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  1. A mate of mine shared this with me this last night. A nephew of his who has cerebral palsy is a mad fan of Mrs Brown and has all the videos and watches them repeatedly. He lives in supported accommodation with two other young folk with a similar condition. One of the carers took it upon herself to contact Brendan O'Carroll's agent and ask for a signed photo or a video message perhaps. Next minute Brendan O'Carroll aka Mrs Brown is on the phone asking where they live. On the south coast near Eastbourne as it happened. "Well I'm in London at the moment and its not too far away". Next day he turned up in full costume and asked that there be no publicity regarding this. The young lad was so happy he couldn't hit his Stephen Hawking's speech device properly but he had a pre-set that said "I'm so happy".
  2. And here. A KFC is like a Donner kebab, that is only consumed after imbibing copious quantities of alcohol. Must be at least 25-30 years ago after a rather good Saint Pats night celebration in Brixton when I last had a KFC. It was a long walk back to our digs and nothing else was available, that was my reasoning.
  3. I remember this well. Some really funny parts but some really awful ones. The awful being where they molested the woman on the train and the recently released female prisoner who shot herself after having a two up with the eponymous hero's. The breaking into the deserted holiday chalet under ware incident, the blonde being satisfied with the Eli Woods character and the shagging in the stolen Roller made me laugh. The last one gave me a twitch if I remember rightly.
  4. As Phil says stand on each scale and see they read the same. Scales in hospitals should be of a certain category and tested every 6 month with weights. The different categories are to do with weight, accuracy, age and medication requirements. I used to find that electrical scales were not as consistently accurate as mechanical scales.
  5. Try this link and see what you think. I've seen quite a few of these before. 24 Illusions That Identify Your True Character - BuzzSuper
  6. Best of luck getting an appointment for that then. Massive backlogs at the moment. FFS unintentional pun.
  7. If its only 3mm or 1/8 in old money then just put an insole in one shoe and that should level it up. Take the insole out of the opposite one if possible and that will put you on an opposite camber. Sent from my SM-A405FN using Tapatalk
  8. I only asked as it is a right old rigmarole getting at the sockets for my set up. Furniture has to be moved, mop and bucket applied to flooring to enable bookshelf to be slid across floor, items removed from top of bookshelf prior to moving etc. By the time this is all done and replaced everything would have cooled down and I wouldn't accurately remember the sound before and after unless I left bookshelf out and the furniture removed whilst doing the comparison. I once remember buying some custom circuit boards for a Naim pre amp. Initially I thought I could hear a difference but it was only because I wanted to. Upon realising this I returned them. Did your cheapo socket blocks have a switch on them?
  9. The Americans were very keen to get hold of a lot of the research at the end of the war eg. The experiments in high altitude flight and low pressure environments. Some of the sceintists were probably sent to America and given new lives like Werner Von Braun was, justified in the name of defeating the new evil Communism. One of the displays at Dachau showed photographs of inmates being immersed in freezing cold water. This was done to study the effect of cold on a human body and how best to treat it. This was then applied to downed airmen or navy personnel. The lessons learned from this were taken up by the Americans after the war. The pictures of the inmates in the water and after being removed were quite harrowing. Also in the same building were hooks suspended from the ceiling like you see in an abattoir. These were used by first tying a victims hands behind their back then suspending them from the hooks through the rope on their hands. The pain must have been excruciating.
  10. Just a thought here. Did you plug the amp into a cheapo power block and do an instant comparison and then change straight back to the wall socket? Had the amp been unplugged for a while before? They often need a bit of warm up time before coming on song. I know if I were to carry out an experiment like this the amp would be unplugged a considerable amount of time either way before I was able to turn things back on again. FWIW I replaced my switched sockets with un-switched sockets as I have had experience of the switch in a power socket failing and making a bugger of things. First experience was with a television at my parents house. Standby light was on so assumed all was okay and called a TV repairman who diagnosed the fault as the wall socket and he was right as the socket was breaking down under load.
  11. I remember a trip around Dachau concentration camp which was a cruelty school for the SS. What surprised me was that some of the medical experiments had a valid outcome and the findings are still being used to this day. This is not to say that they were in anyway justifiable. However how many times have we heard in so called civilised times that prisoners, sex offenders etc. should be used in drugs trials and such. Are we really that different in nature?
  12. Question: Why did so many Doctors become Nazi's? Answer: Because they were trained by their receptionists.
  13. Today it is exactly 42 years to the day when I saw Led Zeppelin play their penultimate gig at Knebworth. Best be off as they are due on stage in 3 minutes. Sent from my SM-A405FN using Tapatalk
  14. There will be others. Hang on its your money, their problem. Don't let em think you're desperate. I bet the parties involved in the sale are having a right old ding dong about it. Silence is your best option, use it. They will be back with another offer.
  15. I remember seeing Rainbow in the 70's and wondering where the backing singers were. A mate said they were behind a curtain on stage, I said they were on a reel to reel on the sound desk.
  16. April - June was good. The past week or so has been more like the Summer that we normally endure in these parts. Last week was stifling and too hot to be honest but preferable to this.
  17. Reminds me of when I retired in 2019. Lovely weather up until July when I threw the towel in then it pissed it down most of August. Not too much of a problem at the moment with the rain as the Mrs is semi incapacitated due to a broken arm giving her gyp so we are currently limited to shorter than usual walks. I did put her up an extra new washing line but she is unable to enjoy the benefits of this due to the rain.
  18. May I recommend a trip to the Pencil museum in Keswick.
  19. Thing is only Billy Gibbons played on that track. Eliminator was drum machines, synthesisers and guitar. Not a drummer or bass player in sight or on site. Poor sod who produced, recorded and wrote much of it got hardly any credit let alone money.
  20. Who was the commentator who remarked about the fine athlete who stepped up to the Ockey?
  21. Beevor' books are usually always good and real page turners. Ben Macintyre writes quite well on World War 2. With this in mind I started his The Napolean of Crime which had me giving up. At one time I would have persevered but it may be an attention span thing or just feck it life is too short to waste on a book I'm not enjoying. Had another similar incident with a recently read biography about Chris Spedding. I wouldn't have minded but it was a lengthy tome, repetitive and his solo efforts are wanting to say the least. Just started one about Clem Cattini the man who should have been Bonham in Zep but wasn't interested or didn't quite know what was on offer at the time. The book isn't really about Clem but is interesting nonetheless.
  22. Good point there Andrew I think that this may have been a big part of the problem. I wasn't too sure how to do this but after uninstalling and reinstalling a window popped up with only the Public network ticked so I ticked the Private network box and I think this helped. I'm not sure how to bring this up without going through the install so a bit of advice would be appreciated for future use. Think I've found it: Control Panel System and Security Windows Defender Firewall Allow an App through Firewall
  23. Its still working and I'll see if it still does tomorrow. It must be something to do with the Firewall I think on Windows 10.
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