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  1. So why not go directly to the source?
  2. http://classiquesounds.co.uk
  3. I see guys wearing shorts, so it must be summer
  4. I think you have a blast with it! would love to try one myself
  5. Me wife can't remember to plug her phone in at night....Her electric car will never be fully charged. Range 2.7 miles lol
  6. This is an excellent point. What will happen when there are a lot more electric cars? What happens when there is a line to use the chargers? Getting a recharge could take hours and hours with the need for addition parking while waiting.
  7. Really happy with this now.after lots of maintenance
  8. Thinking the same thing that Radioham mentioned. Capacitors, especially speaker Capacitors need some time to open up. Tubes also take a bit of time to get up to their designed operating temps. My buddy has a Variac. This is a really handy tool for gently warming up amps that have sat for a long time. I have 8 vintage guitar amps and when they have been sitting idle for a long time he warms them up for me. He calls it "Getting the Caps Juicy"