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  1. It will depend on your room size, Ardens are huge and need a lot of space. However there are smaller models which are tonally similar but don't produce as much bass which can overpower a smaller room. If you like a vintage tinged sound, i would also listen to the JBL L100 Classic or the L82 depending on your room size. I went from 15" Tannoys to 12" JBLs when I downsized room and there is a not dissimilar 70s sound to both. However JBLs definitely tighter in the bass. I recently had a very good listen to the Heresy IV, but i think the JBL L100 Classic is better balanced and not so overly retro warm. Although it could really boogie, i did find the heresy rather diffuse and lacking at the top end.
  2. graham67


    Stumbled upon this decent review of the Quad 405 amp.
  3. Oops, forgot to post picture of remote. Here is a stock image, original is boxed up with steve.
  4. Weekend bump.. Runs nice and cool for anyone sweltering next to their valve amp 😉
  5. Looks nice in graphite 🤩. Lovely amps these , would work very nicely with 3/5a. Fairly rare units second hand and this one is very recent. It actually runs cooler than the old A21 series so suitable for hot days like this 🙂 Good luck with sale.
  6. make many styles including and they will make stands to your height. Something solid xf24 (See foot of page), again any height you want.
  7. They will also consider p mount and linear trackers.
  8. After further questions it seems the buyer is looking for convenience over a outright SQ . The deck is to it replace a fully automatic direct drive JVC Q F 300 so something similar would be ideal. Think full auto deck that got sold as part of a Jap 80s stack system. Sorry if original post was misleading, I am 2 parties removed so cant grill the buyer
  9. Thanks David, I will pm you my email address to make things easier. Many thanks Graham
  10. Hi David, That would be great thanks, ur location is perfect! Hi Stewart, Thanks for offer but they are only looking for a tt ATM.