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  1. Doms big Scalford Snell A system from a few years ago, truly epic
  2. This YouTube video shows how to replace the damper fluid on a Technics sl1600, and I expect the sony will have a similar damper mechanism. The relevant section starts at 8:45 Searching for the following in Ebay will bring up a suitable oil costing around 5.75 "CORE Silicone Shock Oil 100% Pure Silicone Oil 300000 CST"
  3. DNM Precision speaker cable 2m pair in excellent condition, no nicks, tears, kinks etc. Professionally terminated banana plugs. £45 including delivery.
  4. Tellurium Q Black speaker cable 1.5m pair in excellent condition, no nicks, tears, kinks etc. Factory terminated fitted z plugs. £85 including delivery.
  5. Funnily enough, the preamp shown has both adjustable hi pass and low pass filters so would probably be achievable , not that I am planning to......
  6. Tape now removed and pics updated. The outer braid which slides freely over the inner sheath has some exposed strands which I assume is the reason for tape being added at some stage and now mentioned for any prospective buyer. I hadn't noticed until mentioned in post. This is a great sounding cable. When used with an Audio Origami RB250 with din socket, it lifted the arm into the major league, giving my Audio Note Arm Three with its uber expensive AN-V cable a major fright.
  7. Yes as mentioned.above there is no point in adding a pre to an A21a integrated as all the inputs run through the volume pot anyway, so you will further degrade the quality by putting another pre section in the chain. The pre section of.the a21is well matched with the power section so better you will need to get an A21 power amp and add a suitable pre amp. But that will be a lot more expensive 🤑 I did something similar recently as I wanted to reduce the box count with a pre that included a phono stage, dac plus balance and tone controls useful for very small study .
  8. YANNIS TOME 423.5 Phono-Litz with double shielding - 1.2m - additional silver plated shield - 5 pin right angle plug - Eichmann KLEI Pure Silver Harmony Plugs. In excellent condition. I bought it for another project but plans changed so only used it for a few hours since I bought it from the original owner. New cost 380, for sale at 200 delivered RMSD. If interested, please pm Graham
  9. Thanks Steve, yes it sounds great, am very happy. But shouldn't really be surprised as it came highly recommended from someone with better ears than mine 😉
  10. Thought I would post the end result of this thread. It may seem an unlikely match between an all singing dancing modern pre and the firmly 20th century Sugden power amp. But the two complement each other perfectly. The rich airy Sugden sound is given some real scale and drive by the Parasound P5. The healthy 7v max voltage gives plenty of gain for the A21 and it has really woken up the Ls 3/5a. And the connectivity has all sources covered. Onboard Burr Brown DAC via Toslink, coax and USB. A switchable MM/MC phono stage, defeatable tone controls and a balance pot which is essential for the very off-centre listening location in my office. The DAC and MM phono stage are both excellent so no extra boxes needed to accommodate all the sources. The Pioneer 904 has been transformed using it as a transport via coax digital coax output using a decent Supra Trico cable I bought years ago. At last, CD sounds involving 😃. I have been using the trusty SBT via an analogue input but will be trying the onboard DAC via the Toslink shortly. It even looks the part, despite being superseded in 2018, it has a real 90s aesthetic so fits right in. Who said 'black and boring'..... 😎 A disclosure, this is no ordinary P5 as it has had many of the key caps and resistors replaced with good quality components, in place of the usual cents worth items found in a typical mass produced product. So it sounds sublime, revealing but not forward and much more transparent and open.
  11. Nice, that takes me right back in time, it looks in great nick !
  12. For me it's a system that engages on an emotional level, with rhythm being the key ingredient here. Really hard to define objectively but you know it when you hear it. And maybe its also because too many systems in my past have lacked it that I appreciate what it brings to the enjoyment of listening 🙂.