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  1. That is a nice solution to stopping the vinyl slipping towards the back of the box. I will have to give that a try.
  2. Listening to a number of her albums this afternoon on Spotify. Also, reading up about her on Wikipedia - lots of albums and six marriages - a very talented and busy lady indeed.
  3. I met Joolz via one of Lurch's bake offs and it was a pleasure chatting with him. Very sad news indeed.
  4. Glad to get my babies home and back in situ after the visit to @Lurch and then onto @Speedracer for a test run. They had a good work out with various amps and they coped well with whatever was driving them.
  5. Adding my thanks to John and all those at the bake off for making it a successful day. As always it was good fun catching up with folks and finding out what they have been up to with their systems, listening to some different music and listening to the results of swapping kit around. And of course cannot forget the chip and fish finger banquet :) Glad the Posselt's were up to the job and hopefully still there when I go to pick them up later this week.
  6. A nice pair of Mission M73i's floor standers. Suitable for a second system, home cinema or perhaps for someone putting together a modest budget system. Price: £40 (ebay listings are asking for £120 but sold listing show these going for around the £75 mark) Collection from Portsmouth PO8 area Visual condition: 8/10. Some wear/lifting of veneer on the bottom edges and have tried to show this in the photos. Cones all fine and no damage. Size: 85(h)x20(w)x30(d) cms Power rating: 25-100W 8 ohm
  7. Good spot Martin and I must update my Signature accordingly. I have recently connected it into the system. The mini DSP optical input is being used for the CD player and the RCA input for the TT phonostage. All is working well and I am enjoying the system sound. Considering the purchase of a miniDSP SHD in the future to add streaming to replace the SBT and the Spotty app. Will keep a look out for one at a good price.
  8. chrisph


    My XTZ A 100 D3 was no lightweight at 22kg. This became too cumbersome to manhandle so now have a couple of featherweight XTZ Edge A2-300 at 2.3kg each.
  9. The purchase of an Alphason Soundstyle ST105 from the "fishie" forum plus some of IKEA's finest furniture has allowed me to revise the room layout. IMO the square profile of the ST105 goes very well with the IKEA units. Now I have easy access to the rear of many of the components, much quicker to make changes when I want to swap things around.
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