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  1. My apology, it’s hardly like it was buried in there, totally missed it then got lost in the rest. Good luck selling these, they are indeed very composed and enjoyable speakers.
  2. What’s the price? Theres a mind boggling amount of text to shift through thete
  3. There’s often cable talk glass fibre ones on eBay at very reasonable prices, you will need to check the thickness tho but if you can get a glass one do so, the quality is so much better. The Lifatec Silaflex ones are my favourite and are very slim. I’ve got a 7m one I’d let go as I’m using eARC for ATMOS there now but they aren’t cheap and it’s going to be too long for your requirements anyway, you will just end up with too much gather I also have a cable talk but I think it may be only 3m
  4. What are the spikes, they look great value for money?
  5. I’ve just measured the XTZ Devine deltas I bought recently and the SRTs have a smaller footprint so we’re ok on dimensions, it’s just distance that’s going to problematic I fear as half way is still going to be very far
  6. I still fear our distance would be too great, I don’t drive due to sight issues but she wouldn’t mind. However I swear when I checked dimensions online it said 305mm wide, 495 is really pushing my available space, although the Auons in the other system are 450 wide…
  7. If you find yourself relocating to Devon anytime in the near future let me know, such a shame your so far away!
  8. Hi, i am interested in the Antares headphone amp. You mentioned that you could be interested in some sort of swap, what sort of thing did you have in mind? 



  9. Bump and price reduction to £2k May even consider a non-headphone related swap + or - cash
  10. Now that’s the way to do it! I kinda wish I had some speaker which would fit in these, they look fantastic!
  11. I would certainly consider looking at an Ayre K5xe (MP) will suit the ATCs wonderfully, I would certainly stick with balanced and I’d certainly stay active rather than a passive pre such as the MFA which I found sharp with ATCs ive heard the 100s with the ATC all in one front end, also and that was a good sounding combo
  12. Some really interesting stuff there John, like myself you have often strayed from mainstream products and it does pay off, there’s some cracking gear out there if you know where to look Alk the best with everything!
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