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  1. Hi, Yes, Linn did reply on the dev forum and they will investigate. Regretably this is how Qobuz API works and there is not much leeway to change it.
  2. Hi, My Netgear Orbi's Armor firewall is alerting that my Linn Exakt DSM is sending clear text information with this warning: "NETGEAR Armor A.I. has detected that Linn Products speakers (Family Room) is sending your authentication information using a weak encryption and has prevented the connection and blocked that page. Websites with weak encryption can allow attackers to get access to sensitive and personal information. Websites with weak encryption can allow attackers to get access to sensitive and personal information." The blocked URL is: www.qobuz.com/api.json/0.2/user/login?app_id=140168716&username=C678&password=48DB (not my credentials) I know I can unblock the URL but still this seems to be a serious issue. I've posted in the Linn development forum but no comments from Linn yet. FWIW I'm using latest DAVAAR version. Regards, Vic
  3. Me neither. Too many years in IT must be part of the reason.
  4. Did you work in Audiophile Systems? If between early 1985 and mid 1987 then we must have either talked or met back then! I visited AS in September 1986 for a one week Linn/Naim brainwashing, oops!, training session. Back then I was working as Service Manager for Precision Audio in Puerto Rico, at that time the largest Linn/Naim dealer in the U.S. Still brainwashed by the way!
  5. I just upgraded from Akurate Kontrol/0 - Akurate DS/0 - AV5125 - LK140 to Akurate Exakt DSM - Majik Exaktbox-i (on loan) to drive my AV5140s and the improvement is dramatic! I never thought the Exaktbox-i could properly drive the AV5140s but its been surprising me each day. Regrettably it can't be upgraded to Katalyst AFAIK so I'm considering an Akurate Exaktbox-6 or 10 which can be upgraded to either Katalyst or (hopefuly) Organik in the future, and use my existing amplifiers. The Akurate DS/0 was 'demoted' to my office system (Naim Olive gear) replacing a Sonos ZP90, and the Akurate Kontrol (recently repaired by Linn) was passed over to a good friend at no cost.
  6. Sure, found it at digikey.com part number CKN10845-ND
  7. Here in Puerto Rico my Linn dealer for the past 37 years has been Audiovisionaries. https://audiovisionaries.guru/ Their management have been Linn dealers since 1983 and at one time they were the largest Linn dealer in the United States when they were known as Precision Audio, Inc. BTW, I'm the one that sets up and upgrades all their customer LP12s on my spare time.
  8. Sounds interesting but not my cup of tea. Customer system is tube-based and I'm not fond of tube-based gear.
  9. Hi, Yesterday I installed a 9 inch Kuzma 4-Point tonearm in an unsuspended turntable (Dr. Feickert Woodpecker). One thing I noticed is that the arm cable (a very stiff one) exits from the rear of the arm collar above the armboard surface, which in the case of a Linn LP12 will detrimentally affect suspension bounce. IMHO this arm will only properly work on unsuspended turntables. Here is a pic I took:
  10. Does anyone knows if there is any internal metal bracing between the tonearm collar and the main bearing or is it just pure MDF plies (47 of them)? Wondering if the top of the plinth will not deform due to the high mass platter weight in high humidity locations. It looks so much like a McIntosh TT-5, which really disappointed me when I set it up for a friend a little more than a year and a half ago.
  11. Hi Edmund, Thanks for you excellent explanation on the possible causes of speed instability on the Mober DC motor. My comment was based on a friends feedback a few months after I installed a Mober DC motor in his LP12. He commented that a new controller unit was sent to him and it solved the issue.
  12. Hi, Seen it once, power supply chip controller issue. You need to contact Edmund Chang, if it still in warranty he will send you a new board. If not, you may need to buy a new unit.
  13. Hi! It's been a few months since the update but I was able to source a new replacement switch from Mouser. Thanks!
  14. Regretfully there are no demo Exaktboxes with Katalyst available here in Puerto Rico. I have listened to a friends Exaktbox (can't recall if Majik or Akurate) with a pair of Majik Isobariks and it sounded really good, but the final fire test is @ home with my system and my speakers.
  15. I have a pair of AV5140s which is basically an Espek with previous generation drivers. The only thing I have replaced is the woofers due to surround failure. Replaced with two Espek woofers and good to go! I may replace the tweeters with a new boxed pair of SPK 038/2 tweeters stored in my Linn bin but may wait until one of the original ones get blown away!
  16. It's been a while since I've posted here but got a nice one to tell! I've been looking for a good to mint condition Akurate DSM for a while to replace my Akurate Kontrol and Akurate DS/0, and found a nice sample at a very good price. Got it quickly shipped and arrived last Friday. As I was connecting it I realized I purchased an Akurate Exakt DSM, not a plain Akurate DSM, so no analog outputs to drive my amps. A quick text message to my dealer got me a loaned Majik Exaktbox and spent yesterday night connecting and configuring it, but had to replace 12 BFA connectors for Deltron banana plugs, luckily I had them in my Linn parts bin. I never expected my AV5140s to sound so good from an amp that has almost half the power output when compared to the amps I was driving them with (one AV5125 and one LK140 with analog active cards). Waiting for dealer quotes on this Majik Exaktbox, and Akurate Exaktboxes. Decisions, decisions... I still haven't played with space optimization (got a lot of documentation and guides I found on Linn Docs to read), but it is sounding so good I'll wait a week before touching anything.
  17. Hmmm... the one I set up did not bring that baggie with the four little strips, but it did bring a 'Linn tracking weight scale balance' which I thin it's a waste of money since almost everyone that fiddles with the tracking weight has some sort of digital scale.
  18. Exactly!! I was able to 'sort it out' playing with the tonearm collar height and a slight suspension adjustment to ensure the tonearm did not hit the lid and was parallel. FWIW there is not cueing adjustment in the Krane, which I think is a critical design flaw since not all cartridges have the same height.
  19. IMHO to upgrade a 4 channel active AV5125 will require you to move to an active C4200 amp, an active C6100 will not cut it.
  20. I replaced my Linn Blacks with BJ LC-1s and my only complaint is that I bought them a tad shorter than what I really needed. Better than blacks though and easier to remove. They won't pry off the RCA jack from your amp!!!
  21. No, will try that as soon as I get my hands back on the turntable.
  22. If the solution is to rotate the cueing assembly it will be cosmetically unacceptable to the customer. As far as I could see there is no adjustment on this other than to replace the entire assembly.
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