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  1. As per title. Anybody have one not doing anything?
  2. As per title. Anybody has a pair they are looking to move on?? Maybe even the Cornwall Iii. Let me know plz.
  3. I used a pair of LV auditoriums on a MF A1 while my otto se was being served years ago. Sounded really good and older pairs can be had for less than 800.
  4. lee1975

    Amp advise

    Thanks guys keep them coming.
  5. lee1975

    Amp advise

    Good afternoon folks, I'm really stuck at the moment on what to get but I have have some ideas. I am going to buy a transistor intergraded for a second system. My budget is up to £1300 SH I would consider a pre and power BTW. I am after something big and powerful. Minimum 100wpc. Amps I am thinking of are Nad M3 and silver line range but both seem to be hard to come by. Maybe something from MF as well. Sound wise I am not a fan of audiolab/naim or exposureso not flat earth sounds. I like a big warm sound with a nice big tight bottom end. I also want something that is reliable. Oh and a phono input would be a bonus. So if anybody has any suggestions and info sound wise on the Nad amps would be most welcome. Cheers
  6. Anybody want to part with a Nad M3? Or a silver line s300? Must but in very good working condition. Let me know plz.
  7. The pioneer will drive them just fine
  8. Are AVC still trading? Been looking at one of there el34 amps and wondering if they still sell them and what are they like?
  9. lee1975


    Tried single ended and xlr i have a electrocompaniet emc1 up so it should have been a match but i guess not for my ears.
  10. lee1975


    Well i am returning the amp. Not sure if it's faulty but regardless i don't like the character of it. My John Wood is far superior in every way.
  11. lee1975


    Greybeard. It has a back light that goes around as you turn it up or down indicating the volume position. So it act's like the marker on a pot i guess and stops at the same location as a pot would.