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  1. Agree that spending more than 500 on a TT will pay dividends. For example, a technics sl1200gr or rega p8 will give you a reliable hassle free TT that will support future cart or arm upgrades.
  2. Snell k or audio note an-k should work well and are very efficient so should work well with suggie amps.
  3. Jolly nice speakers these And an awesome match with Sugden Class A
  4. Kates next album the sensual world is also worth chasing up. Its also a lot better sonically than hounds of love which I always find rather compressed and hollow sounding.
  5. Good advice here, I had 385HPDs which I sold when I moved to a house with a smaller listening space. I bought JBL 4311 which give much of what I liked about tannoys but with rapier quick speed and super tuneful bass with none of the wooliness of the big Tannoys. Since getting the JBLs my speaker search ended. The 4311 and 4312 are great speakers and still decent value in the UK if you can find them.
  6. If you can get a good pair, the 4312 is a great vintage JBL. I have 4311 after owning 3 DC Tannoy HPDs. Both produce a big sound the jbl being better on rock and pop with stunning bass . Vintage jbls using Aquaplas drivers are also built like tankslll
  7. That OM looks cool on this deck
  8. Certainly is tremendous value
  9. Robin is a really good guy and looks after his equipment which he keeps for a long time. This is an ideal starter deck for a vinyl newbie and comes with a well matched cart. Buy with confidence
  10. Or contact Steve at Magna Audio . He is a whizz at fabricating turntable parts. He posts on Art of Sound or contact him here. https://fosworld.wixsite.com/magna-audio
  11. I can never understand the point of listening to digital recordings of speakers, "needledrops" or any hifi whatsoever, particularly on a laptop or phone....... Am I just old?
  12. Deffo try the Tucana ii Anniversary. Its a super integrated that will drive a lot of speakers and has an authoritive presentation. Slightly dated ergonomics and styling but a real competitor sonically.
  13. Interesting review of the new L82 in this months Hifi Choice. Get a good review from David Vivian. Not the most accurate but musical and fun. So very JBL by the sound of it
  14. This is a very good phono stage. Deffo competitive with separate stages costing much more. It keeps the same clear incisive but not bright presentation that A21 fans will know well. An essential add on for any vinyl fan.
  15. Dorry I wasn't able to pick up Julian , but good its got a new home
  16. Yes the condition of the drivers is important. With these models you need to ensure the cones are not warped, the rubbers surrounds are not cracked, perished and also that voicecoils do not scrape when the driver is pushed in.
  17. Hi John, sorry I missed this post. I imagine it should work well as the 401 Rega combo is on the smoother side. Jack NSM uses the similar 2m black on a rb300 with his td124 idler and it sounds superb. I must try the Bronze on the 401/Arm Three one time, and the captive threads will.make it easier. However its such a faff reinstalling the OC9!!!!
  18. Ooooh thats lovely . What a find
  19. Hi Julian, that was me thanks! But with lockdown, I have no idea when I will be up your way again. So if you need it gone, its probably best to offer it someone closer who can pick it up. Many thanks again for your kind offer Graham
  20. Tried the 2M Bronze on the 1300 and this seems to be excellent match. The stock arm and wiring seem to better complement the explicit nature of the Bronze. Tonally its warmer than the 150/1510 while still being very detailed. I don't know if the extra platter mass has something to do with this as otherwise it looks the same as a 1500 with the all the automatic gubbins added on. And of course it has the full automatic feature set which is ideal for a study system. So don't think that opting for the convenience features means compromising SQ, it may even be the opposite. Given a 1300 is often cheaper than a 1500, it seems a win-win outcome
  21. I picked this Ortofon Bronze up on the Wam from Mark with very little usage in perfect condition. I have always wanted to try one and this one came with the Plug and Play headshell with the correct fixed 52mm overhang for a Technics. Its precise detailed upfront presentation suits the warmer sounding Techy 1510. With its quality fineline stylus, its very different to the Nag MP110 which is more romantic and flowing but sounds vague in comparison. As with the EPC-270C, in my main system it occasionally verges on being a little hard but should be well suited to the study system with its warmer Quad ampification and LS 3/5A which will be its eventual destination. Its not the prettiest looking cart headshell combo, but it was VERY easy to install and alignment is always correct . Its well named PnP. For some reason this headshell is not supplied with a rubber washer which is needed to make a secure connection to the Technics locking ring and stop it rotating. Although I prefer the old school look of the Ortofon OM20, I think this cart is sonically better suited to this Technics 150/1300/1400/1500 range if you want a more energetic detailed presentation and want to hear whats on the record. And it doesn't give the impression it is over-reaching the capabilities of the arm as the excellent AT150Sa sometimes does. IMO, the AT 150Sa (same as VM750) really needs a better arm to give its best. I suspect the AT 150 would best the Bronze on my 401/Arm Three. Only one problem with all this experimenting is that it seems I have rather a lot of quality MM carts on hand.......
  22. I moved this deck into the study system playing through a heavily modified Puresound P10 phono stage, Parasound P5 pre, Quad 405-2 and early 15 ohm Rogers LS 3/5A. The Technics EPC-270C is a real star on this deck, perhaps no surprise given it was supplied on the very similar SL-1600/1700. Into this system, the deck sounds powerful, pacey, has lovely tone and a generous scale. Probably to the Quad amplification, it all but banished the occasional trace of edge I sometimes heard in the main system with its drier/neutral amplification. After refurbing three of these, I have realised the 150/1300/1400/1500 range is warmer sounding than the later SL-Q202. So it copes well with MM carts which are a little more explicit sounding. If you score of these carts on a vintage purchase, its deffo worth chasing up a decent stylus for it.
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