBE/VALVE AMPLIFIER you must make sure that its never power on, without the speakers connected. The is a switchbox which has a dummy load on the non active, but its not cheap. I will try to find a link It looks like the 7220 is what you need They sell on-line. Alan
  5. KEF Muon at thier HQ in Maidstone. only £140,000
  6. Hi All, I have a Fatman Integrated amplifier which I use in my home office, with LS3/5A clones. The amp is a hybrid with Valve i/p stage and a slab solid state output stage. The 3rd valve is just a magic eye which shows the power output. The source is mainly a Quad FM4 Tuner or Luxman Cassette Deck. I am more than happy with the Sound Quality. My only concern is with Covid Isolation its gets far more use.and gets quite hot (Not just the valve case but front panel and transformer housing. I believe there was UK influence in its design and it looks well made inside with a good quality PCB and wiring is sleeved in some for of heat resisting woven sleeving. My main concern, is this a real UK spec mains supply or a Chinese 220volt being over run. I do like the footprint as its just a bit smaller than the FM4. So 2 questions:- 1Any thoughts about the heat ? 2.What could I use instead ? Kind Regards Alan
  7. I lost both tweeters on my Kef UNI-Q some years ago. In this case it was accidentally plugging the audio lead into a Quad power-amp whilst still powered up. I was honest with KEF and they replaced the tweeters FOC. Listen to some music with a high treble content and if you put your ear to each tweeter and see if you can hear any sound coming out.
  8. Have a look at this website. Quite a lot to read from products which convert a MM or MC to a Microphone input, Cartridges with built in amps for input into sound cards direct (no RIAA correction) article_for Transform Media.pdf Regards Alan
  9. Has it always been like this ? I found on my model the earth connections to the cartridge were wired incorrectly .Rather than try to rewire the arm it was easier to swap over the earth connections on the rear phono sockets.With some amplifiers it did not matter if the return were common ar the amplifier, but my luxman uses isolated returns, so its only occured when i changed amplifier.
  10. It could be overloading the input causing crosstalk. It could be the CD input is less sensitive.It maybe the Sony was not designed for modern devices which output 2v apart from the cd input.You could try some rothwell attenuators.
  11. Living under the mast can have very poor signal strength, as the radio signals cause a shadow under the mast. Think of it like a lighthouse beam.People living in wrotham villiage have thier own low power transmitter at the base of the mast. Apart from signal strength multipath reception can cause distortion. When I was more into fm I had a roof mounted antenna although I was only 6 miles from the main transmitter.
  12. Radioham

    New headphones

    I like the Audeze Range.Model EL-8 which is discontinued according to the USA Website (UK Dealers may have stock (£599). The internal transducer is 100mm so the "cans" are quite large. Alan
  13. It looks like it uses conventional bearings rather than strings and magnets.
  14. Normally the only way is to disassemble the unit and you load the oil/grease into the cylinder and push the piston into the tube, The piston normally has an "O" ring to keep the oil inside. It not normally considered to be a "serviceable" part. For example Rega will sell you a complete damper.
  15. I had the clearaudio concept and whilst the deck was good the arm was a real PIA due to the magnetic bearing. It was almost impossible to set the correct tracking force, due to the arm sitting in a magnetic field and depending on the VTA caused by different vinyl thickness, and the only thing keeping the arm away from the magnet is a piece of thread. I took mine back to the dealer who had a clear audio set up kit (£1K) and we could not get it correct and remain set.. The arm lift damper failed twice. Spares are almost impossible to get so the dealer had to steal parts from the dem unit. I have had quite a few boutique decks, and in the end bought a new techniques which was lot less than other I have owned.