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  1. For sale £280 o.n.o Excellent, rare and serviced Sony SA-S1 Active Speaker System. Made in Japan, European market 230v models so work fine in the UK. Superbly built and sound great. A few small areas where the charcoal paint finish on the driver front baffle has scraped off as shown in the photos. Would be very easy to conceal with matching matt paint. Otherwise speakers are in excellent structural condition and are operating flawlessly. Main top and sides of the speakers in a very dark brown / mahogany polished finish which Is in great condition. Electrostatic high and mid-range driver combines with a dynamic rear reflex port loaded motion feedback mid-bass driver, all actively driven with high quality solid state amplification. Very sweet, refined and dynamic speakers, combining superb clean speed and detail from electrostatic units, neutral clear full bodied mids and genuine controlled articulate bass extension from what are moderately sized speakers. Serviced in 2016, caps replaced on amps, standard IEC power sockets fitted replacing the original figure of 8 sockets, tested and confirmed as operating as they should. Inputs are standard RCA connections to be fed by a standard preamp level output. These are an ideal high end speaker system for the latest DAC preamps if you want a genuine full range sound. Listing is for JUST the speakers with NO accessories or cables. Should ideally be used with good quality stands, which also are NOT included. Speakers are heavy and substantial and no original boxes. So these are best for collection from Balham in SW London. Can demonstrate working. Preferred payment would be by cash but would accept PayPal or bank transfer. These are part of a large private collection of high quality audio equipment I've collected over the years that I need to down-scale so keep an eye on listings....something of interest may pop up.
  2. Thanks...it is a serious high-end player...ModWright mods are extensive. Pics and location now added.
  3. Selling for £1200 or very near offer. ModWright "Signature Truth" upgraded XA1200ES multi-channel SACD player. Modwright upgrades include high end Tube Output stage, huge Tube Regulated External PS 9.0 PSU with dedicated connecting cable and numerous component upgrades. In excellent condition and full working order. Player allows for easy Tube rolling to tailor sound with preferred tubes. This is a superb and seriously high-end SACD and CD player that performs way beyond the stock player that is in itself considered a very good audiophile player in its own right. Comes with original manual and remote and with original box plus additional box for PSU. Upgrades alone cost well over £1500 I believe so a bargain at this price. Part of a big clear out of equipment I've collected over the years. Based in Balham SW London and cash on collection preferred transaction. Could courier at buyers additional cost. This is heavy and would be two boxes so insured UK mainland courier would be at least £50 I imagine. Would require cleared pre-payment in full by paypal. Pics now added.
  4. Hi. I'll add a,pick that shows the cable arrangement today. It's pretty much as you describe. These are in great near mint condition as you can see, and have the family Harbeth neutral clarity. Regards, Adil
  5. NOW SOLD Selling for £1200 o.n.o plus cost of courier if need be. Cash on collection preferred. These had a £2200+ combined price new I believe and are in close to mint condition and these as a combination very rarely become available. Superb matched pair Harbeth P3es monitors (1133A and 1133B) with the custom designed matched pair Xtender bass plinth units (0174R and 0174L). All superb condition in what I would describe as a light walnut veneer. Sound fantastic as you'd expect. Come in their original two boxes and packaging, one for the P3s and another for the Xtender bass plinths, plus a set of good quality speaker connecting cables for between the units, floor and between speaker and plinth coupling spikes and original documentation. Only cosmetic marks to note are spike marks on the bottom of the P3s which are inevitable and can't be seen when speakers are set up. These are superb transparent musical monitors, with the usual outstanding Harberh build quality and attention to detail. The Xtender units really add genuine clean fully integrated weight and body to the speed and transparency of the P3s. Reluctant sale but just have too much audio stuff I've collected over the years and need to clear space. Based in Balham in SW London. The cat doesn't come with the speakers! Will be listing other stuff as part of my clearout.
  6. Thanks for the really helpful response. I'll play tunes with the sample rates and see what my preference is. The X-01 interestingly converts DSD to PCM so all output whether red book or SACD is ultimately PCM based. it seems to work and sound great regardless. Thanks again.
  7. Apologies if these seems a stupid question but would welcome some advice. Have just got an antelope isochrone ocx master clock to pair with my Esoteric X-01 Ltd that has a word clock input. I predominantly play standard cds...am I right in thinking I should be setting the word clock at the 44.1 sample rate when playing CDs or will there be any benefit in setting to higher sample rates like 176.4 which is the maximum word clock input the X-01 will accept? And should I be switching sample rates when playing SACDs? Any sound advice or experience would be very much appreciated as there is no advice or recommendations on sample rate settings for clock input in either the Esoteric or Antelope manuals.
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