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  1. Good shout Bob. I. Had a pair of Auditoriums that did the same and that was the caps.
  2. As per titles. I really want to try a pair so if somebody has a pair they are thinking of movibg on plz let me know. Thanks
  3. Thanks anil but I'm sorted now. I need that pacific cdr as I need the transport mech from it for a Nad s300
  4. Dave are you getting my messages?
  5. As per title. Even if not working I might be interested. Its the duel cd recorder
  6. It's OK I stated my budget and a integrated, so I will wait until the right amp comes along thanks.
  7. Thanks guys keep them coming. I should have stated I am after an integrated
  8. lee1975

    Hifi Moon

    Has anybody used hifi moon in Italy? They are selling some new Klypsch Forte III as a, good price with free shipping. Is this deal to good to be true? So just wondering if there is anybody who has made a purchase from them and can recommend them? Cheers
  9. Not what I'm looking for thanks guys. Anybody else. Surly somebody must have something
  10. As per title. Just a plain integrated amplifier. No built in streamer or dac required. Must be able to post. Minimum 50wpc Price rage 300 to 600 What you got??