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  1. Hi I have a DL 103 which has been bonded to a 5mm alu plate and carbon wafer bonded to the sides & front. The nuts are captive (so that's one less fiddly thing when mounting). These mods are intended to make the cart less resonant and increase the overall mass of the arm/cart to make it more friendly with modern (lighter) tonearms. The cartridge has been used for about 2 hours (no kidding). The little alu plate means you will need to raise your tonearm pillar by about 5 mm so you need an arm with adjustable VTA. Can send photos - but not before dinner ;-)
  2. Hi I have a pair od Spendor S5e's that sound bloody fantastic. £499 - see ad above.
  3. Spendor S5e loudspeakers in good condition. Shown with dust covers removed. Sound absolutely superb. Transparent, excellent stereo imaging and the hallmark Spendor neutrality. For a relatively compact speaker the scale of reproduction is startling - as is the bass. Treble is crystal clear. I think they compare favourably with much larger & expensive designs. Integral bases with excellent spikes. The speaker terminals are a joy compared with the usual fiddly junk. You will not find a better speaker for the money. See what Stereophile says : Royston, Herts Asking £499
  4. Do you already have the filter & controls upstream? If not, check out the plate amps at Wilmslow audio. They have a 500 watt jobby with all the knobs on.
  5. You monkey spank. I just wet myself. no offense intended. Beauty is where you find it.
  6. What ever you do, keep ear plugs handy and a pair of ear defenders in the garage. I ride a two wheeler and you can't hear the engine for the wind noise above 60 - even with a propper full face - and by god the thing makes a racket (2 stroke) so that tells you something. Having plugs in your jacket means you have them when you're at your destination - which is also handy. A lot of engine preparation involves compressed air (which is the worst thing for hearing damage) so - again - it's muffs on. I don't even use a drill without muffs. You wouldn't walk around with your tadger hangin' out in a sawmill. Protect all your assets !
  7. that is the worst thing I have ever heard. Thought I could hear a difference at the start (more air & space with the rega) and then irritation overcame me. Nope. Listened again and I think we're being taken for a subtle tone controlled ride. And they're sending us up by making us listen to shite.
  8. I'm sure Ive seen one like that. For a couple of hundred thingies........
  9. In my experience, for what it's worth, any reduction in length will generally outstrip considerations of type (within reason) especially if it's 10 m per side. Get your power amp between the speakers and use longer runs of interconnect. Long (within reason - in my case 10 m per side of Maplin silver co-ax) interconnect and short speaker cables. If you can find a drum of RS silver co-ax, you're away. They don't do it anymore. The copper AV cable (orrible blue skin) is very good though......
  10. It does. The trick is to remove the platter and use something to get the surface the same height as the platter + record. My scales cost 15 eurodollars from a head-shop. They are surprisingly accurate. They have a metal plate so I use a couple of beer mats underneath and a plastic box on top. The total height is right and the cart is too far from the plate to be attracted.
  11. one of my hi fi buddies has a lady who is fairly impaired as far as hearing goes. He swears she picks up on minutiae that he misses. Interestingly - she is irritated by incorrect volume settings (cf John Crabbe) and generally crap sound reproduction. Good sound doesn't irritate her. 'Noise' does. There's more going on here than meets the eye - and the brain has a very funny habit of compensating for deficiencies elsewhere in the chain. Don't sell a damn thing; I think you'd miss it.
  12. +1 for lazycat. Knowing the rega I would back off the skate to the absolute minimum and see what that does.
  13. Are they arc protactors? I can see where this is going but if you want to get it right and hate spitty vocals and the rest (at any point on the record) then an arc protractor is the way to go. It's geometry, not rocket science. If you've paid for a good TT why not get the performance you paid for? Otherwise why bother?