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  1. Why was my immediate thought of this? Surely not a fragrance for the sterner lady?
  2. Just browsing Amazon for gift ideas and this popped up:
  3. Just finished the Visconti book, a good read thanks for the recommendation. What I liked about it was although he comes over as a bit of a cunt he doesn't try and hide it. A shame for those he has a dig at though as they have no right of reply. I expect he upset a quite few people in the writing of his autobiography. What came as a surprise to me was the death of Marc Bolan. I always thought that he had been decapitated in the accident but it was reported that June his estranged wife kissed him in the morgue, which had me wondering which part. Only a slight bruise on him apparently. What was also interesting was how he built up the sounds; for example Ashes to Ashes and other memorable songs.
  4. A simple slip and it could all go tragically wrong:
  5. Are all anti-vaccers flat earthers? Do they own Naim amplifiers or are they just PRAT's?
  6. This virus and lockdown has a lot to answer for. Three weeks ago I spotted a Christmas tree in Asda. Houses are already trimming up inside and out And somebody gave me a festive hat.
  7. I would take it if offered but due to my compromised immune system I may not be allowed. I think it is quite selfish not to, given the risk of spreading the disease to others that may suffer as a result of your own paranoias. On the other hand it will free up vaccines for those that do want to play their part. As for those who say it hasn't been tested thoroughly then only time will tell, but ask yourself how thoroughly the flu vaccine is tested as the makeup of this changes on a yearly basis to reflect the current virus strains.
  8. Started to watch the Crown. Diana looks a bit of a Muppet/Hobbit/something off Thunderbirds.
  9. I hope the CBD oil trial is a success.
  10. Sporadically. I still have a my first bottle that I purchased from Holland and Barretts which was 18 months or more ago. I've had a few drops over the past few days before bedtime. I will definitely get some more as it is nearly all used up.
  11. Every night is a Friday night in Barnsley. At least that's what a mate reported when he landed his first job from Uni. Blood on the streets 7 days a week.
  12. There was quite a strong movement over here against the MMR vaccination. My boss who was an otherwise intelligent and thoughtful individual was convinced that it had caused Autism in one of his grandchildren.