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  1. Thanks again folks bencat - thanks for links, I am aware of the Icons, the TT and the Croft on eBay - the Icons and TT (I understand) are under powered for 63’’s until you get up to the 60’s and higher and the Croft needs a revalve and it looks significantly over priced (it’s been on sale for 6 months). I had a 35W EL84 Kora Jupiter which didn’t do as well with the 63’s as my Vincent hybrid (Kora was brilliant on Martin Logan’s) and that was with a sub taking the load <80hz in a smallish room which kinda backs up the need for a tad more grunt. The Beard, I hadn’t noticed will investigate that one. Mike B - The OTL idea is a really interesting one (there is also a Croft OTL on eBay) but, I’m paranoid about a loud bang at some point with 63’s! Andrew, I know from your previous comments you much prefer the SS Unico DM over tubes so it’s hard for me to make a good argument for lower watt valves - lovely though the triode 25 is. Audio Al - Quad II on the list - finding a nice pair locally is tough. I believe the 63’s are very different and a tougher load than 57’s I think I need either a SS power amp with valve pre or a higher powered (60W+) all valve setup.
  2. Last bump on my so far fruitless search for reasonably priced, used tubed pre/power/integrated solution… I have about 20 different saved searches on eBay based on recommendations here as well as scouring the wam and pink fish daily - might just need to pay inflated dealer prices in the end
  3. Suggest tubes all the way for Proac 2.5’s No experience on new models but the Puresound A30 did a great job on a budget. Lumley M150 monbolocks were just superb and best match. Unison Research hybrid also v.nice.
  4. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Esoteric-Audio-Research-speakers-Tim-De-Paravicini-Ear-Primary-Drive-Audiophile-/265190241628?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286
  5. Still looking for reasonably powerful valve amp, capable of handling Quad ESL63 in a small room, <95db volumes and budget £1.5k max. Can be tubes integrated, power or even a valve pre/SS power combo.
  6. Thanks for recommendations, still on the look out
  7. thanks for replys, the Icon 40 is nice but i think will be underpowered - that is an assumption this because, I had a Kora Jupiter EL84 power amp at around 35W and it struggled on the 63’s (even though it was fabulous and the best option on my previous Martin Logan panels - go figure?) The primaluna premium was very much on my list but yes, I was put off by the earlier negative synergy comment. Seems illogical. I am driving with a hybrid (Vincent 237mk) and they sound really great but as ever looking for more. the TT unisis is very interesting, again unsure if I need just a tad more power, although I do have a sub for <80Hz so the burden on the 63’s is lower. Marthas Dad - Did you try the unisis with the 63’s?
  8. Long story since last update, a couple of near misses but still no valve amp in place for the Quad 63’s Anyone looking to move something suitable along? Open to pre/power options too, cheers
  9. Interesting idea using a preamp rather than power. I sort of have that with the hybrid Vincent SV237MK integrated and had considered tube rolling but it does already have a very nice Genelex Gold Lion 12AX7 in situ. On the ebay Croft 4S I’d need to revalve completely as well as buying a pre so don’t think that combo is particularly good value. Much to ponder.
  10. Thanks all, but Beard P100 already sold Doing my research on the other options
  11. Thanks Macvisual, did you have it hooked up to Quads? wondering if 40W is enough for 63’s
  12. The Beard looks very nice but too far to collect from central scotland, thanks Bencat
  13. Using high pass filter on my SVS subwoofer - cheap and cheerful but works brilliantly.
  14. The 509 or the Macintosh would be really great, but far outside budget methinks. On the Croft 7R, looking to go all valve as running a hybrid already. Anyone looking move on a nice valve integrated or power amp? Budget around £1500, cheers
  15. Agree ref small room limits - but it’s all I’ve got and still sounds amazing (to my ears) in a near field and (near) equilateral triangle conguration. Single sub required due to required placement near centre of my room, if sub located beside Quads (ala gradient) or I run them full range = bass boom (due to room issue) I have a hybrid integrated now, my Vincent 237MK works fabulously well but as always looking for more!
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