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  1. Judging what I've seen around here and people I know the only difference will be that pubs will be open. The car parks are full every day where I live. People from different households are out in groups and are mixing at houses. Not much change really. We have kept isolated and not seen our families for almost 12 months so we will wait and see if the infection rate rises again. Too much reliance on the vaccine is being given by Joe Public. Especially when the efficacy of the AZ vaccine seems to have been called into question again. I hope there isn't another rise when schools go back as there was last year.
  2. Here in the UK there is an aversion to having the vaccine in the Muslim community. There has been a concerted effort nationally and locally to convince them otherwise. Only last week in nearby Rochdale there was a special centre set up to vaccinate in a community that is largely Asian. During the initial lockdown many in the Asian community did not isolate and continued to meet in groups and as a result there was a disproportionate number of them being infected with Covid and on top of this many of them do not believe in getting vaccinated.
  3. Its come to something when it takes a radio presenter to make the government act responsibly. Covid: 150,000 with learning disabilities to be prioritised for vaccine - BBC News
  4. As with Netflix their are many Spotify users who use a family account across various households. Although as hi res is a niche market and will only appeal to the diehards it will not present the same realistic opportunities for fair dodging. I guess that they will factor this in when fixing their pricing structure.
  5. Spotify has plenty of plus points but their recent scrapping of integration with various vehicle manufacturers has been a bugbear for many. Until recently you were able to seamlessly sync your Android phone with your vehicles entertainment system. Apple still works but Android is in the wind. The current price of £9.99/month is just right in my view and although I will try the new higher quality when released ,if at the right price. I will have to wait and see if it is worth it. As we know full well you can't judge sound by numbers alone.
  6. I wonder if it will be actually at 1411kbs or up to 1411kbs as is Ogg Vorbis at up to 320kbs? To be honest on my meagre system there isn't that much difference between Spotify and my ripped CD's. In fact for the sake of convenience I usually just use Spotify even if I already have the music in my collection.
  7. Just had one of those only two days ago. I thought perhaps they were after me renewing the membership after cancelling. They still took the money after cancelling so I contacted the bank who refunded immediately. I hardly scratched the surface with my last vouchers and will not consider re-joining until this Covid thing is well and truly over. As an aside I do not believe in what Camra is now supporting. It appears that the organisation is being run by people who can't remember what it was set up for in the first place; the abolition of Watney's Red Barrel and other crimes against the drinking fraternity. They now seem to promote "Craft" beers, many of which are just keg beers with fancy marketing spin.
  8. I wanted to straighten up the symmetry and on the second point. Yes I would risk a dose.
  9. Recycle bin is were it belongs. Reminds me of that Australian who does loads of clever tricks with his acoustic guitar. Whilst interesting it's not music to my ears. What about your ears Ears? Sent from my SM-A405FN using Tapatalk
  10. I saw the David Grohl documentary a year or so ago and it is well worth a watch if you can find it.
  11. This is so true: Jo Whiley on sister's Covid: 'It's been the worst week of our lives' - BBC News My brother who has Downs Syndrome is in care with a family who take care of two other adults with learning disabilities, one with Downs and one who hasn't. Both carers who are in the their late 40s early 50s were vaccinated weeks ago. However my brother and the other Downs person were only vaccinated last week. The other person with learning disabilities but non Downs is still awaiting her jab. Doesn't seem right to me or their carers who have tried to expedite matters.
  12. Had a couple of more texts on the mobile regarding Netflix yesterday. "NETFLIX: We've been unable to take payment for your most recent Netflix bill. Please update your information here :" FFS Don't click on the link. Only a small amount but I expect many will fall for it.
  13. The A2 always looked like a grown up or evolved Smart car to me. Very practical and comfortable looking. Merc did a similar looking thing which I can't remember the name of.
  14. Once I met a lady who more or less asked me out so we made tentative arrangements. In a fit of excitement I went home after dropping her off and cleaned the windows, window and door frame and troughing!