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  1. My apologies to Technics owners! @g8ina tried to send pm but not working, is your inbox full?
  2. Thanks for messages on thread and by PM, not familiar with most models suggested so will do a bit of research and respond. Are the Technics TT designed more for DJ’s than HIFI?
  3. As per 2 channel thread, looking for a nice, used TT - the more complete the better as a newcomer to the vinyl and analogue world - not ready for a project! I hear good things about Ariston RD80 or RD11, Thorens TD160, Rega 3 or anything of similar vintage and quality. Cosmetic appearance not a concern.... sound quality and not having to do much work to it much higher priority. Budget around £300, a bit more for something nice. Located in central Scotland, happy to pay and arrange insured courier. Cheers
  4. Thanks again for all the great tips I was good to go on the Rd80 from @Lurch but alas his TT is busted - so something along lines of a low price RD80, Thorens 160 or Rega 3 seem best best - the search continues!
  5. My neighbour has an old but operational Pioneer PL512 TT with a newish but cheap stock stylus I can borrow. My Arcam AVR600 also has an MM phono stage and I can pass the analogue straight out to my Vincent stereo amp and to the Quad ESL63’s. Would this setup be good enough to give a reasonable idea of whether analogue is for me? Then I can buy something proper as recommended here and start the inevitable upgrade journey or do I need to get at least Lurch’s suggested setup or a Rega P3 standard TT to get a realistic idea of what analogue / vinyl v my SBT really sounds like?
  6. Really appreciate all the input....I'm equally dreading it - a good mate started with a £700 TT+Cart and now has a rather beautiful £7k TT+Cart and a bucket load of new vinyl But I do have a loft full of old vinyl already, so what can you do...
  7. @Lurch PM incoming How much would a decent cart cost for this one?
  8. thanks for recommendations, could find another £100 in budget for something nice
  9. Going to delve into the world of analogue as a wee experiment. Any recommendations for used turntable around £2-300 ish? Not worried about cosmetics, good sound quality the only factor and looking at used kit for better value. I have a nice Vincent hybrid amp and Quad ESL63 speakers but amp has no phono stage, so need that too - at hopefully not too much additional cost.
  10. Thanks for all the great suggestions. I had previously moved the D38’s around extensively, including to exactly where my previous big Proacs had been (floor marks still there - I know!), tried all sorts of position and toe in combos from straight to crossed over in front of listening position - so had basically ruled position out. But I gave positioning one last attempt last night and after 3+ hours, voila! everything came beautifully together by moving both speakers further into the room than I had ever tried before (a mere 4” further!) and precisely setting both speakers the same distance from side/rear wall and matching slight toe in within a near equilateral triangle. I‘ll check again it wasn’t just my ears getting accustomed after 3 hours (or my desperation to hear an improvement!) rather than the actual position change but feeling very confident as change for the better was so immediately obvious. Thats not to say I won’t also splurge on tubes at some future point!
  11. Looking for amplification advice for my newly acquired Proac D38 floorstanders. Current class A hybrid amp bought for Quad 63’s is really amazing all round in that combo but despite the superb bass control the hybrid brings to the Proac it is ever so slightly zingy/bright top end. I am now leaning toward tubes to bring a wee bit more warmth to the tweeter. Happy to biamp to avoid losing all important grip on the bass so hopefully that can open up options on low power tubes, even SET. The other option could be an all tube preamp and keep the hybrid in place driving both woofers and tweeters. The Proacs (surprisingly) are fairly sensitive at 91db and an easy load. Any thoughts or advice? cheers
  12. Thanks, I have been looking at that one.. I was also looking at the Audio Innovations 500 that was in classifieds too (I might also be able to get an old AI 800 locally = not sure if the 800 is a better match v 500 or not?)
  13. Is £900 price about right, seems a wee bit high based on other vintage Croft sales? Any other thoughts on valve based options around £1-£2k used?
  14. Thanks everyone, the Dali Katch sounds promising as well as the smaller Sonos. Any love for the Bose soundlink mini 2?
  15. Does such a thing exist that is decent quality? I know single speakers are available but looking for a stereo pair for the summer house that I dont need to run mains cable to and stream to from my phone cheers