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  1. Wait till it’s had a months burn in totally different animal.
  2. Hi Rich, I'm a big fan of TCI cables and the cobra would have matched my TCI speaker cables. Sorry but the Bryson doesn't appeal to me, but thanks for the offer. If anyone else has a set of cables I'm still looking.
  3. Hi Russell, if Rich doesn't want the TCI Cobra, please give me next option to buy. Been wanting to try balanced mode with my Denafrips.
  4. I would be stunned if the Venus was much better than Ares at over twice the price. Diminishing returns could kick in by what I'm hearing from the Ares. Your only paying about 10% for uk dealer peace of mind.
  5. Sorry guys, I thought it clashed, I'm up at the photo show in Birmingham that weekend. If anyone would like to hear it and don't mind a drive I'm in Cwmbran S Wales. Good start to the six nations
  6. Oh Nigel you tempter Never been to Kegworth and have been meaning to go for years, I also have a number of friends from Lenco Heaven going along. Will have to look at the logistics and get back to you. Thanks for the very kind offer mate.
  7. No duty, the dac ships to Germany and then on to U.K. So for the last two weeks I have been trying to get an Allo Digione Signature up and running with this dac . It's been a close run thing between the bin or the hammer. Today I finally got software to work MoOde player....Bloody Hell! This combination does everything it did before but with more of everything, soundstage width and depth has increased and foot tapping has turned to dancing May have to change my name to 'The VERY Happy Bunny'
  8. Just the USB implementation. My mate called round today and was muttering about his bank balance we played a selection of tracks we have listened to for years and he kept saying "where did that come from,I've never heard that before". Nick Cave,Red right hand blew him away. By the way it's definitely still burning in and improving.
  9. I own up, it was me that mentioned to Nigel that I've just purchased an Ares ii. Am I pleased Oh yes! The internet buzz was not for nothing. It replaced my Jolida dac. On first switching on it was. Just a little better, better bass extension, better treble and slightly more image depth but narrower image width. So an improvement but not earth shattering. I was warned it needed a 100 hour burn in and it would continue to improve for a further 200 hours. This from Alvin at Vinshine Audio whom i purchased it from, a very nice chap who replied to all my questions very promptly. Now after a weeks burn in the dac has transformed, bass no BASS. It has introduced itself to my 15" bass drivers and they are having so much fun together it's ridiculous. I run open baffle speakers and purchased a second pair of bass units to do a rebuild, I don't know if they're needed now. Imaging has opened up in width as well as depth, it's the depth that surprises me, never had it in digital replay. Last but not least that intangible that makes a product stand out but is hard putting into words. Track after track is being presented in a way that I've not heard before. The jaw dropping moment was when I played Simon and Garfunkel 'Scarborough Fair' been loving this for over thirty years, well I wasn't prepared for the incredible separation of their voices, the harmonics between them both brought a tear to my eye. If your thinking of buying one they come delivered to uk for £700 ( mine was £682, slight variations due to Singapore dollar exchange rate. I believe waiting time is now 8 weeks. Im so impressed that my eyes are now wandering to the other Chinese product that's taking the internet by storm (I want one just for the name) a Kinki Studios M1 integrated amp that's 2k and killing anything below 5k. Life isn't fair, Kinki is the designers wife's name, I would never tire of asking her what would make her happy 😄
  10. Having been contacted by one member 12 times by pm concerning this system and doing my best to be helpful, honest and polite I fear my patience is at an end. Please only serious buyers and all further questions within this post.
  11. Hi Pete, Sorry but I want to sell it as a top performer.
  12. End of year SALE! £450 plus postage before I throw them in the Bay.
  13. Christmas price drop £465 plus postage
  14. Yes a total pain in the a**. What lovely connectors to work with I feel your pain.
  15. Sorry to disagree Lawrence, the cable was constructed by myself to further improve these awesome phones. Cardas cable. Still available.