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  1. Indeed! The passive version of the Komris had internal crossovers. These are removed when upgrading to the Klimax cased active Tunebox crossovers (one Tunebox per speaker into 5 channels-the low bass has an internal amp so is connected directly to the speaker). As the original price for both was over £35k, at £10k including the active Tuneboxes, these Komris are phenomenal value-even if the seller has still misspelled them Komrie!
  2. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak as sadly my days of lifting heavy objects is over after I lifted a powered riser-recliner armchair upstairs single-handedly (during lockdown) last February and felt something "ping" down in the gentleman's dept. Still suffering to this day with other parts having come out in sympathy - or should that be in protest!
  3. They are actually much smaller than they look - either that or far away!
  4. Just ensure the seller declares the value for customs as £10.50, instead of £10.500!
  5. I've spoken to the seller who is selling on behalf of a client in Lincolnshire and can confirm the Komris are in great shape. The only disappointing thing is how little these are now seen to be worth.
  6. No pleasure for me in scrolling down a screen, or the stress of having necessary apps constantly updating and then failing or broadband outages. That way lies hell! I prefer to use my feet, after all it all counts towards the daily 10,000 steps! As for sound, for me, nothing yet touches the visceral realism of LPs.
  7. Not for me Chris, I don't do streaming or downloads as they just leave me cold. It's good old black or silver discs playing more or less exclusively classical music.
  8. It could be said that Komris are rather like a child who is only thought as good looking by its parents! I prefer to think they have a distinctive appearance rather than homely, yes rather four-square but the 4k-array sitting on top of the scooped section draws the eye and I much prefer the look of the aluminium 4-k array to either the 3k or 2k which look dinky in comparison. I would have preferred them to have more of the keel shaped profile of the 350 but it isn't to be. @ThomasOKyou're right about them needing the best upstream equipment. My own pair only started to sound good when they went active, powered by Solos so you could say they are power hungry. It rather ties you in to Linn and looking at the used values it would be madness to try to change even if I wanted to . However, generous offers considered...
  9. I do hope your import experience post-Brexit goes smoothly and doesn't taint your fun! Keep us posted.
  10. Sounds as useful, informative and up to date as Linn's previous advice to let "the stylus clean the LP"!
  11. Yes, they had some rebadged CD300 manufactured by Canary Audio after which they carried out their own careful modifications to the chassis, internal cabling, power distribution and analogue section. There is one currently on Living Voice's Stuff list Update: The stands are Living Voice's own G Series equipment tables
  12. I wouldn't call it just a transport player as it has a built-in DAC, but it replaced my CD12 once Linn announced it was discontinuing support. Musically it outperformed my beloved CD12 which sounded grey in comparison. The drawer is pants, but it outperforms musically any digital medium I've heard.
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