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  1. Good morning. May I ask how these speakers perform when close to a rear wall? I would have about 9cm or so. Thank you
  2. Thank you. A friend has now loaned me a Mogami one.
  3. Thank you. Problem is I've never heard of that brand. That doesn't mean it isn't good because I'm sure there are plenty of brands out there that I still haven't heard of. But it makes it difficult to take a punt on it. Cheers
  4. Hi. I'm after a 1m aes/ebu cable. Nothing too extravagant, something that had a rrp of about £200. Must be in a1 condition. Many thanks
  5. Thank you. I've read so many good things about dCS. So bloody expensive though!
  6. Sorry if I came across in the wrong way, as you can tell I'm quite passionate about the Trinnov lol. Something you said did make me rethink though. Any of the well regarded and flexible streamers cost about £1800 ie Auralic Aries G1, Lumin U1 mini, Neo Mind 2. Trade in value of my 380d might only be £1k, so £800 to change. £800 buys me the MiND 2 upgrade for the 380d and with it come Roon capability etc. Even though right now I don't need the dac in the 380d who knows what the future might bring. The 380d does have a digital output so perhaps there is an argument to spend the £800 on it and just use it as a streamer for now. I've not tested what its digital output is like but that is easily done. Thank you Thank you. Thank you. May I ask which other streamers you have heard to compare it to? Much appreciated
  7. Thanks. I have no intention of ditching the Trinnov. It's room correction is state of the art and used by commercial recording and mixing studios. I'm sure the Roon correction is good, however it requires much more work including fiddling around with REW. But most importantly it is flawed on many levels. The most important being that you can't differentiate the performance of the speaker from the effect of the room. Linn use speaker specific data and DEQX ask you to measure the speaker in the garden to get quasi anechoic measurements! Trinnov have their own patented approach. However it is done, trying to differentiate the response of the speaker from the speaker/room response is essential to get the best room correction. With the greatest respect you should look into what the Trinnov does (if interested) before you tell me to ditch it. It will cost £800 to upgrade the 380d, then the cost of the Roon core, yearly subscription etc. To my ears the dac in the 380d is no better than the one in the Trinnov. Therefore it makes more sense to me to trade in the 380d and get a streamer transport that has a slick app and Roon ready (for the future) The question is which streamer transport Thank you
  8. Thank you. I run a room correction device called a Trinnov ST2 HiFi. I will use its internal dac. At the moment I have a Simaudio 380d streaming dac. I've tried to compare its dac ability to the Trinnov and tbh can't hear any difference. So the plan is to trade the Simaudio and get a up to date streaming transport that is Roon Ready. I've spent days reading about transports including the dCS bridge, it hasn't made decision making easy. Plenty of people suggesting spending over £500 on a ST is madness, but then plenty of people saying they traded in their £500 ST for something more expensive and it sounds better. Even in this thread though Metatron buys the dCS he remarks that the £100 rpi sounds virtually the same. I've read about people adding over £400 of LPS to rpi/digione player and apparently it sounds better than just about any streamer out there. All very confusing indeed!
  9. Sorry to resurrect such an old thread. Do you still have the dCS bridge and are you still happy with your choice? Thanks
  10. Hi Paul Thanks for your offer. I've had a few bites now via PM as well. I'll get back to you as soon as things are a bit clearer. Best wishes
  11. Yes, that might be the best way. I was trying to save myself the hassle lol. Have a great weekend.
  12. Thanks to all. No interest at selling for £250.
  13. Hi Sorry, looking to sell the whole thing as is. Thanks