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  1. We were taught that it was bad manners to write in black ink or any other colour than blue. I presume our teacher meant personal letters and not business correspondence.
  2. He retired in old Mexico after inventing the Gaul bladder.
  3. It used to be Dentistry that the aspiring avaricious young medical professionals flocked to. It seems like Veterinary school is the place to be. I remember a lass at school wanted to be a vet but she wasn't clever enough to realise that you had to be very clever in order to be a vet.
  4. Funnily enough only on Thursday we were walking through Cromwell Wood in the peoples republic of West Yorkshire and remarked on the abundance of Bluebells. My photography isn't up to any of the above though. Happen I should get a bit lower to capture the flowers better. We were in Gentleman Jack territory and there are some lovely walks in that area. Hopefully in the near future when this Covid malarkey dies down a bit I will be enjoying a brief walk followed by a pint or two with one of our esteemed forum members in this area. There are some damned fine pubs around here and the best cu
  5. Seems to have kicked off over there bigtime again. They used to say that the first casualty of war was the truth. Well it seems one of the first is the press in this case. Israel-Gaza: Tower housing foreign media destroyed in air strike - BBC News I wonder just what their game is? It will be interesting to see the reaction of the USA is now that Trump is no longer in power.
  6. I once wrecked a laptop with tea. At the time I was on one of those comparison sites checking out the price of house insurance quotes. A neighbour called around with some homemade cake which I duly sampled and spilled my tea over the laptop at the same time. The funny thing was I was in the process of comparing the difference between having accidental damage included on the policy or not. Only had the bloody laptop for about 3-4 months so wasn't best pleased.
  7. Interesting as I noticed the same with a local lad who is a shit hot bass player. Sawing him writing something down after he had come off stage and I commented on this. He was surprised/pleased that I had noticed. What I do notice about most southpaw scribblers is that they tend to curl their hand around the pen as it they are writing upside down. I had heard that they tend to be more prone to heart attacks and other cardiac related problems. Whether this is fact based or due to the beatings that they may have endured in their younger days or just anecdotal I do not know.
  8. Mine had a crafty habit of doing that at my first house. Oh and a sniff. I used to dread her coming as I had to clear the house of the smell of smoking materials.
  9. Ah the bomb. I was midway on a bike ride from Spain to Blighty when that went off. Cycling up Kingsway on my way back I was chatting to a fellow cyclist who was on his way to his tobacconist on Cross Street I think he said. Anyway I made a detour and took a look at the after effects. My mates wife was in Marks and Spencer's when it went off. She worked in the offices on the far side of the building. Why she wasn't evacuated I don't know. I can't remember the jazz combo as Kendals wasn't the sort of place I frequented that often. However the original Paperchase on St Annes before it became
  10. The original Staedtler Stick was always a good one and the refillable BIC with a chrome top and pocket clip. Cheap Platinum cartridge pens were the only thing that could make my writing legible, even to me. I have my suspicions that I may be left handed at heart but had it beaten out of me as a child. Too late to change now.
  11. There was a Sherratt and Hughes on St Anne's Square which I used to love to have a good look around. Seldom bought anything as I couldn't afford it but read loads. Diagonally opposite a Dillons opened I think it was and it eventually became a Waterstones. There is a large Waterstones opposite Kendals on Deansgate and was originally part of Kendals joined by a tunnel. There was a barbers in the tunnel where you could get a wet shave with hot towels and cut throat whilst your Mrs spent your money upstairs. Kendals will most likely be due for the chop in the near future.
  12. Please post your experiences of scamming here as it may come in useful to others. No instructions required on how to scam We have recently been receiving texts from "Hermes" and "Boots" informing of us of our none existent parcel deliveries or orders. The links will either be premium numbers or viruses. Another one is a legitimate scam from Shell Go+ which I have mentioned previously. Had another reminder today that they will donate to a nominated charidee every time I make a purchase. All well and good until you read the small print. Several months down the line you pay for this pr
  13. Ears not the joke about the women with her toe stuck in the bath tub please.
  14. I'll ave you know I bought my first stereo from Comet. I always aspired to a Pye Black Box but by the time I could afford one they were obsolete. So my first stereo was a successor to the the Box then a Pioneer Rack system both from Comet. When I took my rack system home it didn't work as a tranny had blown [No comments please] and the skilled maintenance engineer fixed it with an electrically compatible tranny. My first Hi-Fi was from a proper stereo shop. I bought my first streaming stuff from Richer [Squeeze Duet and DacMagic] and a couple of decent Denon mini systems for my Uncle
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