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  1. Bargain 10p CD from local charity shop.
  2. Time for a little bump and time to reserve them to go on the Wam taxi from Chichester in Feb
  3. Can imagine that took quite a few hours to track down the cause and then a long time to calm down again.
  4. It certainly is a solidly built piece of kit, just like their Integrated A-100D3 amp. Very pleased with the quality of sound, very detailed and at the same time musical.
  5. Rocking along with David Bowie - Never Let Me Down. CD
  6. There are many ways of wasting time on this hobby and I found another one yesterday. Whilst re-arranging my setup a month or so whilst moving my Meridian DAC I heard a rattle from within. I had visions of a loose washer or similar rattling about, so, I put the DAC to one side for further investigation. Yesterday I took it apart to try and determine what was causing the noise. Nothing showed itself to be lying loose inside which was good. Then I discovered that one of the two clips, which hold the extruded body halves together, was loose and moved around when partially assembled. So, reassured that there was nothing lying loose inside that would cause havoc I reassembled the DAC, having decided I could live with that being the cause of the noise. Only when completely re-assembled did I realise the noise was coming from the other end of the unit! Doh! So, opened up the DAC again, but still nothing obvious. Then on closer listening I deduced it was coming from the fuse holder on the rear - the spare fuse was rattling! I have removed both fuses and the DAC is now quiet as a mouse. (Not really) So, what wild goose chases have you had as a result of this hobby? Also, thought this might take your minds of some other DAC thread.
  7. Recently acquired an XTZ CD100 mk 2 player, courtesy of ebay. Collection only, but fortunately less than half hours drive and as a result had a very pleasant chat about hifi with the chap selling the kit. An unexpected bonus was he gave me a complete tray assembly for the player. I do have yet to check with XTZ whether it will fit the mk2 version as he acquired it for a mk1 player. I realised whilst taking the photo that sat above it are my XTZ amps. The Edge A2-300 were acquired separatly last year and then I jumped on the Black Friday sale for two of the A2-400's. Experimenting with the A2-300's, bi-amping my speakers, produced very good results, so I decided to give the A2-400's a try. Not disappointed with my purchase and will be putting the A2-300's up for sale shortly.
  8. By my reckoning I am missing E, F, H, K, U and W from my HiFi history. I surprised myself by how many manufacturers kit I have had in the last 12 years or so. I now see how this forum has helped me spend my money, but on the other hand it has given me a lot of pleasure. Acoustic Energy Angle Audio Anthony Gallos Arcam Audio Creative Audio Technica B&W Behringer Canton Consonance Cyrus Denon Garrard IOATAVX Jolida Logitech Meridian Michell miniDSP Mission Nagaoka Ncore Nord Nura Opera Consonance Ortofon Posselt Project Puresound Richard Allan SD Acoustic Sennheiser Sony Technics Tellurium Valab Van Damme Velvet Vortex..allowable? XTZ Yamaha Zavfino1877
  9. Location: Portsmouth Price: £480 P&P: At cost, I have the original boxes so would be well protected. Wam taxi from the South Coast is also a possibility or they could be collected from the bake off being held in Chichester on the 13th Feb A very capable combination of integrated amp and power amp. Includes MM phono stage. Bluetooth enabled AptX standard. 5 Line inputs 1 optical input. I have been using these in mono mode (bridged) which provides 180W @ 4 ohms per channel. Purchased Feb 2019 direct from supplier. SA3 replaced in Oct 20 under warranty. Installed within my second system so lightly used. Only selling as I have just bought back one of my favourite amps to go back in the system. Sale includes Remote Control, Bluetooth Adaptor and manuals. SA3 full details here https://www.iotaenterprises.co.uk/products/iotavx-audiophile-stereo-amplifier-sa3 PA3 full details here https://www.iotaenterprises.co.uk/products/iotavx-audiophile-power-amplifier Current prices on their site for refurbished versions are £349 for the SA3 and £249 for the PA3. So, based on that I think I have set my price fairly.
