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  1. I can just imagine her in her prime on one of her son in laws motorbikes. She would be clad in her Emma Peel catsuit of course.
  2. It can make all the difference you know Its a dilemma. Let us know if they sound better with the logo to the nearside or offside. Joking apart I found filling my Atacama stands to the brim with the Atacama bites deadened the sound too much. About 3/4 full did the trick and a small thumb nail size of Blutak on the base of the speaker was good.
  3. It needs tailfins then it would be truly American.
  4. I started to watch a film called Spooks which I thought was maybe a spinoff of the TV series. It was unwatchable, however I believe the series is good so |I will have a look out for this on Netflix.
  5. BR were always pilloried for strikes and work to rule. Didn't make any difference when privatised, still the same amount of strikes but this time no incentive from the employer to resolve them. The recent work to rule due to guards being cut lasted around 12 months. A right pain in the neck trying to get a train at weekend.
  6. iIs September and you're talking of Christmas. You deserve a Cockpunch sir and a great big hefty one at that.
  7. Just been to the local paper shop for the local death rag. A young kid and his dad both not wearing masks. The kid was still off school due to isolation as his mate had tested positive. WTF was his dad doing with him out and no fecking mask? Low life numpty scum.
  8. They're dropping like flies with it at one local secondary school. School still open but some kids told to stay off and isolate. Seems a bit half baked to me as the kids all mix one way or the other.
  9. Cummings Uninteruptible National Travel Service. Sent from my SM-A405FN using Tapatalk
  10. It will be another re-run of the banks bailout. Let them get their own way, cream off the profits, under invest then let the government take over. Once the government has spent a load of money and sorted it out they will give it back to them to screw up again.
  11. Volvo estates/station wagons were noted for carrying antiques as per the UK Lovejoy television series. However their notoriety was their saloons heading a mile long convoy of traffic, often towing a caravan. Safety was their watchword and they used it for sales and marketing. SIPS, side impact protection system etc. Many of the BTCC vehicles were race prepared at a local garage. The garage GRV was headed by a neighbour Harry Ratcliffe who has sadly passed away. Prior to touring cars he was renowned for tuning the humble Mini to go like a rocket. He was quite a driver too winning several championships in his day. I remember a friend of his telling me about how he fitted some hand cut treaded tyres to his Jag but his wife wasn't a fan as they made her tits jiggle at 130. I've often thought of mentioning this to Brenda his widow who just lives across the road from me, but seeing as she is now in her 70s I deemed it inappropriate.
  12. At the time that particular Volvo broke the mould from the staid built like a tank middle lane dawdler image of a typical pipe smoking dithering Volvo driver. The road going car was very quick for its time and for some reason there wasn't a saloon equivalent. Hot Wheels, now you're talking. Spent hours as a kid playing with my set up. A couple of mates had the Supercharger oval set with "scale" speeds of 200mph. As a kid you only saw the 200mph, until my mates old man worked out the actual speed being 4mph at best. He was a local council time and motion manager. The cars were hideously expensive 5s11d my first one. The BTCC was a good series to watch and apart from stand alone events it usually followed the British Formula 1 Grand Prix race at the same event.
  13. Jamie, what I would be looking at in your situation is how many KW it would take to heat your home. Then I would work out the cost/KW of 35sec fuel oil/KW and compare it to the cost of gas/kw and maybe lpg/kw. When working out the costs get some figures as to the costs over the previous couple of years to give you a high/low cost. Then take into account the efficiency of the appropriate boilers. The cost of 35sec fuel oil is often seasonal and if you have the storage capacity [Which is unlikely] then buying in Summer often works out better. I have based this on when I used to buy it for hospitals but a domestic situation is often in much lower quantities.
  14. I hope they didn't have it down their Gregory at the time. Oh sorry I misunderstood.
  15. When I think of the trouble that I went to in order to view that Saturday morning b movie matinee film! And the previous efforts I put in to watch Band of Brothers. The end results didn't compare.Sent from my SM-A405FN using Tapatalk