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  1. I recently had my third Pfizer Covid jab followed 3 days later with my monthly blood tests for my rheumatoid arthritis meds. I received a call from my GP as my inflammation marker Serrum C reactive protein was up from an average of 1.6 - 3.0, <5 is normal to an all time high of 42.3. I've been having a few more twinges than normal of late. However just had a blood test yesterday and that marker is now down to 1.6.

    Regarding dietary supplements I found avoiding too much red meat, eating plenty of salmon, avoiding pre made food, ready meals, bought pizzas, red peppers and a few other things helpful. I also have a morning glug of Aspalls organic cider [With the Mother as they term it] or a similar organic cider. Morrisons have Aspalls and another two types of organic cider. When you have something such as this you will try anything.

    Hopefully things will settle down for you soon.

  2. 5 hours ago, audio_PHIL_e said:

    Can't say I blame them, but if I left my tiny N Lincs bungalow and turned up on a doorstep in Belgravia saying "I want some of what you've got" they'd tell me to FO in no uncertain terms. I guess the difference between where I live and where some of them have come from is that I can get food in the shops and there isn't a man in uniform with a gun trying to take potshots at me.

    A lot of Bungalows in North Lincs. Scartho by any chance? I went to a Christmas party once in Scartho, it was in July. They do things differently in North Lincs.

  3. Next door neighbour lost two ridge tiles and a dry verge capping. At home the garage door alarm contact kept causing the chime to activate so had to turn it off at 3 this morning. The Pennines look quite well capped in a smattering of snow and the windfarms aren't turning as it was too windy.

    It would be interesting to know how our Scottish brethren are fairing.

  4. 2 hours ago, linesrg said:

    James - We will have to disagree here.  This country cannot simply absorb a large number of incomers, our infrastructure is creaking as it is (without going in to the politics of why that may be).

    As I keep repeating this has nothing to do with racism or being xenophobic.  The help these people need starts in their home country.  Sorting that out is the "problem" which needs addressing.



    Well we've all seen how that turns out. Just look at the Middle East, Vietnam, Tony Blair etc. and soon it will be the Ukraine and Russia god help us.

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  5. 1 hour ago, andrew s said:

    I think you missed public private partnerships introduced by .....

    To me any waste of resource is inefficient and I explained the context above and it has nothing to do with how hard the staff work.

    I would love to see far more resources spent of improving the generall health of the nation. Inovation in public health would be welcome. Catching and remitting type 2 diabetes early is more efficient than amputations later on in my view.  I await correction 😊.

    It's not party political issue in my view.

    Regards Andrew 

    After nearly 20 years of under investment then something needed to be done. It was initially started by the Tory party and used too frequently by the Labour party.

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  6. 2 hours ago, andrew s said:

    @Klassik I realise many interventions were not well intentioned but I was not referring to them. 

    The NHS is an interesting case. It works well, if inefficiently, at fixing people but has helped a culture to develop where few take responsibility for their own health and well being. Expectations of what it can do, even in medically hopeless cases, just continues to rise.

    Inefficient compared to what? The USA healthcare system where much more is spent on admin and chasing up payments than any other admin costs in our system. Inefficient certainly when the Tories are allowed to line their cronies up to squander millions on equipment that is neither competitively tendered or fit for purpose. Inefficient when the likes of Cameron's cronies allow a finance system where suppliers act as a middleman resulting in suppliers not being paid thus ensuing loss of discounts and grinding to a halt systems and services. Outsourcing to private contractors where for double your money half the patients are treated. Inefficiency in A&E waiting time targets being scrapped due to underfunding. There will be more of this to come with a market driven NHS where Conservative doctrine is allowed to divvy it up to their chums. 

    Its about time the medical staff shortages were truly addressed at grass roots. Firstly by providing free places at medical schools for anyone who is capable and wishing to pursue a career in this worthwhile profession.

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  7. I do not subscribe to the case that the NHS increases dependency upon it. The implication being that people do not look after their self because they have the NHS to fall back on is absurd. Just look at the USA with nothing to fall back on. Lard arses galore, drug abusers. Some parts of Europe, heavy drinking, smoking like a tobacco famine is imminent.
    Pilloring people for their lifestyle with a view to depriving them of decent health care is a slippery slope and right up the Tory schtick. A bit too Jimmy Young for my liking. For those who can remember his awful views and advocacy of private health care which he often tried to promote on his morning radio show.

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  8. I heard an interesting story last night. An acquaintance of mine's daughter returned from South America via Portugal a couple of months ago. After the tests and quarantine in Portugal she was admitted back into the UK. She then had to isolate for 10 days at home. The first day there was a knock at the door and two people asked her dad if she was in. When they had seen her off they went. On the third visit they asked how she was feeling. "A bit cheesed off, it's a friends birthday party at weekend and I won't be able to go". "If you pay us £50 we will shorten your quarantine to 5 days".

    I only heard this story off someone who was told this by her dad. When I next see her dad I will ask him directly as he does not make up things of this nature.

  9. Hell of an achievement. I just hope they spend the money received wisely. The hospitals that I worked at were full of equipment lying unused that had been bought by fundraisers. The prime reason being that there was no revenue in the budgets to pay for the ongoing maintenance certification and calibration of patient connected equipment.

    A mate of mine who died from this horrendous disease was a very inventive and extremely competent engineer. Even in his dying days he came up with some improvements to the speech hardware [Stephen Hawking type talk box] that he had to use. This made it easier for the user to apply the equipment for their use.

