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  1. MotherSky


    I suspect that many people feel the same way as I do about DSOTM - aged 13/14 I played it sooo many times, I'm actually still a bit sick of it nearly getting on for 40 years later - it's a fine piece of work, but if I'm having a post Barrett Floyd moment, it's far more likely to be Animals or Wish You Were Here... I'm pretty certain there's no acoustic guitar on it, though...
  2. Sold to @volante subject to payment - thanks for all the interest - MH
  3. I've been so impressed with these, I've decided to take the plunge and make up some silver versions - they're made up with Duelund twin 16GA terminated with KLE Copper Harmony plugs using Cardas quad eutectic solder - they are 1M tip to tip. Difficult to price these - cable and connectors retail at £105+postage - these are beautifully made and sprinkled with fairy dust... I think £75 per pair seems fair - if you buy both pairs, I'll include RMSD - any questions, drop me a PM - MH (collection from near Shrewsbury welcome)
  4. Repairable by whom? I've had a fair amount of earlier NAD amps pass through my hands over the years - all discrete components, schematics widely available, and never had any issues getting them fixed by local repair shops, so probably a good prospect for DIY. If you're looking a bit higher upmarket, then Sugden offer repairs to all their old kit as far as I'm aware - I've had mine for getting on for twenty years, it gets used every day, and has been back once to replace a bridge rectifier. I'm sure you'll get a wide variety of suggestions....
  5. https://pinkfishmedia.net/forum/threads/allo-usbridge-signature-and-allo-shanti-lps.255940/ Slightly optimistic price, but might be worth making an offer? I've got no connection to the seller - MH
  6. Mmmm Colston Bassett and a glass of Tokaji... Now there's a thing. That's what we really need - more threads about cheese
  7. You are quite right - that's the size I'm using under my speakers - I've ordered some of the smaller ones to go under my valve amp and streamer: https://www.gear4music.com/Recording-and-Computers/IsoAcoustics-ISO-Puck-MINI-Isolating-Speaker-Feet-8-Pack/3E6F?origin=product-ads&gclid=Cj0KCQjw6NmHBhD2ARIsAI3hrM2cckx_-S5IoZh1u9IV2Rw_vuz4-T_B890zl8vwnyJLi8l2gVcRxroaAv_pEALw_wcB
  8. https://www.gear4music.com/Recording-and-Computers/IsoAcoustics-ISO-Puck-Monitor-Isolation-2-Pack/1XHU?origin=product-ads&gclid=Cj0KCQjw6NmHBhD2ARIsAI3hrM3DGqPuGL86nf0eojm_mxr2kYtnfrPL-Z08-cElw9H1TXklz7U0cssaAjhVEALw_wcB You might consider these - less bling, and marketed differently, but identical underlying principle - available in three different sizes according to weight - I am a 100% convert
  9. I have tried quite a number already, and would be interested to hear your recommendation, but would still be looking to try the 'Curious' either way, these things can be very system dependant - frankly, I'm quite baffled as to why the Regen link is so effective, but I'm not going to let that get in the way of appreciating the results
  10. Having recently acquired a Curious Regen link (basically because I can no longer fit the Uptone USPCB in my new rack setup) and being very surprised at the perceived gains in SQ, I would very much like to try the full size Curious USB cable - 0.8M preferred, A/B connectors - if you have one for sale, or indeed would be prepared to lend me one for a few days, (I would naturally cover any/all postage costs) please drop me a PM - all suggestions that I am delusional and should buy some £1-50 cable from Amazon will be given the attention they deserve... MH
  11. That's a shame - always interested to see other AN based setups - I have taken to downloading images to a folder on my tablet, and uploading them from there - shouldn't be necessary, but works every time
  12. My arc welder has an SMPS - it's excellent
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