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  1. Fs. SME 3009 series 2 tonearm. Detachable head shell in nice order. Try it with a Garrard 401/301 and a Shure cartridge for real nostalgia!! Asking £325 + postage.
  2. I use a Magnum Dynalab, all be it somewhere down the food chain, the MD100. For me, these are the best tuners around! Exceptional build quality, and sound to match. Even my modest model is wonderful, so the MD 108T must be bang on the money! GLWTS
  3. Now SOLD. Thank’s for all the interest.
  4. Virtually new, been used for a couple of hours from new. Lovely Cherry veneer and superb sounding. Stuart Tyler's labour of love! Asking £1300.
  5. Ortofon SL15 mk2 MC cartridge. Lovely sounding vintage cartridge with the Ortofon SUT. Very good condition. Asking £245 + postage
  6. Thorens TD124 arm board. This is an Acrylic arm board cut for a 12 inch SME fitting tonearm. The only down side is a small crack in it which has no effect on fitting or listening. Asking £25 + postage
  7. How many hours has it been used for?
  8. Great decks, easy to set up and use, not much to go wrong and will last a very long time with minimal maintenance!
  9. I have a pair of Proac LS8’s in Cherry. New in the box apart from 2hrs in my system. Maybe of interest?
  10. Yes, it was changed to include an in line ALP's volume control to reduce the input. This was changed back to normal input before I bought it. Still available.
  11. 50 watts per channel valve power amplifier. In fair condition and sounding pretty good, but will eventually, probably benefit from a service. Can be used in Triode or Pentode mode. Asking £525, collection only.