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  1. It's possibly the music. He looks more of a Prog Dog or maybe Classical. Apologies if the dog is a she. In that case a bit of Lionel maybe in order. Sent from my SM-A405FN using Tapatalk
  2. I've sourced a reasonably priced flour which works a treat. Its currently on offer at Lidl on one of their specials promotions. I've tried quite a few different flours and as we don't live in a Waitrose type of area I was about to get some mail order. However the Lidl "Italiamo" Italian style flour has worked a treat here. I find the best results when using the breadmaker dough making mode is to store the dough after about 3 hours in a polythene food bag and store in the fridge for 2-3 days. You can actually taste the base with this flour.
  3. I would just like to say that having been to an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical I did at least have the right to expect music. However I wouldn't if I went to a second one of his.
  4. Used to make me laugh did Please Sir, where most of the pupils were older than my then teachers.
  5. We saw this guy and his band at the Butlins Geriatrics of Rock weekend in January 2020. All in all it was a cracking weekend. Melvin and his band were by far the most entertaining band of the weekend and Tom Killner of Sheffield was pretty good too. We are going to see him at the Rhodehouse, Sutton Coldfield this Thursday. A free gig and a first time for him and his very able band at this venue. If any of yow are in the vicinity I would recommend that you take a gander. You won't be disappointed as Melvin knows how to entertain and engage an audience.
  6. Saw him about 3-4 years later at the same venue. Managed to cop Rod De'Ath's drumstick which he threw out into the audience. Mally [Who you would know] nearly poked my eye out but I beat him to it. Incidentally his then drum kit was made in Littleborough at Broadfield Plastics which is now Hilton Docker Mouldings[The old Foxcroft Antler factory adjacent to what was Friedland curtains]
  7. Just subscribed to Amazon Prime for a week @99p in order to get free delivery. Thought I'd give the film channel a look at just in case it may have improved. We came across a cracking film with Mark Ruffalo called Dark Waters which is based on a true story about DuPont [Teflon non-stick coatings] poisoning the local inhabitants in West Virginia. I can't recommend it enough. Have a look, it's a fascinating story which still runs to this day.
  8. Just finished this and can't wait to see the film "J'Accuse". Fascinating story based on what happened in France in 1894. The degree of anti-Semitism in France was running quite high and it brings into perspective why in later years the Vichy government were so keen to surrender the unfortunate Jewish population to the occupying Nazis. This was done to a degree that alarmed and surprised the Nazis. Anyway this book is not about that but the corruption and deceit in the army and the way that they were determined to send an innocent man to death or worse; Devil's Island.
  9. I mistakingly tried The Defeated. Some nonsense about Berlin directly after the fall of Hitler and that crowd. It could have been so good considering the production quality but dearie me. We have an NYPD chap who has come to show the Jerry's how to set up a Police department and some supporting actresses who are not unpleasant to the eye. The acting reminds me of a certain genre of film where the dialogue is just incidental to the action that is about to take place. The Mrs continues to watch this dreadful series whilst I read and keep a wary eye out for the removal of clothes and ensuing action. Sent from my SM-A405FN using Tapatalk
  10. When I used to buy kit new my regular dealer would let me borrow stuff to demo at home. On one occasion the item I was borrowing a DAC was about reduced in the interim period by £70 at one of the big dealers. I knew this and he knew this. When I returned to collect my item and return the demo unit he was scarce and left a very shifty and uncomfortable sales assistant in the shop to deal with me. As I was asking about other kit I could tell he couldn't wait to get me out of the shop in case the owner knocked over a cup or made the boards creak upstairs. I kept a straight face. I didn't mention the reduction at the competitors and didn't ask for a reduction as he always treated me in good faith and I paid the full price. On the other hand another dealer who I had never used asked full price for the demo speaker units. Not only had this to be in pound notes the fecker banked it and only offered a cheque on my return. I had previously informed them that after I had returned the demo units I would be demoing another pair at another dealers and would need the cash. The lady at the dealers said that she would speak to the other dealers on my behalf and vouch for me etc. She said I would probably end up buying the speakers that I had demoed off them once she knew the other speakers that I was trying out. She was right on that count but I didn't get them from their dealership and nor did I return there, ever.
  11. Well I expect there are a fair few tupenny bits that need rescuing from Spirax Ogden steam pumps.
  12. Really? Covid: Classrooms to get £6m anti-Covid air technology - BBC News
  13. At first glance I thought he had incredibly trained sheepdogs. Then I read it.
  14. This made me laugh: Nirvana sued by the baby from Nevermind's album cover - BBC News Not sure if it belongs in the Cockpunching thread though.
  15. Threaten them with the small claims court. However with such a small but not insignificant amount it may not be worth it. There may be some sort of form that you can fill in regarding this. Fill it in and send them a copy.
  16. Interesting interview. Never knew Harrison was the bass player with the Beatles though.
  17. Sorry to hear you caught the virus despite being double jabbed. When did you have the jabs as a matter off interest and was the PCR test as a result of the trial you're on or the symptoms and self test?
  18. Jokulating apart my neighbour has been waiting ages to have a large part of her bowel removed and kept getting knocked back due to her high blood pressure. Now she has the go ahead they cancelled the op last week due to Covid affecting the hospital staff availability. She is desperately worried to get the op done. No consolation but it appears that you are not on your own.
  19. He is currently unable to do the limbo but hopefully once his new hip:
  20. Those two in particular are. One a former Bullingdon boy and the other involved in a pay off for bullying a woman at work.
  21. Had to laugh at this: Dominic Raab fumes at Keir Starmer criticising his Crete holiday during fall of Afghanistan (msn.com) Arrogant entitled pricks are Raab and Johnson.
  22. It was slow yesterday but okay today. You can't rush quality.
  23. This c*nt deserves to have his cock punched. I hope he dwells on the person that will be left behind or couldn't get a place on the evacuation due to his attention seeking antics. British student evacuated from Kabul after 'danger tourism' stunt forced him into hiding from Taliban (msn.com)
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