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  1. Chord Mojo... Fell for the hype even though I'd been on the DAC merry-go-round before. A/B testing against my DacMagic 100. I thought the Mojo sounded warmer and punchier than the DacMagic. I then realised I'd got my inputs mixed up. I was actually listening to he DacMagic when I thought I was listening to the Mojo, and vice versa. When I realised this, I couldn't tell a sausage of difference between the two. I found it funny that I had first thought the Mojo sounded warmer and punchier, as this was exactly how it was described on forums. Also, the DacMagic I'd always read was 'cold' sounding. Load of shite. They both sound the same! Power of suggestion, eh!
  2. I had a pair of Lalis running off a Luxman class A amp. Such a wonderful sound. Unfortunately I had to let them go due to their size. Can only imagine how good the H2s must be! Enjoy!
  3. One of the reasons I moved away from vinyl (apart from the price of new records) was due to the inconsistencies in quality. Some records sounded great, whilst others sounded so dead and lifeless. Also, surface noise got on my tits as well (cue John Peel quote). Some of the worst digital copies I have don't sound great and can be a struggle to listen to, mainly due to over compression/loudness, but none are as bad as bad vinyl! Still really miss owning the physical copies of albums and the process of putting a record on, but in the end it (vinyl) just had too many issues for me. BTW, I've yet to hear a bad Steven Wilson remaster. The guy is talented!
  4. Silly money! Someone should snap these up.
  5. Thanks for the kind words guys. Jake, I actually went for these in the first place due to the ARTs that I heard over at your place. Were they Emotions? Can't remember. Hope you are well mate! Norm, I've sent you a PM. SOLD STP
  6. Pictures added. Final price reduction £600 + P&P.
  7. I've had these for a few months and they've been great! They are a great speaker for smaller rooms. They sound very similar to Totem Arro speakers. You won't find any information on the speakers anywhere (I've tried!). I picked these up from a guy on eBay. He told me he had bought them when he lived up by the Art factory. Apparently they were circa £1000, which seems about right for the quality of them. Lots of great words to be read about Art loudspeakers, so you know these will be quality. I'm now looking at buying speakers with grilles, as my daughter has started taking a liking to the drivers on these (don't worry, they are undamaged). I bought them for a bargain price of £160 collected. Which was a ridiculous price for them. I don't have the original boxes for them, but will be able to buy/obtain suitable packaging for them. They will be packed very well. Condition is good, but with the odd ding here and there. Nothing that really detracts from them, IMHO. I'm asking for £220 including insured P&P. Price is firm. I really mean it when I say this is a bargain. The sound quality is definitely on par with Totem Arros (which I've owned twice).
  8. The Smyth Realiser was easily the most impressive piece of audio equipment at CanJam London. I kid you not, I could not tell the difference between the speakers or the headphones. I only had a demo of it for home cinema, not 2ch, but it was incredible. I will definitely be purchasing one in the future.
  9. ThELiZ

    SALE Chord Mojo

    For sale is my Chord Mojo. Comes with all original accessories and box. Excellent condition. £320 inc P&P
  10. Once again I'm selling up and moving on from hifi (been said before). I just can't justify having the equipment when my listening environment just doesn't make the use of it. Selling my Heed Obelisk Si mk2 amplifier with Dactil 1.2 card. The dac accepts coax only. Unit is black. Comes with all original packaging and remote. It's in excellent condition with no marks worth mentioning. Looking for offers around £700 + P&P.
  11. Are these the 2016 version? You can easily tell as the box is white. Thanks
  12. ThELiZ

    KEF Reference

    That's on the model 2 and up, I believe. The model 1 does not have 2 bass drivers or the rod. In my opinion, if you have the room (they aren't small even though they are the smallest model in the range) they are incredible value for money. Offer a smooth, punchy sound that's always pleasing and never offensive. Bass can sometimes seem a bit loose, but for the money there is nothing to complain about.