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  1. Wogan Coffee in Bristol and online is great for beans; I like most of the high altitude-grown South American ones they do
  2. The woofer columns have a dedicated bass amp which has degree increment setting of phase, adjustment of crossover frequencies and overall bass volume, so quite a lot of facility to customise
  3. Speakers are about 6’5” high though I mounted the bass towers on outrigger spikes to get the bass tighter Some more info here:
  4. You are a perceptive observer! Yes, set up initially with laser measure then dialled in with computer-mic audio software. It was particularly the latter than emphasised the need to get the speakers away from the back wall as bass was otherwise overpowering and not quite as tight as when away from the back walls
  5. Hi - yes, there is real subtlety to the speakers, despite appearances! The Conrad Johnson 350 in the photo has been replaced by an Audio Research Ref150 which is just brilliant, and together with the speakers, does small scale and big stuff beautifully. Solo voice, flute, guitar sound as great as larger works You are quite right about the need for space with the Genesis speakers though, they are around 7 feet from the back wall Genesis do make smaller speakers that still have servo bass woofers (series V or 500s)...and they do an even larger pair...
  6. The Genesis speakers are similar to the Infinity ones. Infinity was started by Arnie Nudell and Genesis was his successor company when he moved on from Infinity The Genesis 201s are indeed very fine speakers and despite the number of drivers (!) they are all very well integrated and sound sublime These are mine
  7. Started on an AR125 which was great fun. Current bike (powered) is a BMW HP2 Sport:
  8. Now sold Thank you for your interest and messages about the amp
  9. Hi - if it doesn’t absolutely have to be Karan, I have a monster Conrad Johnson Premier 350SA for sale which is a very well regarded amp and sounds divine Let me know if you want any more info. It would need collection as it is rather heavy. I’m in Staffordshire Review: David
  10. This fantastic amp is still available, and just the thing to ease social distancing :-)
  11. Conrad Johnson 350SA is still available but will soon be on other online sales sites I can deliver to WAM2020 attendees if this helps. Let me know
  12. Amp is still available and will advertise more broadly in New Year as it is only listed here at present
  13. Thank you; it is priced to sell! You could always biamp... :-)