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  1. It must have something to do with your fondness for Renaissance lute music!
  2. Did you get much rotational movement in the screws when tightening? I normally check mine once a year over the Christmas/New Year break when I have more leisure time. I don't have a torque driver and so only make the screws hand tight. Over the past year none of the screws have needed more than perhaps 1/16th of a turn. Obtaining factory torque values has never been a well publicised piece of information and perhaps Linn wish to avoid too many returns with stripped inserts as these are difficult to repair!
  3. It wouldn't matter because the one I'm playing at the moment always sounds best! I was doing something similar on my Viv Labs RF7 arm with its detachable Nelson Hold headshell, although your downwind gear looks decidedly more upmarket than mine. As they don't say, "Many roads lead to Parnassus"!
  4. I've been playing with my cartridges over the Christmas break, but the best I can do is say "That sounds good" and then swap over and say "That sounds good" and swapping back to the first say: "That sounds good" etc.. you get the picture. I can hear differences, but whether they are better is a moot point. I prefer to enjoy the variety for their different qualities!
  5. Johan, they are all customers (or have been in the case of the late JB) I am a specialist CG print music retailer and have been for the past 38 years! You may even unknowingly have been a customer as we have many in Sweden (or did before effing Brexit!)
  6. I know all these players well, they have all been clients over the years. Göran is still a favourite, we put him on in concert many years ago. I also love David Russell's transcription of Handel's Suite VII on the same recording as the Bach (the LP is still a favourite - excellently engineered by John Taylor). If you haven't yet discovered Sean Shibe then I suggest you treat yourself. His Bach is the finest on 6 strings and his performance of the Bream inspired repertoire is exquisite.
  7. With David Russell on the menu (there won't be many here who will know of him) you are a man with a modicum of good taste You've set yourself an unenviable task and are to be admired for it; I would have difficulty differentiating one playback from another with the inevitable gap between tests as I'm sure differences are on a subtle scale rather than a greater one.
  8. Yes an interesting shootout/bake-off indeed, although from a purely empirical viewpoint whether these results have a direct relevance to your main Komri system is debatable.
  9. In 2006 I paid £7K for a used pair(pre-Dynamik) from my local dealer which I still have(albeit upgraded) and thought it a good price then, so at £4,500 I wouldn't hesitate if I still needed any. My oldest Solos have remained sonically indistinguishable from the newest ones and I'm reassured that Linn, for a fixed fee, can still replace any part and bring it back to full spec should something fail.
  10. Yes, well remembered! The Kuzma replaced the SME30 a couple of years ago. I wanted a deck capable of holding several tonearms and when I saw my dealer had commissioned one in orange, I knew we were destined for each other! The CD12 went shortly after Linn announced it had ceased support for it. I chose the LV CD300 (a heavily modified Canary Audio) over a much more expensive Neodio Origine S2 and my CD12 for the naturalness of its sound and colour making the other two players seem bleached in comparison.
  11. Ha, I forgot my Wigwam Info contains the gear with which I started this journey as a 14 year old! Boots are a large pharmaceutical firm in the UK and in the 1970's were also a big retailer of records and some basic audio equipment. My first headphones were Boots branded. Today my system has moved on a little: Kuzma Stabi R with Kuzma 4 Point 14 tonearm & Viv Labs RF7 tonearm. Choice of 4 stereo cartridges(Ortofon SPU Royal N, Royal GM II, Per Windfeld Ti, LV Invisible Worm (by v.d.Hul) + 1 x Ortofon Cadenza mono) LV SUT > CEC PH53 Phono amp > Linn: Klimax Kontrol > 2 x Linn Tuneboxes(analogue) > 8 x Linn Solo 500 > Linn Komri (piano gloss black) Digital: LV CD300 CDP & Marantz SA11S3 SACD. KSL Kondo wiring throughout. I'll try and post an up-to-date image.
