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  1. Enjoy more time with the photography in the meantime, but hope you aren't waiting long. Best wishes and luck when it does come.
  2. You might join and post on Lansing Heritage, someone on there is bound to have a pair, or suggest a source.
  3. A couple from a late afternoon with nice light over the weekend.
  4. Know just where each of these were taken!
  5. Walking a bit more of Clawdd Offa, Offas Dyke last week, this was on the last section of the Black Mountains. There was a sheep round up going on as we walked up from Llanthony Abbey. Welsh gaucho!
  6. Ok, Linn beating system for not much cash ... Urei 809s, and have the diaphragms replaced with Radian ones and all internal connections soldered. These use 12" JBL dual concentrics and to my mind handsomely beat 12" Tannoys. Harmon Kardon PA 2400 x 2, monoblocked. Dave Slagle, or Alegri, or Music First Audio Pre. Denon or Yamaha hi end dvd/ multi disc player, out via a reclocker eg Wyred4Sound to a good external Dac. Not Sony if you want to play home burned discs. Turntable Sir? Technics or a PTPd Lenco, cartridge to suit budget.
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