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  1. Price down to £1800 (firm) I've checked with AN and this DAC was built in 2016.
  2. Come on Stef... you know where there is one waiting with your name on it!
  3. The R25a are now £5500. I also listened to the Avatar R4....I preferred voices on the R25A, and feel the extra 2k saving is best spent on upgrading my DAc and amp.
  4. I ordered the R25A and collecting them a week on Monday! I'm also going to have a demo of an Art Audio valve amp when I collect them! It will have to be good to get me to change the A21a!
  5. Although I love my Sugden A21a, Kevin at Definitive recommended I try a valve amp with my new LV speakers. He has a AA Concerto on his Stuff List. I'll be trying it in 2 weeks. It will be the first time I've heard a valve amp... Are current Art Audio pleased with theirs? Are there any alternatives for around £3500 I should also consider?
  6. Thanks MotherSky! This is how I dipped my toe in the NOS unfiltered DAC. I'm only upgrading for the sake of upgrading! It sounds terrific and Kevin at Definitive Audio was very complimentary of it when I took it last week to demo some speakers.
  7. I love the sound of this DAC, and definitely the sound of the NOS in filtered sound. Only selling as I want to upgrade to a higher level! I'd rate this at least a 9/10 condition wise, and includes the original packaging. Collection from York or Selby (North Yorkshire) or I can organise a courier at the buyers risk and expense. I believe the list price of these is now £3700, so a bargain at £1900.
  8. I bought this from Definitive Audio around 6 weeks ago. It certainly is a fine amplifier, but I prefer the warmer tone of the A21a. I'm also just about to order some new Living Voice speakers, so the lower power of the A21 isn't an issue. Perfect condition with all original packaging. For those unaware, there is a 6 month waiting list for a new one...and the are only making the standard finishes so you can't even buy the Stealth version at the moment! Collection from York or Selby. Courier can be organized at buyers risk and expense. £3050 (I paid £3250 )
  9. A very enjoyable day. Earned some browning points by taking "she who must be obeyed" breakfast in bed and walking the dog in the rain before a coffee then in the car. A warm welcome up the stairs to Definitive Audio....a VERY cool place. More like a house full of audio gear than a hifi shop. Seeing big valve amps in real life was a surprise...the size and scale of the doesn't come through in pictures. Coffee and pain au chocolat then set up my gear. Kevin chose some music to get the amp warm. His ears must be fu@#ed as he had it on bloody loud! The big mistake I made was to ask to listen to the Avatar R4 aswell as the R25a ( I originally only wanted to try the R25). It made a relaxing afternoon into one of questions and swapping and changing. They are both very similar, and I would only have chosen the Avatars "Just to make sure" and the irrationality of the human psyche to link higher price with a better product. The only difference I could really tell was with vocals. Hannah Reid ( London Grammar's singer and Norah Jones) sounded a little richer, as if they were 5 years or so older. There was just something for me that I preferred with the R25a. The biggest difference to my experience at Criterion Audio last week (when I demo'd Proac K1, D30RS, D2R and ATC SCM40) was that today I just sat and enjoyed music. I didnt over analyse or listen too hard. Coming up to time I had to pack up, I told Kevin I could easily pour a whisky or role up a reefa and stay all night! The K1 did sound fantastic and I could easily buy them ( if I had a second system...and the money for such a second system!) and I would love to hear them again...(but I don't want to drive to Cambridge for the pleasure). I perhaps really should do though, as I started getting an ear infection the day I drove there, and it will have affected my hearing a little. As it has been said in many reviews, you dont really hear the speakers, just music. It's such a subtle thing. The speakers dont sound that much better that others, but is is that little extra something special. Thinking of any downsides, the bass felt a little light, but I'm used to Proacs that always have great (erring on the side of too much) bass. Having come home and put the same music on, (Norah Jone's new live album...track 6 "After the Fall" in particular) I thought that my D20Rs sound fantastic, Norah's voice felt tangible, there was more bass with the bass guitars...it felt more like the deep bass you get in pub bands, but as I listened more, the music sounded a little "wooly" that it did before. Is the sound now a little flat? Read the last sentence again, there is a giveaway that I didnt intend to use..."is the sound a little..." not "is the music..." I think that sums the LV speakers up. The Proacs sound fantastic. This afternoon, the music was fantastic. I purposely didnt take any means of payment. I just wanted to be sure. I am sure, and I will call on Monday to order my R25As in walnut. Anyone looking at a new pair of speakers around this budget should definately make the effort to demo some.
  10. I'm only taking my A21a....I would love to listen to a valve amp, but I know if I hear something amazing, I wont enjoy my A21a as much! I was up late listening to Norha Jone's new live album...I LOVE it and my system was sounding amazing... the new CEC TL5 and all new cables must be burning in a bit, and I started wondering if I need new speakers at all. I kept falling asleep, then waking up and pressing play again until I woke at 3.30am and finally went to bed! I had the D30RS and they were far too big for my (7x 3.8m) room. Quick shower and walk the dog and then I'm on my way....only slight issue is I left all my CDs at Criterion Audio last week when I demo'd all the Proacs!
  11. I'm really looking forward to it. I was demoing some Proac K1s last week, they were nice but didnt get me pulling out my wallet! How did they sound compared with your AN speakers?
  12. How are you getting on with your R25a? I'm going to Definitive tomorrow to demo a pair. How is the bass in your room?
  13. I've had a DAC2.1x for a month or so now and really enjoy it. Can it be upgraded to the signature spec(or better?) Also, has anyone heard the ANK kits? I have started looking at the (ready built) 5.1. Still an expensive DAC, but if the performance is close to the AN 4.1 then it could be good value for money.
  14. I bought a CEC TL5 last month. I replaced a Naim ND5XS with the TL5 and an Audionote DAC 2.1x. It's a beautifully smooth combination. I also love the tactile sensation of sliding the door open and placing the puck on the disc.
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