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  1. A happy Soncoz SGD1 owner here as it provides me with a useful set of functionality and has improved my setup. I am using the following inputs; Optical input for Meridian 200 CD transport, replacing a Meridian 203 DAC Bluetooth, using aptX HD, from laptop or mobile phone USB input from Macbook Pro Squeezebox touch via coax input Recently, using the Coax output to a miniDSP DDRC-24 Also, it has balanced outputs which is a nice option for future changes that may take place in the system. It has a number of filter options, but for me they do not make a discernible difference. The sound quality has improved with a deeper soundstage and to me overall the system is more musical (analog?) than it was. Plus, I have the additional functionality which allows me to play music from different sources. Since adding the SGD1 to the system I now find myself playing CD's more often than I used to do. Sorry, I cannot add anything to the discussion re. Denafripps as I have yet to hear one. Pleased I took the plunge and bought one, which tbh, was supported by the information from ASR. (On that note goes and hides under the settee)
  2. Hi Dean, not sure that my PM's are getting through ok. Can you let me know if you have received the BT ok and have my address details? Many thanks Chris
  3. Bohemian, can imagine you have had a very stressful time but sounds like they have ruled out a lot of potential big problems. Hope the treatment does the trick and sorts out the problem asap.
  4. Hi, I would like the following if still available. Emerson Lake & Palmer - Works (gf, D,)(VG+/M-) £8.50 Led Zeppelin - III (gf, No rotating Wheel, A7/B4 Matrix)(VG+/Ex)£16 Steeleye Span - Adam Catched Eve (Ex/M-) £5 Steeleye Span - Original Masters (D, gf)(VG+/Ex) £5 Many thanks Chris
  5. Bump, before I put it up for sale elsewhere.
  6. Sat in my collection and not played for ages and I had forgotten how good this album is REO Speedwagon - High Infidelity
  7. My comment was a tad tongue in cheek and I do enjoy listening to both Cohen and Waits. My OH was not so keen on either this morning, hence the Renaissance choice. Not so sure about Mozzer - but glad you are enjoying the box set. Wish I had seen him perform live - can imagine it was a great evening.
  8. Apparently Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits are to miserable for New Years day so on with Renaissance - A Song for All Seasons
  9. Guess you are planning to skip 2021, which may be a great idea ATB everyone and thanks for making this my go to forum. Hope you, family and friends have a safe one.
  10. chrisph

    MiniDSP DDRC24

    @MartinC Hi Martin, thanks for the observation re. location but I have no intention of buying, irrespective of location, as I bought one earlier in the year from Wammer Ed Howarth. The seller may have described the item accurately and it is a DDRC-24 and not a 2x4HD and in that case there should be no problem with regard to the Dirac software. I was just commenting on the OP as my understanding was there is a software fee of $200 to upgrade a 2x4HD to DDRC-24. I just did not want anyone from the forum to get caught out by having to pay any extra monies above the auction cost. ATB Chris
  11. chrisph

    MiniDSP DDRC24

    I thought that would be the case but there is very little supporting text in the advert so it is something I would check on with the seller just to be on the safe side.
  12. chrisph

    MiniDSP DDRC24

    Link worked fine for me. Agreed it is a fair price assuming it includes the Dirac software.
  13. Shameless plug for sale of a DC PSU that I used with my Tecnodec.
  14. Is now in my post above. Hangs head in shame.
  15. I decided that I wanted a better DC PSU for my Tecnodec DC motor but was not willing to pay for one of the Michell HR PSU which I believe are now over £500. I am not claiming this PSU is as good as the HR PSU as I have never owned one but it fulfilled my desire to have a PSU that I felt would be better than the very basic PSU that comes as standard with the Tecnodec. So after a bit of research I got in touch with Paul at Baldwin HiFi and after specifying my requirements he modified one of his standard DC PSU’s. This has the mini XLR connector and replaces the existing PSU for easy plug in. There is a Vernier control to tweak the voltage so you can make any necessary speed adjustments. I found some notes that I made when I purchased it that showed the output voltage range could be adjusted by the vernier from 8.94v through the 9.34 volts that my TT PSU motor was set to, up to 9.96v. Purchased in Feb 2018. I no longer own the Tecnodec so looking to move this on Visually I would say 9/10. Slight mark on top left corner of front panel and small mark on the body of the case. The following information is taken from the web site: "Baldwin HiFi PSU30VATT Turntable Vernier DC PSU 30W Output variable DC Voltage low noise PSU. Designed to drive Turntable DC Motors (any Brand) - the unit shown is specifically built for a Michell Tecnodec turntable Where the 33RPM needs a specific 9.34VDC. The Vernier control allows VERY fine Speed Control. This Unit has AC filtering on the front end helping to cut out mains interference. Output Current Limitations: 5V = 2 Amps, 12V = 1.5 Amps, 15V = 1.2 Amps, 24V = 1 Amps External dimensions: 102mm (4 1/8") wide x 50mm (2") High x 189mm (7 1/2") deep. Price: £169.00 + £5.80 Postage in the UK - £12.00 to Europe" PRICE: £90 including P&P to UK mainland address.