  10. And there must be a few Zyx cartridge owners here.
  11. Mine are a similar distance apart and I am probably 8-9 feet away from them - I shall have to get my tape measure out. Have been thinking about adding a sub so will look into this at some point. I have not moved my speakers around much as there are some physical limitations to take into account. e.g. the right hand speaker is in the direct path of the entrance to the room. I have positioned both of them forward of my deck to avoid/minimise any interaction between speaker and deck. I presume this is what others do when they are able to do so, although it is not a topic I recall being address much on the forum. Non-Smoking Man has previously recommended I try them closer to the corners of the room but it is not something I can easily do. Also, in the earlugs getting on a bit camp so difficult for me to identify subtle changes in the sound. Happily still able to enjoy the music the system is producing.
  12. What spacing between the two are you able to achieve along with listening position with your setup?
  13. @TheFlash took his black version apart so he has probably got loads of details about the crossover. Not sure how accessible everything is to do the suggested switching.
  14. @m7rso very relieved you are enjoying the speakers after your long trip to pick them up. An example of excellent commitment to the cause.
  15. One of my ten for a fiver CD charity shop buys:
  16. I wonder if using the full stop as part of the name is causing a problem. May be worth renaming the folder to see if that is the cause.
  17. And he confirmed they have been collected, but yet to be set up.
  18. I have just sent a message to see whether they have been picked up yet.
  19. Double Album. PARA396LP Cover and Vinyl in near mint condition. Price: £12 P&P £3.20 Royal Mail Second Class Tracklist A1 The Sounds Of Silence A2 April Come She Will A3 A Most Peculiar Man A4 Bleecker Street A5 Can't Help But Wonder Where I'm Bound A6 Sparrow B1 On The Side Of A Hill B2 I Am A Rock B3 A Church Is Burning B4 Anji B5 Intro B6 Sparrow/Don't Cray Lady B7 Paul On Folk Rock B8 Somewhere They Can't Find Me C1 Cloudy C2 Benedictus C3 Blessed C4 A Poem On The Underground Wall C5 I Am A Rock C6 The Sound Of Silence D1 The Boxer D2 America D3 Soug For The Asking D4 I Wish I Could Be There D5 Blessed D6 Bad News Feeling D7 Cloudy
  20. As per title. Details for each album follow below. Price: £8 each plus P&P or All five albums for £36 plus P&P. £3.20 will cover shipping of up to three or maybe four of the albums as this would be under 2kg via Royal Mail, 2nd class. If all albums purchased I would split into two bundles and ship for a total of £6.40. Collection from Portsmouth area. All have been cleaned and have a new anti-static inner sleeve. I have played a few sides, but not all of them and no problems noted. Some light scuff marks and light scratches on some of the vinyl. If any problems I will take them back. 1. Ella FitzGerald Sings – The Rodgers & Hart Songbook Verve Records – 2683 053, 2 x Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue, Mono, Gatefold Cover condition: Very good Vinyl condition: Very good 2. Ella FitzGerald Sings – The Jerome Kern & Johnny Mercer Songbooks Verve Select Double 2610 025 2 x Vinyl, LP, Compilation Cover condition: Very good Vinyl condition: Very good 3. Ella FitzGerald Sings – Duke Ellington Songbook Vol. 1 Verve Select Double – 2683 059 Mono 2 x Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue, Mono, Gatefold Cover condition: Very good Vinyl condition: Very good. 4. Ella FitzGerald Sings – The Cole Porter Songbook Verve Select Double – 2683 044 Mono 2 x Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue, Mono, Gatefold Cover condition: Very good with exception of small area on rear of album cover. Vinyl condition: Very good. 5. Ella FitzGerald Sings – The Harold Arlen Songbook Label: Verve Select Double – 2683 064 2 x Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue, Stereo, Gatefold Cover condition: Very good Vinyl condition: Very good.
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