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  1. A few months ago I ended up buying a JS level 2 upgraded M8 500. I have matched it with an M8 Pre....I started looking at M6500 integrated! Like most of us the budget kept creeping up and up. I still sometimes wish I bought a NV800. I'm using a Naim ND5 XS2 streamer and Proac D20R speakers....but I feel a little underwhelmed with my system. I demoed loads of speakers when I bought the D20 (with my previous Audiolab gear) and I always loved them. I can't help but think there is a mismatch between the Naim streamer and amps. Does anyone have any steamer recommendations that would work well with MF? My current plan is to have the Pre sent to JS. I have spoken to him before the pre arrived and he said use it for a month or so to get used to it and them let him upgrade it. Interestingly he asked how I wanted it to sound or what areas I'd like improving. Although I'm not gelling with my system, I dont really know what to say needs improving! I also got in touch with a local dealer to try a Supernait 3....it will be interesting to see how 80w compares with 500! Would upgrading a Preamp make much of a difference?
  2. Will this be better that using RCA when connecting my Naim streamer to Musical Fidelity Amp?
  3. After a busy few months, I finally have some time to get this sold. I may have been a little optimistic with the original asking price, so now reduced to £1050. Collected from York or happy to post at buyers cost. Richard.
  4. Yes, I took the 50% in fees, and already been offered what I had them up at on here to cancel the auction. The Allegri + is on there too and I feel confident that will sell well. Roll on the D20R!
  5. I have been leaving them with the grilles off by the window and they have improved a great deal. Now on ebay with no reserve! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Proac-D30RS-/114830208176?_trksid=p2349624.m2548.l6249
  6. Thanks Zen, I think so too. I'm a big Proac fan and I always keep my eyes open on the private market for them. Very rare to see the latest incarnation for sale with a huge discount from a new pair.
  7. In the last 12 months I have bought and sold: Naim Uniti Nova Spendor 4/5 Spendor D7.2 Sugden IA4 Proac Responce 2.5 Currently have the D30RS and this Pre for sale to get some D20R and MF M8 pre to go with the M8 Power I bought last month. That's not including the sale of my original D20R and audiolab equipment! All because I though about having my hifi in a smaller room, but didnt realise how little bass the 4/5s had. I fell in love with the D7.2 in the demo room but couldn't live with them at home as they gave me ear ache after 45 mins! I'm certain when I get the D20R and M8 Pre I will be keeping them and then I'll be deleting all hifi related logins/Facebook groups so as to not get any ideas! ....apart from giving Vinyl a try!
  8. An amazing passive preamp, everthing in the reports makes sense when you hear one of these in your system. I bought this from PF and it's in near perfect condition. Unfortunately I dont have the original packaging, but I can box it up very well for posting. I've decided to buy the matching M8 pre to go with my M8 500 power amp. Collect from York but I'm happy to post. £1250....REDUCED TO £1050
  9. I have finally worked out to compress pictures (it's very easy!) And I've edited my original post with better pictures. The speakers look MUCH nicer in real life. But if you dont want any grille fade at all, then the other option is to spend £5200 on a new pair. For some reason all Proacs (that I'm aware of) fade, so anyone looking for a pair of Proacs has little choice. Before choosing Proac, I listened to PMC, ATC and Spendor speakers. Proacs are the ONLY ones that gave me goose bumps whe I heard them! Their main sonic signature I love is just how relaxing they sound, but not at the expense of transparency or sound stage.
  10. Price drop to £2800. I can email more and better quality pictures to anyone interested in them. Richard.
  11. Hi, I bought them from Fanthorpes a month or so back. They had taken them in as a trade in. I dont know the age but the serial number is D30S/000481.
  12. Thanks Flash. They are stunning! I'm currently listening to London Grammar's new album they are incredible....just too big in my narrow room.
  13. I only bought these a month or so ago, they are just a bit too big for my room so downsizing to some D20R. I'm sure you will be aware how beautiful these speakers sound, with deep yet controlled and articulate bass, transparent mids and sparkling highs, all sounding relaxing to listen to. I had some Spendore D7.2s before these, and although crystal clear, they did make listening for more that 45min tiring on my ears. I can happily sit for hours listening to these Proacs! Cherry finish in near perfect condition with only slight fading behind the grill. All original packaging and floor spikes. I will consider taking a newish pair of D20R is part exchange (Rosewood, Ebony or Walnut). Collection from York or Selby or can ship. I'd also be happy to travel upto 50 miles from Selby to meet a buyer. Now asking £2800...(was £3000)
  14. I bought these lovely speakers from a fellow Whammer a few months ago, and I intend to upgrade to some D30RS'. Perfect working order, few marks cosmetically as show in the pictures and the foam around the tweeter is worn. NO boxes, but I'll drive up to 50 miles of YO8 8AG to help with collection. £725 ONO Richard P.S. sorry the picture isn't very good, I had to drop it to get it under 2MB! I have lots of other pictures for interested parties
  15. Yes I missed out on those as I was humming and ahhing! Yes the 800 is double the price, but if the difference new was £4000 and the difference used is only £2000....makes the 800 look good value....or is that just my man maths trying to justify it to myself!
  16. I looking to upgrade my amp with a big intergrated...ideally a M6 500i before I buy a Nu Vista 800! Does anyone have one they are thinking of selling? Richard
  17. I'm looking for a pair of Proac Responce 1.5. I don't mind the finish as long as they are in good working order. I think £500-650 is a fair budget. I live in York and will travel to collect, or arrange a courier to collect them on my behalf. Richard.
  18. Hi, I'm looking for a pair of 4 -5m speaker cable that needs to be flat or not massively bulky as I'd like it to go under the carpet and it needs to bend round the fireplace. Willing to spend up to £200, but Ideally a bit less! OR to save me selling these: I have a 5m pair of Studio Connections Reference cable to swap for some good quality (and flattish or bendy!) cable. Thanks, Richard (York)
  19. Clearing my old system to go towards some D20r. Original boxes and remotes for Marantz, but not speakers. I also have QED silver spiral interconnects, Atacama stands and 2m pair of Sonic Link bi-wire, Get in touch for pics. £350 for the lot. Based in York, will deliver to anywhere in Yorkshire. PS all bought new from Vickers Hifi York, tweeter pushed in on one speaker.
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