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  1. Thanks for the confidence vote in the Eastern Electric MiniMax phono stage, I tried the link but it is not working for me at the moment, probably due to my security settings. I bought the little Eastern Electric MiniMax integrated amp on here a few days ago and looking forward to setting it up very soon along with some Impulse Lali speakers still sat in their boxes. I do recall hearing seeing very positive comments regarding Eastern Electric audio gear so could be a good move in the long run.
  2. Looks like a functional work of art to me, if I could ride a motorbike I would be seriously tempted.
  3. Looking for an Eastern Electric MiniMax phono stage, always wanted to build a compact valve based system.
  4. Wow this Voyd looks like a bargain and the power supply has been checked over, the marks on the plinth could to some extent be polished up. Surprised it's still around because a Linn LP12 would cost more if it has an external PSU/speed controller. GLWS
  5. Wanted a pair of Huygen, Pirates or Audio Note speaker stands for Audio Note / Snell J speakers.
  6. Hi Marko, I am well and just getting used to the idea of 2020 now plus I just started playing vinyl this morning after a reasonable absence. The AN-J were the copper JD version which are okay intheir own right and nice walnut finish cabinets etc but I have some spare AN-SPe and AN-SPx here so just sending them the AN-SPe for now as it's more than good enough for their level. I felt a bit brave and thought about sending in my Sogon cable to rewire them but that would be overkill unless I went for the hemp silver voice coiled HE units etc but they are not going to be my main speakers anyway and my son has his eyes on them as well as a valve amp. So I am sending a pair of AN-K/Sp speakers too to be checked over and SPe rewire etc and my son might actually end up with these instead. As you say, sometimes it's not the level of the components and expensive in my experience does not always mean better sound but it's the overall system integration that matters and in the past I was happy listening to a simple basic system but the music itself was the focus without worrying about the level of the components etc. However there is a caveat in that when you get used to listening to certain tones, inflections in music at a certain level then an awareness of experience evolves and so does the appreciation of good musical reproduction abilities of well designed system components and can be hard to go back to a more basic level. Anyway Steely Dan is playing in the room now
  7. Wow they look nice, I know you have had a few pairs of AN speakers over the years and these probably suit your room dimensions more than the AN-E's. I just sent a pair of spare AN-J's to Audio Note to be rewired etc so looking forward to having them in a second system.
  8. Jag

    FS: Leak Stereo 20

    I was quite interested but getting over to Glasgow is nigh on impossible , if only it could be posted and I have posted bigger and heavier items to other parts of the world.
  9. Thanks, yes the rack is quite special in that even the heaviest equipment is well supported without concern and the shelves were made up of many layers so minimising vibrations etc. I have really enjoyed using it because it takes most of my system and the shelves are deep as well as being wide. The Sony DD is a PS-8750 and I really like the simplicity of design plus it sounds extremely good and a bargain compared to a top level Linn LP12, the Sony has a unique tonearm with carbon fibre tube and dual pivot arm bearings and the whole unit just simply works very well whilst looking pretty at the same time and even my kids like it. The rack is 135 cm wide, shelves are 125 cm wide, 50 cm deep x2 and 1x lower shelf is 65 cm deep. The overall height is 110 cm so reasonably compact for being able to support big heavy amps, turntables etc. If I was not making big changes etc then I would be keeping this rack as the chances of finding another one in the future are pretty slim.