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  1. That's interesting to know Ron. I wouldn't have thought it would have been allowed with Ireland being in the EU. Although I think in the near future it won't just be Ireland unfortunately.
  2. Easier said than done. The two butchers in the village are questionable in where they source their products from. One tells me that the chicken breasts come from Garstang [On a Styrofoam tray as seen], meat from Preston, Bacon from wherever etc. The other butcher was taking orders for locally reared Turkeys for Christmas the other year but he forgot to remove the Polski labels. I think unless you live in an affluent area, which may have a Waitrose in the locality as a barometer, then the existing butchers have to compete on price. A Lidl opened in the past two years and this must have had an effect on local shops. The area doesn't even support a greengrocers anymore and hasn't for well over 10 years. The only food shops that seem to thrive are the Halal butchers and Asian grocery shops in nearby Rochdale.
  3. We had the 30 day matured at £4.99. There were some cheaper ones at £3.99, however the Mrs liked the look of the 30 day ones and they were very very good. We've paid almost double in local butchers and they didn't come close to these. Previously had some fillet steak from the local Lidl and whilst edible they weren't in the lets have more category. As said it can be hit and miss but this is true for a butchers as well as a supermarket.
  4. Not been in ALDI for ages but we needed some dishwasher tablets. Mrs Feet spied the fillet steaks and we just had to have a couple of these. Just polished them off for tea or dinner as you posh folk call it and let me say they were the best I've had in a long time. The sirloins looked good as well. Get a move on if you're interested.
  5. I didn't realise there was a Tesco in Birkby.
  6. With July being a bit of a washout perhaps your outdoor activity has been curtailed a little. I know ours has.
  7. This made me laugh and go aw at the same time. Reminded me of a bloke who used to work for me who took his poodle over Bowfell and Crinkle Craggs. Both he and his wife had to carry the poor thing down as its paws were bleeding a little.
  8. No it probably isn't. I just used some solvent free No Nails to fix a back box for an electrical socket, due to the block being piss poor. The solvent is there for a reason and not just the stink. I'll have to take it out and use some stinky stuff. Slugs are still appearing, albeit only occasionally. I hope that they're just leftovers. One was on the side of the worktop the other night after the heavy rainfall. Never seen that before. The floor is usually as far as they get. I need a troop of hedgehogs to eradicate the slimy buggers. Sent from my SM-A405FN using Tapatalk
  9. The first one was sort of watchable, the second one with the ugly child was okay but the third was dire. The story was utter nonsense. The Male culprit was either a terrible terrible actor or it was a combination of a bloody awful script. The female love interest was one of the worst screen actors I've seen. However her husband is a television higher up so that could explain her landing the role. Sent from my SM-A405FN using Tapatalk
  10. The Jovials may be a pain in the arse knocking on doors but the Russian solution is a bit extreme.
  11. Also interesting to hear that those who have had the disease their immunity doesn't last too long. This may have an impact upon the effectiveness of a vaccine.
  12. We have just recently watched the film of this. Nick Nolte stole the show.
  13. I did once threaten to stick something else in the Mrs' ear to fuck some sense into her.
  14. I've had it done several times but not for a very long time. The debacle previously mentioned was my first. I have also tried Hopi ear candles with negligible success. Olive oil does tend to soften it prior to removal by more vigorous methods but the I have found that by not jetting my ears out with the shower hose has actually reduced the occurrence of excess wax.
  15. The Woods, another Harlan Coben story, this time brought to you via Poland. A story stretching over a 25 year time period and a really engrossing and well acted series. Harlan Coben brought us both Safe and The Stranger which were both Netflix series. He is a name to look out for if you like a gripping page turner of a series.