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  1. I played the whole of The Rite of Spring at Scalford. I don't remember the room being packed.
  2. I thoroughly enjoyed the show too. I exhibited last year, so this was my first chance to see the new venue properly. I think the more modern construction of the Kegworth hotel leads to a higher proportion of good sounding systems. (Not least due to the far lower sound bleed from neighbours.) The big surprise for me this year were the NVA systems. I've never heard their stuff before, and I was very impressed. As well as those, I particularly liked Greybeard's little active setup; harv had the usual banging choons; and I'm an absolute sucker for steve57's system. Loved baggawire's NS1000 system too. (And the other NS1000 setup though I can't remember who had it.) I'm going to stop there, otherwise I'll just end up listing every single system. So, as usual, MASSIVE thanks to everyone who exhibited, organized, helped, worked, and visited. Hope to see you all again next year.
  3. Last year I played only 7" singles all day. Generally stuff a little off the beaten track with a skew towards shouting, feedback and bleeps. Nothing I'd in any way call "difficult", but it went down like a lead balloon. I reckon my average visitor stopped for about 20 seconds. Most people opened the door and didn't even bother coming in. A couple of people asked me to put something else on, but I didn't have anything else. The system (I thought) sounded great, so it must have been the tunes. By 1 o'clock I'd changed the sign on the door to "come for the gear, leave because of the music". It was a bit disspiriting.
  4. Spreadsheet's well below the usual 50. Is it time to step up? I could probably be persuaded to do it again if we're under the numbers.
  5. This is just that last straw though isn't it? I think everyone's sick of their hypocrisy. Jonny Bairstow's "headbutt" vs Warner lamping Joe Root; moaning the South African fans are booing them vs "send Stuart Broad home in tears"; vilifying Broad for not walking when none of them have since Bradman. Then there's stuff like the invented legend of the "baggy green"; rebranding calling someone a c--t as the art of "psychological disintegration"; the pay strike, "get ready for a broken arm". That's just off the top of my head, but I'm sure there are loads of others.
  6. Just finished setting the gear back up at home. Everything appears to have survived the journey and the judgement. I didn't get to hear all that much this year, but I did manage to pop next door for a quick blast of the reels and Rogers. Always my stars of the show. I also loved Steve57's gear. Such subtlety from those monstrous cones! Thanks to everyone who lent a trolley, shared a pint, watched the gear, offered a lift with that, had a chat, played me their music, tolerated mine, or just poked their head round the door. No thanks to the weather, the shortness of the day, or the bloke who spent 20 minutes telling me his turntable was better than mine. Biggest thanks, obvs, to the people who made it all happen. Roll on next year.
  7. Ha! I was going to say that, but, y'know, sentimental reasons and all that. I do think the venue worked very well though, and the organisation could not have been better. It's such a shame, after so much hard work, that we got dumped on by the weather. But I don't think that spoiled the enjoyment of anyone who did make it. I've been home about two hours, and I've already gone from "I'm never doing that again" to "maybe I could put a different system together next time".
  8. Lehmann Black Cube Linear headphone amp. Pics and stuff on PFM, but in short it's in top-class condition, boxed, and absolute ruddy bargain. Somewhere north of £250 (hopefully well north ) to Macmillan, and it's yours. Suits me best if you can pick it up from my room at Kegworth.
  9. How confident are we of the floors being sufficiently solid for turntables? I'm up on the second floor, with only a record player, and I have no isolation gear. If the needle bounces across to the label every time someone steps into the room, I'm going to be packing up a bit earlier than I hoped. What do we think?
  10. What's the drill this year for exhibitors who are unable to stay over on Saturday? Apologies if it's clearly explained somewhere else, but I can't find it.
  11. So the expenditure manufacturers run up getting to the point where they can turn those raw materials into a product should be written off should they? Whether you quit your job and remortgaged your house to develop a turntable in your shed, or whether you're paying a clutch of software engineers to develop new features for iOS, you want that back. That's not even counting prototyping, premises, distribution, tax, insurances, accountants, wastage, asset depreciation, stock, paying yourself and all the other expenses of running a business. Oh, and could it possibly be reasonable that a person might want something for the lifetime of experience which puts them in the position of being able to turn those raw materials into said product?
  12. It's going back a few years, but Hiscox were the only ones I found who didn't baulk at something as "odd" as a big record collection.
  13. UPS made a right mess of my Linear A, though I have to take some responsibility for sending it inadequately protected.