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  1. Have a red with little use that I’ll post for £30.
  2. Hello.. Read this thread with interest as I've just jumped through exactly the same hoops myself. I was looking at some of the cars with lower co2 engines to save on benefit in kind company car tax. Changed my mind though due to the journeys I do and the need for comfort ! at the moment my Honda accord saloon is nearly 4 years old and costs me £185 a month in tax. another issue I had in replacing it was that my company has just given me a retail price of £26,000, regardless of lease value. i looked at the 140ps Passat estate which would give me a reduced tax bill of £172 a month. I quite fancied the auto but the 140dsg would wallop the tax to £215/month and the 170(although it's out of my retail price budget, but would be reasonably good on monthly lease), would cost a whopping £234/month. In the end I have ordered a BMW 316i Tourer, which will cost me £181/ month - so prettying what paying at present. Mind you a big attraction was adding the Harman Kardon sound system ( along with lumbar support and bleeping bumpers). DAB is standard as well. would recommend the Comcar website to give you an accurate look at the tax implications, and it's pretty up to date with prices and extras.
  3. Just my two penny worth. I bought an x100 just over a year ago on a complete impulse whilst visiting a camera shop when I was killing time for a business meeting. Ok, it cost me a grand .. But it was the best investment I've ever made . I love it. For years I had a few DSLR's (Nikon) and whilst occasionally got great results, it was always a total fluke because I had no real idea of what I was doing. With the X100 you can see in the view finder what you are going to get, and not only that the adjusting of variables is so intuitive that I've learnt so much more about photography over the last year... And the results are so often just great. Super sharp lense and brilliant operation. Ok it does have its limitations ( fixed lense ), but I don't care. Just my thoughts.
  4. Was idly reading through for some ideasx over gigs etc ( great input from people!), and stumbled across this post . I was at the same gig in April , and like Andrew have seen Tinariwen a few times before. What an odd night. Poor buggers were missing the lead singer / songwriter/ poet as well as their main guitarist. From what I could find out later they were stuck in refugee camps in Mali , although I suspect something more pro-active involvement. Hopefully they will be back to full strength sometime, and if they are - give them a try . Simply wonderful.
  5. Honda ugly? Christ, I'll have to import some taste. Its a car.. I can drive for 3 hours without back ache. I dunno... Its an 8 month old Accord... looks nice to me. I've often wondered if we swapped the badges around, what would you feel then?
  6. SteveW

    Vaccum Tubes

    If I might... and as one who- 1) has heard Stuart's Plinius Amps at Scalford and been blown away by them (and those proac's) and 2) about to embark on a wholescale system overhaul Can I ask the same question originally posted, with an addition - Why go the valve route then? cheers Steve
  7. SteveW

    Newbie Intro's

    Hello.. Steve here. Came to Scalford. Met a load of really nice people, and heard some outstanding kit. Already knew one or two from AOS, and hugely impressed by others I met there, so thought I'd sign on the dotted line Thanks !