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  1. Struggle to get on with Radiohead, Level 42, and UB40. Keep returning to them now and then but still not feeling the love for them.
  2. Two deliveries today for playtime later. A Zavfino Mahone Phono Cable and a Soncoz SGD1 DAC, courtesy of Keith at Purite Audio
  3. Very impressive kit list. I see the ad recommends allow an additional £1k for set up by PMC, so if anyone bids don't forget to take that into account.
  4. Inspired by notaclue from the Awesome Youtube thread some new stuff for me. P.G Six And Spotify then recommended Espers
  5. Not someone I can recall ever hearing of before. Very enjoyable sound so now listening to one of his albums on Spotify: "Slightly Sorry". Any Album recommendations?
  6. I may be able to help and have sent you a PM.
  7. What are you building, he says nosily
  8. Happy birthday Bazzer. Hope you have a splendid birthday and enjoy your bottle of wine.
  9. Lots of new toys John. Looking forward to hearing some of these at a future BO.
  10. Lovely craftmanship. Is it a 7inch or 12inch?
  11. At long last they have arrived, several days short of a year from when I placed my pre-order. Earphones, charging cable and analogue cable, plus different size ear tips all attractively boxed and it was almost a shame to spoil the presentation by removing said items. Having waited so long to try them out I soon got over that thought and started setting them up. To do this requires the use of an App to personalise the sound. Now this is where it got a little frustrating. After several attempts it failed to complete the process and I was a little disappointed, to say the least. Then things got worse as it was then not possible to connect the phones, via Bluetooth, to the App! So, a little bit of googling and hunting around on the Nura web site I discovered there was a problem with the App, preventing some Android users from being able to connect to Nura devices. There was a notice that they would be releasing a new version at 3.00am Australian Eastern Time. So some poor developer(s) were working long hours to get the problem resolved. Eventually I was able to get a copy of the new version of the App and complete the setting up. Now, six hours after they were delivered I am able to listen some music and Gregory Porter is now helping me to calm down. First impressions are very positive.
  12. Does this mean you are going to be getting a certain item soon?
  13. Despite having saved a few quid during this lockdown; no petrol, coffees eating out etc.. I decided to forego the physical copy and have gone for the digital option, which is downloading as I type. Excellent deal, many thanks for posting.
  14. Glad I didn't get involved in ordering that DAC and I think I know the one you mean. Last time I looked at that thread folks were getting annoyed with the lack of communication. In my case Nura were very good in that respect.
  15. chrisph

    Gorg AE2's

    Here you go. I am not disappointed with how they look really but those on eBay do look very lush.