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  1. Save your money. MM is not the place to go with the turntable you have. I quite liked the MC One Special that is just above your price range. The Hana cartridges are being talked about very positively that may just be in your price range. Haven't heard a Hana yet. If anybody mentions Denon 103 never speak to them ever again. Get a reasonable step up too. Just to add to the expense. I managed to get a Koetsu Rosewood sig in excellent condition for £600, but I was very very lucky. And I can check the tip under an electron microscope.
  2. Save up more money. Or cross your fingers on summat second hand.
  3. It isn't a really sloppy smelly one like a Rega. But you can spend a hell of a lot of money on bits n bobs to make it reasonable. Just to get part of the way it needs better feet, a new mat and a power supply. Once you have spent that you will probably notice that the bearing is the cheapest, crappiest thing.
  4. Buy an SP10. Or spend twice as much trying to get the 1210 to sound as good as one. I liken it to polishing a turd.
  5. You just need a powerful enough microscope. This is a worn out Linn Asak. It is supposed to be elliptical.
  6. In reality it is quite possible to tune the sound of the turntable by using different mats. Some may reduce record noise, but by doing suck a bit of life out. And vice-versa.There is no perfect record mat. Just the one you prefer the most. Felt mats are generally the most crap imo.
  7. They all are Rob, they all are. Would you like some free speakers? Need them out of the way soon. Prob going north on Sunday 8th Oct.
  8. 'Wet' wood glue, is the way to go. It cleans as well as interfaces. Win-win.
  9. A thin layer of glue works best.
  10. Take the mat and place it well away from the turntable. Preferably in another room. Play a record. Does it sound better?
  11. bmtell

    SUT experiences

    Somebody should design some hifi were it can be upgraded by using better power supplies. Top business idea that is.