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  1. Good point there Andrew I think that this may have been a big part of the problem. I wasn't too sure how to do this but after uninstalling and reinstalling a window popped up with only the Public network ticked so I ticked the Private network box and I think this helped. I'm not sure how to bring this up without going through the install so a bit of advice would be appreciated for future use. Think I've found it: Control Panel System and Security Windows Defender Firewall Allow an App through Firewall
  2. Its still working and I'll see if it still does tomorrow. It must be something to do with the Firewall I think on Windows 10.
  3. It something to do with the Microsoft security as I've just disabled and then re-enabled it and it is working for now, even after a restart. I'll see if its works tomorrow. Touchwood all fine for now. I hope you're keeping well and haven't gone too mad during the lockdown like the rest of us. Had our jabs but still taking precautions.
  4. Windows 10 own firewall and defender.
  5. I briefly had a Choose Player option then it went. Just shutdown laptop then rebooted Squeezetouch again. Connects to ethernet ok but in diagnostics: Server ping OK TCP port ok mysqueezbox.com registered Logitech media server and library not connected Same as Ping, TCP port,3483 and 900 Not connected. Laptop has been restarted.
  6. Same library name. Nothing showing on web browser re Choose Player.
  7. It found the ethernet straight off. The My Squeezebox .com is acting up again on the Media server control panel. When I open the Control panel as an administrator it asks if I want to allow SqueezeboxCP.exe to make changes on my computer. It never used to ask this. I don't think it accepts the password as when I close it down it gets the pop up box with "Unexpected error etc. I will try it from the web page log in again. It logs in on this.
  8. Looks like the password is not being accepted on Squeezebox Server again. Pop up box says " An unexpected error occurred when validating your my squeezebox.com account. Please make sure your network connectivity is working fine.
  9. It scans library and shows no problems on diagnostics but I've had to reset password a couple of times on Squeezeserver as it wouldn't accept the previous ones. Also tried running in Safe Mode.
  10. Yes, another one today. Network looks good but won't connect to library. I can get Radio to work. I had it all working the other day but I don't know what cured it but its given up the ghost.
  11. Hi Ronnie I was hoping that you would be along. Yes it is a Hub 1 router. Is this not a good thing?
  12. I have recently changed internet providers from ee to Plusnet and have been having a few connection problems with various items. I have a SqueezeTouch connected via ethernet cable to the router and my music is stored on my laptop via wireless connection. Last week I had it all working after a bit of a struggle but it has given up again and now will not see the player or library on the web interface. I've done the usual reset and even a reinstall of version 8.1.1 still not having much luck. Currently the web interface is not showing any Players in the dropdown. The Plusnet hub manager isn't that straightforward compared to the previous ee router in so far as enabling access to ip addresses but I'm unsure where the problem lies at the moment.
  13. I don't agree with the Grand National type of events as many are either killed or injured in these sort of events. I will never bet on it and always refused to even enter a sweepstake at work on this hateful event. Dressage doesn't appear to be a cruel event and I'm not sure about the rates of attrition in Show jumping so the jury's out on that one. Not sure about Dressage being an Olympic event but there's no denying the skill involved unlike "Skipping" which the Americans wanted to have included back in the 80's.
  14. Maybe ask this fella:
  15. . Sent from my SM-A405FN using Tapatalk
  16. I tend to persevere with a book unless even if it takes me ages to complete it. I only give up if it has become really tedious and an exercise in turning the pages or flicking them in the case of the Kindle. Sometimes a revisit is worth the while as a book can prove to be quite interesting on a second attempt. One that particularly springs to mind was Schindler's Ark which was later retitled Schindler's List to coincide with the release of the film. Although a fascinating story I couldn't get beyond page 70 due to his writing style which did not engage me in the story although I knew it should have done. Eventually after three attempts I became immersed in the story and found it a rewarding read. I watched the film several years later, another book Searching for Schindler was read and I even rooted out his flat on a visit to Krakow. Both his factory and his flat are now on the tourist route but weren't several years ago.
  17. I contacted Metrolink regarding the wearing of masks and received a prompt reply. They stated that their customer service representatives cannot enforce the wearing of masks and that only the Greater Manchester Police and Travel Safe staff can enforce this, so it looks like an empty gesture so far unless I hear of people being fined or removed from the trams.
  18. Well his heart is in the right place but Andy Burnham who says that masks are still to be worn on Metrolink trams needs to take a look for himself. Whilst travelling on the Metrolink yesterday we were in definitely in the minority regarding the wearing of masks. This was despite several recorded messages stating that a £100 would be issued for people not wearing a mask. Time clamp down and make a few examples I think.
  19. Using a Bank of England inflation calculator my Harbeth's have gone up by 225% over a period of about 8 years. They should have only gone up by about £300 not just shy of £3k. They may have tweaked the design a couple of times during this period but not to the tune of £3k. A greedy little man me thinks. Still if you can afford it and don't mind having the piss taken then why not.
  20. Could you not bid on it yourself or get a friend to have done that? Not sure how the fees would stack up but its better than losing out.
  21. They say moving house is more stressful than a bereavement. Explain this to your solicitor and tell him that you will be putting it to the test if they don't get their fingers out. Sent from my SM-A405FN using Tapatalk
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