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  1. Cambs12

    B&W 802d

    Had two pairs in the past. 4k is a good price, and you will easily sell them on for the same if you find they don't work out for you. Personally, I think they need quite a lot of power to sound their best. I see you have a Chord integrated amp. I would take that with you when you demo them if you can, as I am not sure that would be a perfect match. Not from a power point of view, but maybe something with a slightly warmer sound may suit the 802d better. Only one point of view though, enjoy your demo!
  2. Hi Talwar. I've deleted your personal email to avoid you any possible spamming etc. There is a good personal messaging system on the forum where people can get in touch with you.
  3. @Roger T I moved your post into the Meridian owners club section , as I felt you are more likely to get a reply in here.
  4. For those who have recently purchased the Knopfler boxset, Mike Showell of Abbey Road Studios talks about this.
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