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  1. FS: Eastern Electric MiniMax valve amp I bought from here back in March and simply have not had the chance to use it properly so might as well move it on. I think I paid £340 including postage etc so asking £340 inc postage. It is quite petite and has the nicely made remote control for volume only, the previous owner mentioned that it had been re-valved so they should okay.
  2. I remember them well and only just saw this thread, lovely speakers that I once enjoyed but I had to sell them because I had 3 pairs at the same time. My current pair of AN-SEC Signature version are more or less identical on the outside apart from the wiring coming out from the cabinets to connect to the external crossovers etc.
  3. That's a great Kondo integrated amp and sounds splendid as most Kondo and Audio Note gear does. If I had to tidy up my music room and reduce the audio clutter this is probably the amp I would buy and just enjoy instead of my Audio Note monoblocks, pre-amp and all the interconnects etc. Buy with confidence from Mark, I have dealt with him several times when he visited me (pre-covid ) and he is very reliable, fastidious with his audio gear being mint and working properly. Shame I have just been fleeced by a relative otherwise I would have gone for this beauty myself......very tempting.
  4. Looks very nice and I know they sound great, if only I had some space GLWS.
  5. Thanks, I think I have found one now courtesy of LyonFrance on this forum. Just organising the logistics now, naughty move really on my part as I already own a few phono stages but recently bought the Eastern Electric MiniMax integrated amp which matches the phono stage.
  6. I think some of the pre-amps (Hovland, SJS, Kondo M7 etc) I have seen had a long metal rod connecting the volume shaft and the volume potentiometer fitted in the middle or further back inside the pre-amp. I have the TKD version of this and it has a real quality feel and seems well built, I believe some of Kevin's Living Voice mods included this volume control unit. Simon (SJS) might be able to advise you more than I can so worth dropping him a message as he is very helpful and reliable if you need anything repairing, modifying etc. I still regret selling the SJS Model 2 pre-amp with the copper chassis that was beautifully built and sounded splendid.
  7. Oh go on then, I will give it a spin Contact me by PM for payment etc.
  8. Thanks for the confidence vote in the Eastern Electric MiniMax phono stage, I tried the link but it is not working for me at the moment, probably due to my security settings. I bought the little Eastern Electric MiniMax integrated amp on here a few days ago and looking forward to setting it up very soon along with some Impulse Lali speakers still sat in their boxes. I do recall hearing seeing very positive comments regarding Eastern Electric audio gear so could be a good move in the long run.
  9. Looks like a functional work of art to me, if I could ride a motorbike I would be seriously tempted.
  10. Looking for an Eastern Electric MiniMax phono stage, always wanted to build a compact valve based system.