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  1. Oh gosh! They must sound amazing. I think its the one speaker that could displace the resident JBLs. Good luck !
  2. Got "Letter to You" on vinyl and listened to it a couple of times. Its a stonking album, of mostly rollicking and a few more thoughtful numbers. Musically you can hear influences of his landmark albums such as Born to Run, The River and Nebraska but its no homage - this is an uplifting album from an artist who still has something to say. Bruce can still belt them out and his voice is suitably gravelly when he dials it back. You wouldn't believe The Boss is now over 70! It has terrific sonics and nice packaging of the two discs. IMO, its a must buy for any Springsteen fan. And if he passed you by in the 70/80s this is as good an album as any to illustrate why he is one of Americas greatest singer songwriters who has long paid his dues and knows his place in the history of folk-blues influenced rock.
  3. Nice result šŸ‘ Having heard his system, I know Julian has good taste and ears so I expect you will be very pleased . Do post some pix
  4. When looking at old BBC derived speakers its worth checking for driver sag and surround condition. One trick is to play a test track of very low frequency material. For example, The isotek tuning disc is very useful for this as it helps to reveal problems with the main driver surrounds not easily detectable with normal material. Also gently press the cone in to check it doesnt scrape the voice coil. With speakers, condition is everything so if you have the chance to buy some well cared for examples from a trusted source, this is half the battle won. I don't think I have heard this model but have heard several other big spendors and they should be very competitive against the other speakers you mention. I would expect this to sound.more similar to the 3/6 models than the Harbeth which will sound a bit harder. The 5/9 has a more monitor balance a bit like a grown up LS 3/5A. None of these speakers are particularly dynamic, having that typical BBC restraint. For that you would need to look at the Spendor SP100 which can really rock out.
  5. Fantastic speakers, someone will buy them if you are patient. It took months to sell my big Tannoys as I didn't want to risk sending them. In the end a guy turned up, loaded them into a Range Rover and took them to his house in Italy!
  6. Hi Rich Sorry to hear about the demise of your 501. I would recommend the following tools . Audio Note Card protractor as supplied with your arm. If you dont have it, I will send you a photocopy. . Digital scale as shown above. . Allen key for adjusting the CW and bias. I think its 1.5mm . Assorted cartridge mounting bolts, nuts and washers . Headshell spirit level to check the VTA. . Good light source, head torch or both. Other really useful things include . 20x or 30x magnifier loupe for aligning the stylus tip to cross hairs. . HFNRR test disc . Precison modelling pliers or forceps for carefully twisting free recalcitrant cartridge clips. . 32mm ring spanner if your locknut is too tight! I find it is much easier to remove the Audio Note arm and mount and connect the cart off the deck with the stylus guard fitted of course! Then refit the arm and adjust the arm height and overhang. You shouldn't need to check the azimuth as its fixed on your arm. Any questions, please ask.
  7. Completely agree with Stewarts recco for a detachable headshell which makes changing carts a doddle compared to a fixed headshell. I wish my Audio Note Arm Three had one!
  8. Hi Phil No offence taken šŸ™‚. I agree the Axis is an excellent sounding turntable. It would be interesting to hear which Technics your Dad had as they did also make a lot of cheaper stuff that was not as good (often intended for use in their stack systems.) And I completely agree the Technics sound is not for all. If you want a more lyrical flowing presentation, something like an Axis or maybe a systemdek will be better suited.
  9. Having rebuilt a few I can highly recommend an 80s Technics DD. My pick would be a semi auto Technics SL-Q202 or fully automatic SL-Q303. It features quartz lock direct drive, a cast alloy chassis, sensible non bouncy suspension that provides effective isolation, a decent arm, great build quality slick operation and is easy to set up. In short the ideal starter deck that will sound a lot better than many more expensive options and with a reasonable cart, won't be shamed in a decent system. IMO, it is a significantly better deck than something like a Pioneer PL-12 which i also had. Have a look at the very end of this thread for some pics of one I refurbished earlier this year. The silver model is the semi automatic SL-Q202. The SL-Q2 and Q3 are also good but tend to go for more on account of its motor which looks very similar to the one used on the famous 1200.
  10. Not quite a crime drama, but I can highly recommend Thicker than water on All4 catch up. A real slow burner, great characters and simmering family tensions.
