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  1. The LS3/5a are nice speakers for the smaller room (I use them in my home office) The actual model are clones. Buying genuine LS3/5A carries quite a price premium, and in a larger room would benefit from a sub. There are quite a lot of small speakers from the likes of Focal, Dali, Tannoy and Kef which would offer better value for money and enhanced Bass. Alan
  2. Radioham


    I borrowed a Lyngdorf amplifier for several days, this had DSP speaker and room correction software. It comes complete with calibration microphone and tripod. The results were very good and added good depth to the soundstage. However the software was somewhat incomplete for other functions like streaming. I went to their website and read that there would be no further updates as they were discontinuing that product range. I fed this back to my dealer and he in turn contacted the UK importer and neither were aware of this. I was offered 66% discount if I wanted to buy the demo unit, but declined as I did not want to be left with an unsupported product (apart from hardware failures) so decided to stick with a conventional amplifier. The only other DSP is the focal sound system in the car which apart from the usual Rock/Classic etc takes into account the number of people sitting in the car and speed and is quite good but most of the time I keep it set to two people stereo with the DSP effect turned off. If you are looking for a product which has a life of more than a few years then I would avoid. I have already been bitten twice with a Sony product and MF product where the units had little or no value. (That's another story). Alan
  3. Also check that the amplifier does not mind the two black loudspeaker terminals being connected together as this box will destroy the amplifier . Typical amplifiers will be any thing digital like class D or other variants on the same theme.
  4. A dedicated headphone amplifier is designed to drive the impedance of the headphones which is higher than a loudspeaker and is also very often class A.A dedicated amplifier will produce no hiss. All you will find in the QED box is probably2 resistors to attenuate the amplifier output. Switching the speakers via the headphone socket in the QED box is not good .When headphone cost only £10 and speakers were wired with bell wire they were OK at the time but with high end phones the sound will be dreadful.
  5. Magazine Subscription Demo/Test CD/Record Book about HiFi Manufacturers (Quad, Tannoy, Ortofon Rega Kef) Rega Vinyl New Abba release CD/Vinyl/Cassette Alan
  6. I moved from Luxxman Valve to Primare Digital and no regrets.
  7. Hi My Rotel A11 Tribute does have Bluetooth. So I now have it connected to my Ipad and streaming seems OK but the pad is only about 3ft from the amplifier.
  8. I just purchased the new Abba recording on 3 formats. (Vinyl,CD & Cassette). The Vinyl was the most expensive (£28) , but it is a half speed mastered at Abby Road. The Cd was £11, and Cassette (10). In terms of quality I would rate the Vinyl as the best, The CD is a little too bright (clinical) for my liking and the Cassette is very reminiscent of recordings made 40 years ago and replayed on vintage equipment. Alan
  9. Thank you for the reply. I know it was a bit of a strange question, as or most of the time I am quite happy with the connections. My Bluesound is hard wired to my router . It was just that the computer was new and "found" all of these devices and I wondered if I was missing out on something.
  10. Hi, I have a number of Bluetooth devices and would like to know which devices could act as outputs (stream) and which could receive only. My only experience of Bluetooth is connecting my phone for hands free use in the car. Here are my devices with Bluetooth:- I-Phone I-Pad Tablet Asus all in one desktop computer Rotel A11 Tribute Amplifier Bluesound Node2 Samsung TV I do subscribe to Qobuz and listen to streamed music via the Bluesound connected to my main hifi (Premare &Tannoy) The Rotel and computer are in the home office. What is the typical range of bluetooth compared to wifi ? Many thanks Alan
  11. I use Primare I25 {class d) with my Tannoy Prestige Stirlings, However you would need to go up a range to get balanced inputs. Luxmam valve amps work very well but get too hot and consume loads of power. Sugden had too much gain for the sensitive speakers. Alan
  12. You are correct it is a safety issue. There is no earth. You can put the plug in either way round. The pins are not shrouded so its possible to touch the pins when inserting/extracting the plug. Some manufacturers tried to reduce the risk by surrounding the socket with a deep shroud. Its makes EMC testing a nightmare as should you connect a cable to these spare sockets when testing Alan
  13. I think you could be looking at £500 plus
  14. Apparently cats dont have much interest in rhythm. You can buy a CD of music for Cats.
  15. This thread is 5 years old .Do not respond please.
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