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  1. I own the La Voce S3, and fwiw my brief experience of the La Scala convinced me that there were very marginal gains to be had in some areas, but overall it was less suited to my setup than the La Voce (possibly my preamp being slightly on the warmer side of neutral?) - system synergy is the key, and you already have a superb DAC in the Luxman - I'm not sure what exactly you are looking to achieve by "upgrading"/sidegrading, but speaking for myself, I found my money was better spent elsewhere (improving my streaming setup - not a straightforward proposition, but I am delighted with the final outcome) - if you are convinced that your DAC is the weakest link, then some sort of bake off would be the ideal solution - MH Edit to add: having said all that - I'd happily tweak my system to accommodate the La Scala if I had unlimited resources - although, if that were the case, I'd probably go straight for the Formula
  2. I used to have one of these back in the nineties - a fantastic thing, and unbelievable build quality - mine is now the mainstay of my brother's system and has never missed a beat - an excellent match with B&W speakers (CDM1SE sounded fab) - I can't imagine what you'd have to pay these days to get this kind of quality - GLWS etc. - MH
  3. trying hard to avoid the obvious joke here more seriously though - one of the most difficult aspects of this hobby/obsession is the issue of apparent correlation between changing a particular variable, and an accompanying change (either positive or negative) in sound quality - some feel the need to be able to fully explain this perceived mechanism, others are perfectly happy to fudge the issue if the results are what you are seeking to achieve - I tend to slightly adapt my perspective on this according to the level of financial jeopardy involved.....
  4. there's a very straightforward process going through the Auralic menu - I was only interested in a few functions, so assigned them to the most prominent buttons - I will look out for a slightly neater looking remote at some point, but I mainly just do everything in Lightning: I am highly Apple averse, but I do think it's worth picking up an old ipad and running Lightning - I paid £65 on ebay for mine (directing the last comment @Psilonaught ) - I also found it worthwhile going through settings and disabling all the unused functions/inputs - some of the default settings for handling MQA also needed changing, but I'm away from home at the mo, and can't check the details until I get back - it's all pretty intuitive stuff though - MH
  5. you don't even need a learning remote - literally any remote will do - I found one in a drawer from an old DVD player, and it works just fine
  6. If you configure a remote control, there's a 'display off' option that you can assign to a button
  7. Absolutely this: the Sugden/Proac combination is simply magical - get it right in your room and you'll have to go a very long way to do better - I ran a pair of 1SCs with my Musicmaster for nearly 20 years - it was only domestic objections to their positioning in the room that forced me to eventually look elsewhere - you really would be missing a trick if you didn't at least try some - the D2 (or D2R) would be my choice from the current models, but there are lots of older s/h options - MH
  8. Yes - I had a cable made up to do exactly this for my Perpetual Tech DAC - MH
  9. I think you need a few more power supplies....
  10. At least Serge had decent manners
  11. The environmentally responsible approach is apparently to cancel all your streaming services, switch off all your filthy polluting audio equipment, and simply play everything yourself on a kazoo
  12. Wow - you really are providing a masterclass in how to win friends and influence people....
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