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  1. . Sent from my SM-A405FN using Tapatalk
  2. I tend to persevere with a book unless even if it takes me ages to complete it. I only give up if it has become really tedious and an exercise in turning the pages or flicking them in the case of the Kindle. Sometimes a revisit is worth the while as a book can prove to be quite interesting on a second attempt. One that particularly springs to mind was Schindler's Ark which was later retitled Schindler's List to coincide with the release of the film. Although a fascinating story I couldn't get beyond page 70 due to his writing style which did not engage me in the story although I knew it should have done. Eventually after three attempts I became immersed in the story and found it a rewarding read. I watched the film several years later, another book Searching for Schindler was read and I even rooted out his flat on a visit to Krakow. Both his factory and his flat are now on the tourist route but weren't several years ago.
  3. I contacted Metrolink regarding the wearing of masks and received a prompt reply. They stated that their customer service representatives cannot enforce the wearing of masks and that only the Greater Manchester Police and Travel Safe staff can enforce this, so it looks like an empty gesture so far unless I hear of people being fined or removed from the trams.
  4. Well his heart is in the right place but Andy Burnham who says that masks are still to be worn on Metrolink trams needs to take a look for himself. Whilst travelling on the Metrolink yesterday we were in definitely in the minority regarding the wearing of masks. This was despite several recorded messages stating that a £100 would be issued for people not wearing a mask. Time clamp down and make a few examples I think.
  5. Using a Bank of England inflation calculator my Harbeth's have gone up by 225% over a period of about 8 years. They should have only gone up by about £300 not just shy of £3k. They may have tweaked the design a couple of times during this period but not to the tune of £3k. A greedy little man me thinks. Still if you can afford it and don't mind having the piss taken then why not.
  6. Could you not bid on it yourself or get a friend to have done that? Not sure how the fees would stack up but its better than losing out.
  7. They say moving house is more stressful than a bereavement. Explain this to your solicitor and tell him that you will be putting it to the test if they don't get their fingers out. Sent from my SM-A405FN using Tapatalk
  8. Having been with ee for the past few years I have just changed providers to Plusnet which is essentially the same firm but £16/month less expensive for broadband and landline. I've spent most of today buggering about with my various wi-fi devices and wouldn't like to do this again in a hurry. I still haven't managed to link up one of my wi-fi cameras but that will have to do another day. The speed of service seems pretty quick as it is fibre to cabinet then overhead cable to the house. The connection has dropped out two or three times but otherwise it has been okay so far. Another downside I noticed whilst doing [cough] research is that many adult orientated sites are now blocked.
  9. It also says a lot about the ones who are supposed to take care of our welfare and don't give a damn.
  10. Here's to justice and a government that just keeps on giving: Health Secretary Sajid Javid tests positive for Covid - BBC News I would like to say that I wish him and his ilk well but that would be a lie.
  11. Probably to allow more of what is already going on. A few years ago the bearded one took over NHS eye OPD services in nearby Oldham and used unqualified staff for much of the work carried out previously by qualified NHS staff. Massive savings to be made by using monkeys in the Path lab instead of degree educated staff.
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