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  1. What about their Nobby Stiles? without anaesthetic of course.
  2. I remember going round to a friend’s house one night and he had some seriously expensive kit at the time now it is even more expensive. However he demonstrated this thing with a motor on it that you attached a cd to and spun it before playing, it was supposed to improve the sound. In all fairness he did have the dignity of embarrassment whilst demoing this piece of worthless shite.
  3. That sounds great but dangerous, it could result in major expense. I would like to take you up on that thanks. At the moment I've just started to sort out the living room/dining room. I'm off work today stripping the wallpaper, then a bit of plastering then a redec. We were eventually in a bit of a rush when we first moved in nearly 4 years ago due to the builder being a total arse and another one had to be foun in order to complete. I have a pair of Rega R5s which i would like to compare against the Shahinians but I have a pair of Linn Index which could be exchanged for a few days. The Linns were adequate in the other house but they just didn't work in this one due to the hard surfaces and suspended floor. I will get the house in some sort of order first as I wouldn't want to subject any kit to a building environment. Cheers Pete
  4. I went to audition a Rega Dac yesterday and asked Dave at the Audio Counsel if I could have a listen to the new Shahinian Obelisks. The speakers to demo the Dac were Rega RS5s and sounded quite good but the Obs were quite something in a subtle musical way. Not shouty and look at me bass but when is the next customer due in for an audition? I could have sat back and listened to those damn things all afternoon.
  5. Brentford Nylons Sent from my mobile what a faff
  6. That reminds me Tam White passed last year in June. A great but little known act who I used to see in Edinburgh quite frequently. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tam_White
  7. Not forgetting the late great Bobby Farrell who left us on the 30th December 2010.
  8. Has Planet Rock purchased any new records of late. Everytime I try it I can guarantee that within the hour I will hear any one of the following or sometimes more than one: All right now. wishing well smoke on the water the boys are back in town.
  9. Yeah I was in there too [supertramp School did sound good], where were you sat? It was that good I took a seat and enjoyed the party for a while, it's whats it's all about. I really liked the sound of the PMC speaker set up whenever I went into their room, very listenable and easy to live with, my favourite sound of the show. As per the IAG DAC and the Castle speakers? they sounded crap when I went in. A chap went in and played a bit of Dexter Gorden and it sounded mushy, he said it made a right mess of it. I think the demo guys know what to play to best demo their own kit. Rega was really good, shame no DAC on show but the rep said that they wanted to concentrate on the record deck at the show, besides they were not yet in production but the parts had been ordered and they should be ready in about 3 weeks I think he said.
  10. Do theFLAC EAC rips check against an external database. I've had a few faulty rps but they have usually been sorted by selecting the error correction which slows the rip down quite a bit. If your CD is damaged then you are buggered anyway, unless there is some sort of correction available.
  11. Does the Error checking in iTunes not check for an accurate rip or just damaged disc's? This is not a rhetorical question, I'm no expert.
  12. Here's an interesting link that debunks much of the file format nonsense: http://www.designwsound.com/dwsblog/?page_id=535
  13. Maid is that what they call them now in Thailand. Brentford Nylons; not arf.
  14. Having not upgraded any kit for quite a few years, I have bought quite a few upgrades in the last 12 months and returned most. I bought a TeddyCap last May and out of all the upgrades I've bought it was the only one whatI can honestly say wow on the first hearing and it just gets better as time goes on; real value for money in my opinion. Used with a NAC72 and NAP110.
  15. The sort of book that is attempted when the bookshelf is empty or all but read. After 5 of these such occasions and a long overdue delivery from Amazon I eventually completed Ulysses. Parts of it were quite engrossing but many were just a point of endurance particularly the acid trip/consciousness carry on. The whole point of reading a book for me is not to endure in order to tell my mates or acquaintances that I have read it but to actually enjoy it, Finnegan's Wake!! well bugger off.
  16. SSM wrote: Oh c'mon! I have fond memories of that one. 'Killer Tomatoes' should be appreciated as quality camp. Check out the snippets on YouTube. The Jaws scene still makes me laugh. SS I walked out shortly after that highlight. I watched it many years ago whilst on holiday in Canada, I had never experienced such an enthusiastic cinema audience though.
  17. Attack of the Killer Tomatoes was a particular low point in my cinematic visitations, but then that should have been expected.
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