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  1. I have a David Berning ZH-270 During a conversation with David we discussed upgrades for it, which would take it to another level, all the recommended mods were carried out and now is in another league to its original form, with: Mundorf Ag outputs caps, Nichicon Fine Gold caps, silver wiring, WBT Signature Nextgen binding posts, WBT input RCA sockets, Goldpoint Stepped Attenuators, Stillpoint EMS transformer shields. It also has the best valves you can get for it, including a couple sets of Sylvania Black Plate Piwer valves and a set of GEs. Along with a few sets of Siemens E81CCs, Telefunken ECC801S, Gold Stars and other Siemens, Mullards and plenty of top alternatives. The mods cost £1500 and extra valves cost a ton more. Being OTL it’s light, has an incredible baseline and the mids and treble are fantastic. Overall it’s incredibly musical. The amp is very light, you can pick it up with one hand, has 70w per channel and selectable negative feedback options. All in it owes me close to £5k with all the extra valves, which were bought NOS and from reputable sources and as I said is a big upgrade on a stock version. Id be looking for £3250 ideally…it’s original retail was £7k
  2. As with my listing for my Meze Empyrean Headphones I decided to set up a headphone rig for usage as we were expecting our first baby. However as I just don’t feel comfortable wearing headphones and not being able to hear what’s going on around me and us moving home in a months time I need to sell what simply isn’t getting used. the Antares Signature is the top of the range headphone amplifier from Tron, with bespoke audiophile components throughout. The sound is reflective of this, conveying all the fine details and delicacies, as well as all the Piwer and dynamics when required. It’s open, even handed and very natural and insightful. Theres output options for single ended headphones, fully balanced and left and right balanced connections. The rear offers gain and impedance switches to better suit which headphones you desire to use and will drive literally anything with ease. The huge heavy duty flight case it comes in is way overboard but protects the unit very well and is a nice touch. Retail was £5,000 I’m looking for £2650
  3. I have the limited edition copper grill Meze Empyrean Planar Magnetic Headphones for sale. I bought these last year thinking that I may use them as some sort of a stop gap to having a main system running with a baby on the way. However as always with headphones I just never use them, thought it would be different this time around but no, I always feel uncomfortable not being able to hear/detect what’s going on around me and with a baby I guess I feel even more uncomfortable not being able to hear what’s going on. we are moving home in a months time also now so the additional funds would be handy. From new I have left these running for a couple days to bed them in a little at low volume and had them on my head for no more than a couple hours, so they are as good as new and would need a bit more time to run in properly I’d presume. I bought them with the 2m single ended copper cable and also bought the £500 silver balanced cable which is 2.5m long. They come in their outer box, branded internal cardboard box and aluminium carry case, which is a lovely addition to these and have both the aforementioned cables inside along with the the leather and alcantera ear pads. The new price was £3200 I believe and I’d take £2250, for what is essentially an all but new set. I also have a Gron Antares Signature balanced and single ended headphone amp I will be selling which retails at £5,000 for £2600
  4. Supernait 2 and Hicap now sold thanks
  5. Before I sell elsewhere I thought I’d see if there was any interest here NAC 282 - 2010 - £2300 - bought from Signals a couple months ago and had a replacement lid fitted NAP 250DR - 2016 - £2600 Hicap - 2005 - serviced via previous owner in 2017 but mo paperwork provided so I’ve just found out when checking the box - £400 - SOLD Supernait 2 - previous owner bought ex dem last year - £1850 - SOLD all boxed with cables and link plugs etc and in excellent condition Collection welcomed in Plymouth or can courier at cost cheers
  6. Ok, so there’s no edit button anymore? I think you can just about make sense of my very well written post! Lol
  7. I think it would make sense to tell us what your integrated is, just because a u it is a dedicated power amp it doesn’t mean it’s going to be any better, it’s all relative. Plus it may be an idea to to say what speakers you have within the thread. Also not, Piwer amps very very rarely ever come with a remote control, that is usually for the preamp.
  8. There was an Accuphase t107 on PFM recently and one on eBay too, can’t see you getting much better than that
  9. I was chatting to another forum member earlier who won’t accept PayPal Friends and Family. I said that said to him that it’s a safe payment but he quickly said that if paying that way using a credit card it is in fact reversible as he had it happen to him. So if you are lucky enough to have used a credit card...
  10. I’ve got some of this and the Unicorn hair (as they call it), not got around to using it yet, I am told it’s fantastic stuff! Now that my crossovers are co piete maybe I’ll get around to installing it.
  11. I’d take an Allegra+ over the mfa offerings. live heard a baby reference and one of the others, I forget the model in my system, as well as the Allefei+ which I owned for a while alongside my other preamps and found the + to be more transparent to source, injecting less colour and was more open and layered. If your looking for the type of sound a passive offers I’d go with Townshend. I’ve not heard the more expensive reference yet but have done the two Allegris, both great with the + being a little better.
  12. Absolute bargain, had the S3, now got a S510
  13. These are pretty awesome amps!! I do hope that somebody can appreciate it. Good luck with the sale
  14. Look terrific in that finish Rob, I loved my frugels and they were soecced out and used the Studio Connections cable, as do my main soeakers Tgese are a terrifically natural and surprisingly fast speaker, a great buy!
  15. loosend

    Wanted DAC

    Chris it’s more than u want to spend but seriously consider the Lab 12 One SE DAC, I think it would be everything u want and more. OB had one for sale at Winters Audio - https://www.wintersaudio.co.uk/dac do some reading on them, there is a new version, it’s a )1000 more expensive but is the same dac, just additional inputs and balanced out added, the single ended version will be like gold dust very very soon
  16. I’ll have this Jerry, I’ll send u an email mate
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