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  1. I'm looking for a pair of Proac Responce 1.5. I don't mind the finish as long as they are in good working order. I think £500-650 is a fair budget. I live in York and will travel to collect, or arrange a courier to collect them on my behalf. Richard.
  2. Hi, I'm looking for a pair of 4 -5m speaker cable that needs to be flat or not massively bulky as I'd like it to go under the carpet and it needs to bend round the fireplace. Willing to spend up to £200, but Ideally a bit less! OR to save me selling these: I have a 5m pair of Studio Connections Reference cable to swap for some good quality (and flattish or bendy!) cable. Thanks, Richard (York)
  3. Picture added and price dropped to £1500
  4. Pictured added....and I think £3500 is a fair price.
  5. Sad to have to sell my separates and move to a 1 box system. Naim ND5 XS Mk 2 bought brand new in June. Perfect condition and original paperwork and packaging. Based in York £1750
  6. Sad to have to sell these after only buying them brand new in June this year. Walnut finish, perfect condition with all original packaging and paperwork. They are just too big for my room, will consider taking Proac D2R / D2 or Harbeth C7 / M30 in PX £3750 Based in York, but will deliver (or meet) within 100 miles.
  7. Although it is beautiful to listen to, I need to go back to a 1 box system for practical and family reasons. Titanium finish, 18 months and in perfect condition. Original box, remote and paperwork all included. Based in York, but I will travel up to 150 miles to meet and deliver as I do not want to post this beast! £3100 ono please get in touch for pictures. Thanks, Richard.
  8. Upgrading to ND5XS with Masterclass amp... 2019 model, perfect condition, original box with paperwork, remote and powering lite lead. £2950. Base in York, but willing to travel 100 miles to deliver (free if asking price paid) Cheers, Richard.
  9. I am upgrading my Uniti Nova to go back to separates and I'm looking for some premium RCA interconnects, looking to spend c.£350. Also 4.5m pair or speaker cable (will go up to 6m).... looking to spend around £300 Ethernet cable, c. 8m looking to spend c. £100-150 Thanks, Richard.
  10. Ho John, sorry they sold on Wednesday, just the PM6010 KI Sig amp for sale now.
  11. It's in Selby, North Yorkshire. Obviously please get in touch first before you come over... I will even give your car a wash whilst you are listening! Richard.
  12. I have decided to save some space and have decided to buy a Uniti Nova and some small bookshelf a few Items up for sale! Proac D20R in Cherry £SOLD These are incredible. I auditioned quite a few speakers, and with all the others (PMC, ATC SCM40 et. al.) something just didnt feel right, I couldn't put my finger on it, but with the D20R....Ahhhhh.... I relaxed back in the sofa and melted into the music. I knew in 5 seconds I had found my speakers. The bass is so natural with timbre ad realism (helps that I was using my 250w monoblocs!). The cello in baroque music (be it a Cello sonata, or accompanying a Vivaldi violin sonata) sent shivers down my neck and made my hairs stand on end. Likewise the Double bass in any Nora Jones song. Exquisite detail when listening to Nora Jones "Come AwayWith Me" album, the guitar strums and picks jump out and feel physical. All the instruments are clearly separated with a depth...sorry, this is supposed to be a sales ad.! Original boxes, packaging and documentation. Perfect working order, 1 small mark on each speaker. Audiolab CDQ8200 *** £SOLD *** Near perfect condition, original box, packaging manual and Remote. Audiolab 8200MB (Pair) £SOLD Near perfect condition, and terrific amps. 250w per channel. Same as the current 8300 MB (rrp£1995) but a different number the front. These started out ( the internal design) as Tag McLaren Monoblocs retailing a £4000 for the pair! Very heavy physically, yet subtle when you want to listen quietly. Telirium Q black Speaker cable £SOLD 4.8m Factory terminated pair. Telirium Q Black XLR interconects * SOLD* These are incredible. The difference between some QED silver spiral RCA connects and these shocked me. The first song I listened to was London Grammar's Shyer. When the main vocals come in, I felt I could reach out and touch them! Marantz CD6000 KI Sig * SOLD * I bought this brand new in 2000. Still have original box, packaging and remote. Still works and sounds fab! Marantz 6010 K I Signature £150 Same as above. All the equipment is currently at my place of work (a car dealership), so can be listened to first if you want...we have lots of space to keep 2m apart. Or Purchaser to arrange courier to collect. A video of the Proacs and Audiolab.... Thanks for looking. If someone wanted the full Audiolab and Proac system, they could have the Interconects and speaker cable for free. They could then get a system for only £3125 that new would have been over £7000.
  13. I have a Marantz CD6000 KI Signature that Inhave been meaning to sell for ages. I bought brand new in 2000. Still have original box, packaging and remote. £150 + P and P. Fully working order and in very good condition.