  11. Hi Mac, like all 3/5a they have a bass hump, benefit from wall reinforcement and respond to decent current. When set up correctly, they can belie their diminutive size. Anyone who has heard Falcon demonstrate Rammstein on these will know what I mean. So if they work in your room, you may be pleasantly surprised but, by any standards, these are not bass monsters šŸ‘¹ What they are are beautifully balanced natural sounding speakers that make sublime music in a sympathetically assembled system.
  12. I totally agree with Georges views here, after each episode with a passive pre I always returned to my trusty Fidele Audio modded Quad 34 ST. What it lacked in detail and energy , it makes up for in warmth of tone and listenability and super useful features. I never had any luck with getting a valve pre to work with the Quad, however I am currently enjoying a Parasound P5 with the 405-2 . It has also had its volume pot replaced with a Alps black velvet with an impedance better suited to a Quad. This gives most of the clarity of a passive with more body and drive (often a weakness with a passive). With its onboard DAC, phonostage and tone and balance controls, it is the 21st century equivalent of a Quad pre. I havent been tempted to fit the 34 since getting the P5.
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    Turntable lamps

    I agree its a good idea to careful of LED lamps with USB wall warts. The generic dimmable gooseneck wand (in fact, very similar to the one above) I tried creates a buzz in both a solid state and valve phono stage. Very strangely the different hues yellow/warm/cool create different levels of noise! Fortunately the older 5 quid IKEA single LED and non USB wall wart i have is silent so it has stayed in place. But of course it may work fine in your setup as it obviously does for LSPC
  14. One challenge with passives is getting enough steps in the useable volume range, particularly with some Quads which can have a more sensitive input. The latest Tisbury is one of very few passives with built in attenuation, which should solve this problem. The first Tisbury I owned had 4 maybe 5 steps before it got too loud into a Quad 405-2 into equally sensitive 15" Tannoys! So it was returned to the very helpful manufacturer. Although the Tisbury is very good VFM, as Nigel says, simpler passives are not in same league as a TVC. After a couple of conventional passives, I used a Music First Classic with the Quad 405-2 which was good, but I preferred a Glass House C-core TVC which added a bit of warmth to the usual (sometimes overly) clean passive presentation. Atb Graham
  15. Or vintage Jap head amp into MM , which is my favourite combination (at least with the AT MC carts I have owned)
  16. Nice, that George Thorogood album is a corker šŸ‘šŸ‘ Saw him in concert in 90s, he is a great live performer who played long into the night, he obviously loves doing it for his fans. This album has a great raw feel with plenty of energy.
  17. If you don't want to spend too.much, I would recommend MM. IMO, getting MC to sound good costs a lot more than MM. My cousin has just fitted an AT VM95SH (after a 95EX) and is blown away by how good it is. He was also impressed by how good it sounds on well played records.
  18. Excellent cart this, among the very best MMs. GLWS
  19. Ah fun days, I remember having an impromptu drag race against an XB coupe 5.8 in my GTV6 on a late night Sydney street in my irresponsible days. In fairness the XB had more emissions gear so wasn't as quick as the earlier XA, so was a score drawer but I didn't fare so well against a worked Mazda RX3, that was an awesomely quick car!! Hoonery is much more common in Oz, despite all the speed cops and ludicrously low limits, driving was more fun there than UK. Modified performance cars are more common there than in UK so its very much part of the rite of passage. I suspect this will wither with time and self drive cars etc but it was deffo a part of my upbringing.
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    Slightly off topic but a good cast in Grand Prix including James Garner, Eve Marie Saint and Yves Montand and of course Toshiro.
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    The rather lovely Francoise Hardy. Also check out John Frankenheimers Grand Prix, in which she played the girlfriend of one of the drivers, I had no idea who she was when I saw it many many years ago, but she was certainly a highlight.
  22. Yes lovely šŸ˜, great speakers these !
  23. And this is for the inferior early version, imagine what they would want for athe late grey 44 ....
  24. I have had good results with a Nagaoka MP110 on a 70s SL-1510 (grey 1500) Its definitely warmer than the ATs I regularly use, but still rocks out well. Treble is not quite as clean or even as the more upmarket AT stylus profiles, but I suspect that the Nag 150 or 200 recommended above will address this.