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  1. Last year I looked into changing my Power Inspired AG500 to one of their alternative units which was on a deal. I contacted them to discuss whether the item from the VIS series was a suitable upgrade and was informed it was not as "The only time it will produce a suitable output is when it is operating on backup. " The VFI series of kit may operate differently. The email support when I made my inquiry last year was very good, so I would recommend getting in touch with them to make sure it does what you want.
  2. The new room should have a bit more space provided I can resist a few of the current suggestions for what else should be in the room. This week I picked up a Nord preamp and Ncore amp - Audiophonics MPA-S250NC balanced power amp_and have been very impressed with the SQ. Is it a better sound than the Cyber Consonance valve amp? Not sure about that yet but either way the SQ is more than acceptable.
  3. Well after much planning and long distance travel across the UK by Nigel (TheFlash) and Jack(NoSmokingMan), with a temporary stop off at Tim's(Spider), the Posselts purchased from Ian (sidsmut), arrived safely here on the south coast. I am very grateful for all the efforts put in by so many people to get them safely to my door. Jack brought them around on Monday morning and even though I knew they were tall I was taken aback by how tall they were in the flesh when stood up in my listening room. But they do look lovely. So, after a cup of coffee and chat with Jack we got down to hooking the speakers up to my SET valve amp, a Consonance Signature Cyber 10. First off I played sa CD from Macey Gray and then after a few tracks swapped over to some vinyl - Gregory Porter with Liquid Spirit. An early reaction from Jack was how clear the mid range sounded. Gregory did indeed sound very clear and so did all the musicians around him. A most enjoyable initial experience. Looking forward to spending more time with them and enjoying what they can do. As yet have not spent much time playing with position as they may end up in another room - when I get round to finish decorating, but have attached a picture of them with some very lonely AE2's that are wondering what will happen to them. And on the plus side my OH likes them.
  4. As per title - wondered if anyone has one they want to move on. There is one on gumtree but prefer to buy through here if possible.
  5. I have had great support from Anthony Gallo Acoustics and Acoustic Energy, even though I had purchased the speakers through the Wam and not directly from their company.
  6. Enjoyed my time with one of these amps. Great sound and lots of useful inputs for a one box solution. GLWS.
  7. Hi, I had Tecnodec Ser. no. 007, so presumably very early, and that had a DC motor. Chris
  8. I had a Mazda Rx8 but I passed that on to my son, so sadly not now. It was the most fun car I have ever owned. You have an interest in rotary engined cars?
  9. Just noticed the replies to this thread. I forgot to follow the topic! Unfortunately will not be making it to John's bakeoff so I shall put it to one side for Robin.
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