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  1. It is still available Gents. Please DM me. Tell me please in PRIVATE MESSAGE if you can collect it, or need help with delivery. Cheers
  2. Hi Ladies and Gents, I am selling this beautiful monster integrated to someone who appreciates these type of vintage integrated amplifiers like this one. The AM-73 only slightly differs from the M-93 which was the top model. This has only MM RIAA input meanwhile the M-93 has MC input as well. This model went to market between 1989 and 1989. AKAI didn't go crazy on remote controls, as they didn't provided RC to any top models for some reason. So yeah, you have to jump up from sofa sometimes. Modern digital sources have volume control so, I think it isn't a big deal these days. Mine is near mint and works perfectly. You have to use magnifier to find surface issues. As I said, no visible issues. Well preserved beauty. It has not been repaired or tweaked, it looks original. You not gonna find one more in this condition. I can demonstrate with vinyl records or digital source. It sounds amazing through the whole frequency but if I have to highlight few things, those would be the abyss deep bass which is very tight and well controlled, also have very good instrument separation. The quality of the Moving Magnet phono stage is exceptional. Once you heard it, will buy it for sure. I would like to preserve the cosmetic condition of the amp as it is, therefor it is a pick up only, or I can/will deliver it to the buyer after purchase. Delivery cost £1/mile. Will deliver it 20 miles radius of Nottingham. PRICE: £290 SOLD NOW!!! SOLD NOW!!! SOLD NOW!!!
  3. Hi, I was advertising mine here earlier this year. I have got only low ball offers so I kept it. Mine is a PMA 2000 IVR champagne immaculate. Fantastic sound and built quality. I am located in Nottingham.
  4. Let's have a weekend bump. I have managed to get a suitable box for postage/courier, however I would like to sell someone with the "collect in person" option if possible. I will consider reasonable offers for sure. I am able to deliver in 30 miles range for petrol cost to serious buyer. Have a nice weekend everyone!
  5. Currently... Usher Mini-X Diamond / Infinity Modulus with original stands and 2 pieces of Infinity SSW-10 servo controlled sub woofers with the Graphite drivers. I love both
  6. Ladies and Gentlemen! Accepting offers now via P.M. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
  7. Hi, Selling this beauty mentioned in title. Mine is a beautiful champagne color version with matching champagne color remote control. Beautiful unmarked face plate and knobs. Just like new. Well it looks vintage, but it isn't so old. It was released in 2007 or so. This was the last and refined version of this classic look Denon top amplifier. They changed the look and color of the following successors and newer models. Built for the highest possible standard for the price. 24 kilos, 2 pieces of large transformers, gigantic puffer capacitors, etc. Has very very good MM/MC onboard phono-stage and top quality headphones output. The MC loading impedance is factory set to 100 Ohm but will have enough gain to make cartridges sing with lower recommended loading impedance. Two pairs of speaker binding posts (very handy when you have two sub woofers, like I do). Please see internal pictures, details and specifications on internet. Few people/owners on internet measured the power output of this amplifier and they all saying that "it is capable delivering much more than the official data sheet says". EDIT: I forgot to mention, it has all the official warranty seals around the chassis, so they prove the amp was not opened/repaired ever. I do not have original box, so this sale is PICK UP ONLY. At least I can demonstrate and prove everything works. Price is 849 GBP Location: Nottingham, Beeston (very close to A52 junction, so you do not have to drive in the city)
  8. I have sent a PM Sir! Cheers
  9. I had this in my system (mine was full black), and to be honest this was the best phono stage I have tried so far sub £1000. The battery last so long, you don't have to even think about it. Very versatile, very detailed, fast and sophisticated sound signature. Actually the sound signature isn't a good word, because it is so neutral, don't have own character at all. The only reason I had to sell, I have had temporary hearing loss due to an illness. Good luck with the sale!
  10. Hello Wammers, I am looking for an Infinity servo controlled active subwoofer with the IMG woofer fitted. So, basically a subwoofer before the Harman Era started. Like the SSW 10 or Infinitesimal, the best would be the Modulus 12 inches servo sub or something similar IMG. If you have IMG servo subwoofer or you know someone who wants to sell it, please message me. And finally it must work. Cosmetically does not really matter the state of it as long as the woofer is intact/not dented and works. Have nice day!
  11. Yes I can agree with few people here, little bit "in to your face". I do not like stealth or "walking on toes" sound. If I should describe the sound character with one word, that is could be the "exciting". And that what I was looking for. I do not wanna be bored or to sleep during the music. Micro and macro dynamics are exceptional and it can deliver enormous dynamic even if the volume turned off to the quiet area. So If you are listening for example film music (as I do a lot), and time past 8.00PM and you turn down the volume because of the neighbors and family members the sound still gonna be dramatic and full of life, and dynamic, and all details are still there, and so on. For me these tiny things are very very important. You have mentioned Rotel power amp earlier. I got RC/RB971 combo some time ago, and they are pretty good, but Esoteric is a different league therefore. As I said earlier this is all about TASTE. This amp is not for everyone. Just few more words about phono weakness: I got several phono stages, and the cheapest one is a Graham Slee Gramamp 1. This worth in used condition around £40-50 (£140new) and this cheap phono easily over performed the Esoteric`s on board phono. So, I been surprised how poor this inbuilt phono considered the new price of the AI-10.
  12. Well, I am using the inbuilt DAC of the Esoteric with the SB Touch but I have to say there is not too much sound quality increase compare to the analog output of the SBT. It is because the digit output of the SBT is weak, not designated well. So the Esoteric onboard DAC can not shows the level of the real knowledge at the moment. So, the next step gonna be a good transport(media player) and then I can tell you more about it. All I know, I like the sound of the amp. It is a bit agressive so If you prefer laid back sound probably not yours. Of course it can be romantic enough if needed, but it is rather "precise and go a head" in the good way. I hate slow, laid back sound. I prefer when the music flowing, drifting when needed. I felt the Tact a bit loudness filled, bass oriented (in my system) and the Esoteric more exact and still has controlled and huge amount of bass but without overdosed feeling. Of course you can find better out there, but I think it is much more TASTE question than better or worse. One more thing. It will need a good power source. Very sensitive in the IN POWER (just like other class-Ds)
  13. I have one since April. I love it. There is a good review on 6moons Accuphase vs Esoteric. I got Tact before this Esoteric AI-10, and I prefer the Esoteric sound. No colorisation, but not clinically dry BTW. The on board phono weak(People may expect better in this price range), but everything else good for price. If you have a chance to try one, do not hesitate! Ati
  14. I am going on Sunday! I got my e-ticket. I have been last year, and was fantastic. Live piano music in lobby area, nice hotel, free car park, roast pig in the garden, good atmosphere in rooms, etc.
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