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  1. These are great DACs and Mirek has a nack of selecting and buying done truly musical equipment even if seemingly a little more obscure or not as well know to people, do some research guys this is a great unit!
  2. I use a glass optical from my tv and although I too don’t use it much the benefits in sound quality over plastic based ones makes the few times it’s used very beneficial indeed, I’d never go back to plastic fibres for any form of optical use, the benefits are too great At £90 delivered the cable is very attractive buy but most people haven’t compared glass with plastic so are unaware of the performance gains
  3. Should have just stripped the Einstein conditioning units out and hard wired the sockets to the iec input, no doubt sound even better with a good selection of internal wiring
  4. Very nice! They make some great products and are terrific guys
  5. Namely an analogue input (just incasee ur comment puts others off 😷) was a cracking DAC tho, loved my time with it too!
  6. 18 months old and in excellent condition, had a genuine Apple full coverage case on since new, which has just been replaced for a brand new one a week ago, they are genuine leather and cover every edge. Also has an expensive (forget which brand) glass screen protector on, so the iPad has not been open to the elements at all. Works perfect, no issues ever, comes with charger and cable and will be factory reset. Only selling as I’ve just bought a bigger one £325 plus £10 Special Delivery
  7. I’m after a USB powered optical input little dac to pop behind a tv for a pair of actives and this seems a nice and cheap way to do it, still thought I’d see if anybody had one they weren’t using before I buy this or similar Cheers
  8. Sounds like u have found what u want then! I’ve not been a big fan of the LDA power supplies but a later model I use on a modded MDAC in the bedroom seems ok
  9. If ur looking for one of the best a Paul Hynes Dual Regulated SR7 is the one Uptone are also up there with HDPlex and the Custom Hifi Cables Then there’s SBooster, Swagman, Teradak, Teddy Pardo, Plixr and others - lots to choose from and all better than the ifi
  10. These are mk2s also from the braid design and plugs Pete
  11. https://www.pinkfishmedia.net/forum/threads/atc-scm50-asl-£6500.236656/
  12. Awesome unit! With one of the very best control apps out there for streaming