  12. Hi Johan, you've done a great job in trying to get your already top of the tree Komri system even better. The Nordost cables apart from you being pleased with their performance, look really smart too! As I mentioned earlier, I went on a similar quest on my maxed out analogue Komri system. Cables were problematic because to get a proper audition all the cable system needs to be changed, not just one or two and few dealers had the variety and quantity available for demo. To make matters harder my Solos have Speakon sockets which make testing speaker cables impractical. Much as I would have liked to "play the field" with many different varieties I found this impossible to do, so in the end I followed the recommendation of a trusted dealer (not Linn) who has looked after my source components for 15 years and purchased a complete "loom" of Kondo cables, KSL VzII interconnects(9 pairs), KSL SPc power leads(16!!) KSL SPC loudspeaker cables. I also experimented with vibration control and found Stillpoints Ultra 5 worked best supporting the Komris. I also used them to support my CD12 and SACD player for a while and also tried a CEC Wellfloat platform for some time but they looked ungainly so in the end I decided to change my racks to ones with integral vibration control and chose a Quadraspire X-Reference rack for my sources and two custom build Sunoko Vent racks for the Solos and Tuneboxes. As for the mains, over the years I have used a variety of mains blocks from RA and some bespoke LV with Kondo cabling, but had an electrician install two rows of 10 unswitched sockets on a separate ring main connected to an earth rod. To my ears my system sounds very natural and well controlled. I'm not saying there aren't better options out there, but to change now would be painful to my pocket and may result in a different, but not necessarily better sound.
  13. £4.5K for a pair of Dynamiked Solos is a steal. The seller is genuine and has more than one pair AFAIK.
  14. Solos are one of the great unsung power amps but the cost of a single new Solo at over £10k from 2022 is expensive. However there are some very reasonably priced used ones available via Fleabay for example here as a pair.
  15. Indeed, I was posing the question and not making a judgement. From my own experience I went through a long period of tweaking after reaching the end of the line as far as I was able with Linn - short of moving to the Dark Side which holds no interest for me, but for the past year have felt a greater sense of calm where my system is concerned as further tweaks seem unnecessary and probably unwanted. I just want to enjoy my record collection, even mono records can be compelling (via a mono cartridge), and explore many of the neglected corners that have remained unplayed since purchase.
  16. One thing that strikes me as absent from the Humminguru cleaner compared to other US machines in a degassing cycle. This makes the ultrasonic process more effective as gases suspended in water interfere with the cleaning process. Air bubbles and dissolved air in the cleaning liquid absorb ultrasonic energy and inhibit the implosion of these cavitation bubbles, significantly reducing the cleaning effect. Just a thought.
  17. Er, sit back and enjoy the music of course, or is this game more about the journey than the destination?
  18. It makes no sense in terms of material/distribution/marketing etc costs why the passive version has increased by 50% and the Klimax only 2%. As @Paulssurround has postulated, the passive price may be inflated (a "they're having a laugh" price) to steer purchasers towards the Klimax
  19. AFAIK and Dasher will correct me if I'm mistaken, it's only sold directly from the manufacturer Happy Well in China. @Dasher How much was import duty & VAT if you don't mind me asking.
  20. The Linto was a very fine, quiet phono preamp; I used to run two in dual mono configuration, but as there was no scope for adjustments(same with the Urika) you were limited to cartridges which matched their settings. TBH quite a range of cartridges worked well with it, I ran both Ortofon MCs and Lyras apart from Linn's own. I tried an Uphorik before Dynamic was available and am interested to hear how well you found the Dynamiked version performed against a Urika. When I last tried an Uphorik, I found it worked well, but no better than the CEC PH53 (now discontinued) I was using. You might find it worth seeking out models which amplify by current rather than voltage(my CEC is one such) as these automatically adjust cartridge settings optimally and always seem come out well in reviews. BMC Audio make a very well regarded one, although it costs more than the Uphorik.
  21. The gift of music is surely the finest gift to give any music loving audiophile? IMO the desire for anything more is a distasteful extravagance and should be left to the recipient to buy themselves.
  22. Indeed! The passive version of the Komris had internal crossovers. These are removed when upgrading to the Klimax cased active Tunebox crossovers (one Tunebox per speaker into 5 channels-the low bass has an internal amp so is connected directly to the speaker). As the original price for both was over £35k, at £10k including the active Tuneboxes, these Komris are phenomenal value-even if the seller has still misspelled them Komrie!
  23. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak as sadly my days of lifting heavy objects is over after I lifted a powered riser-recliner armchair upstairs single-handedly (during lockdown) last February and felt something "ping" down in the gentleman's dept. Still suffering to this day with other parts having come out in sympathy - or should that be in protest!
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