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    SME 3012/DL103
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    Squeezebox Touch
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  1. Looking for a plinth to take a Garrard 301 and an SME 3012. It'll be used with an SPU so the arm cutout needs to be suitable for this.
  2. These guys will make a cover to your spec. Flat packed and assembled with screws - works surprisingly well. I use one on my 401 in an oversized plinth.
  3. I’m looking for a step up transformer for my second system which will go between a standard DL103 and a World Audio Phono 3. Budget is around £200. There is a small chance that I might use it with a 103R instead so adjustable loading would be ideal but not essential. I'd be particularly keen on an older Puresound T10 (mk 1 with the dial on the back rather than switches).
  4. Thanks for the offer but this sold earlier today at the asking price.
  5. This has served me well over the past few years. Works fine but could probably use a set of replacement felt pads on the suction arm, which are easily available. £150 collected from KT15 or delivery possible at cost.
  6. Looking for a pair of Harbeth P3-ESRs. Happy to consider any finish. Please PM me if you have a pair available.
  7. Thanks Steve, ideally I'd like a pre-built solution for now.
  8. Sounds interesting, any idea what version of Pi and what DAC? PM me a price please.
  9. Looking for a few Raspberry Pis to use around the house as streamers: 1 with SPDIF output (Hifiberry or similar) 1 with A DAC HAT (RCA or XLR outputs) 1 Pi only. Ideally all with cases and power supplies.
  10. Single B&W DM1 speaker. Untested but I believe it's in working order. £20 collected or delivery at cost.
  11. Thanks chaps, they look good. Shipping my collection abroad so something sturdy would be ideal - not furniture though! Will look at the Ryman boxes but if anyone has flight cases or similar that would be great.