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  10. 30 minutes ago, Carrington said:

    We had a mattress being delivered by John Lewis. It was a replacement for a faulty one delivered 3 weeks ago. They took the old one out then discovered the new one had a split in the packaging and was soiled. OH is suffering from anxiety and the whole process has been very difficult for her. As such, she did not want the old mattress back in the house so now we have no bed... I knew today was going to be tricky but I didn't see that coming.

    It looks like the mattress didn't either.:minikev:

  11. 2 hours ago, audio_PHIL_e said:

    I don't know if this is spooky or paranormal but I was riding my Suzuki GS450E when the final drive chain broke. I was pushing the bike on a winding country road when a car coming the other way stopped and 2 women got out. They both said they'd had a premonition about a bloke pushing a motorbike getting wiped out by a speeding van and had come to prevent it. They helped me reach a driveway to someone's house, I asked for and obtained permission to leave the bike there until I could organise a van to fetch it. These 2 women made like they were going to the town I lived in and offered me a lift back home. As we were getting into the car a white transit careered around the bend ahead doing a lot more than the speed limit. Without help moving the bike to a safe place I'd have been a goner.

    I also had a weird one with a motorbike. Years ago I had a bad flare up of the arthritis and me and the bike were laid up for almost 12 months. When I took the bike in for an MOT they advised I scrapped it as the frame had perished amongst other things. Too costly to fix. I advertised it for spares on a website explaining the faults and danger of the bike in its current condition. Meanwhile I went to pick the Mrs up from a trip to the local Spiritualist church with her friend who was into all that. Another lady at the church told me without preamble not to sell my motorbike to a young man, inferring it would end badly if I did. I asked the Mrs if she or her friend had mentioned that I had a bike but they both said no. Anyway I eventually had a call off what appeared like a middle aged chap who travelled up from the Cambridge area to pick up the bike. He turned out to be much younger than I judged him to be on the phone and he had his young son with him. He was an agricultural engineer and a decent welder by the look of his trailer that he brought and made his self. I didn't want to turn him away after what the old biddy at the church said but I was more than a little concerned. I repeatedly stressed that he mustn't attempt to ride or repair the bike as it was only good enough for spares. I even had the mechanic at the garage explain how dangerous it was. I often wondered if he was okay.

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  12. 7 hours ago, lazycat said:

    Regardless of vacc. status, the household is supposed to isolate. Being vacc'd doesn't stop anyone passing it on, it may reduce the chance of catching it or having a more severe form of the disease.

    Pete, your mate is a f*ckwit.

    Neh, neh and thrice neh you have misunderstood. Its not my mate who is the fuckwit, he is isolating. It was the other nob in the pub whose wife has Covid. He is the fuckwit. I sarcastically thanked him for sharing it with us. He said he had been testing twice a day. He should have just stopped at home and not entered the pub like the Thundercunt he obviously is. Vaccine passports will not cover for these idiots but they will help with the deniers. I expect the local taxi firms would either close down or have to buck their ideas up if vaccine passports had to be displayed.

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  13. Just now, lower bullens said:

    If he’s fully vaccinated he can do what he wants.

    So is my mate who is isolating with Covid. It seems selfish to possibly expose others to Covid if you have someone in the same house/bed who is infected. I would at least stay indoors and not visit a pub if my other half had Covid and so would she.

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  14. Went in the local for our usual midweek refresher last night. One of our crew was absent as he has tested positive for Covid so he's confined to barracks for another week. It didn't stop someone on the next table coming out whose wife is at home with Covid, but he says he's alright. WAC, is this legal?

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  15. Well the other day we rolled up to a car park which had one of those apps where you pay via your phone. On a previous visit to this very car park I tried the phone number only to be met with a voice recognition system. Well the bloody thing was deaf or something as it couldn't understand my accent. After a near Basil Fawlty moment of almost attacking the machine or my car with a big stick it finally twigged. The Mrs was watching from the hotel window that we had just booked into and was waiting to see if it was worth her while unpacking as she could see me getting a bit hot under the collar. I wasn't aware of this until I had completed the transaction. This was a couple of years ago. Now to the present day I thought I'm not going through all this again so I used the phone app, selected the car park and paid. In the morning I topped it up from the comfort of our room then I smelled a rat or should I say I detected that I had probably dropped a clanger. Upon leaving the hotel for breakfast I noticed the parking ticket. I'd only gone and selected the car park over the road 🤦‍♂️ I guess the geo location wasn't that accurate. I appealed the fine online and thankfully the appeal was accepted, which was nice.

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  16. Just been talking to a neighbours son who has had Covid. Both he and his sister caught it off their 90 year old parents and were quite ill with it, whilst the old dodderers had no ill effects. A young Asian bloke who works at his place is the only person at his place of work not to have the jab as he doesn't believe in it. His wife has had the jab but he was waiting to see what effect it had on her. Now he is critically ill with Covid. What a cock. The hot spot in Rochdale is predominantly an Asian area. It makes you wonder what they think is in the jab? Is it derived off Pigs or some other taboo animal I wonder?

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  17. Just had a call off a mate who tested positive for Covid on Sunday. We were out with him last Wednesday but we tested okay as did one of the others in our company. He only had his booster the day before he tested positive. It makes you wonder how he would have reacted without any jabs. It also highlights the importance of booster jabs as the efficacy does drop off significantly after a few months.

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