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  1. Opening today! Just popped in. Anyone in Edinburgh should try and make it down today, apart from great sounds and lovely people, they've put on some fantastic food and drink! Carlo has done a fantastic job with the shop, and has lots of stunning kit.....He's chosen a really nice range of stuff to stock. ....and what a nice guy! Good luck Carlo!
  2. I'm picturing him playing the Darth Vader theme
  3. Asteroid no. 4? Enjoyed Allah Las, thanks. Not really the same sort of thing as the Movements to my ears, but I was fancying something along the lines of Assemble in Sunburst Sound and it properly hit the spot in that regard
  4. Yup. Should have picked something tailored to garner more abuse. Can't win.
  5. Anyone got any idea when it's opening? Can't see a date on the shop or the website.
  6. Walking home yesterday I noticed that Audio Philia have a new store opening up very near me. Didn't see an opening date but look forward to popping in
  7. It's certainly hard to find reviews of it. Can't remember how I came across it now- I think it might have been via their "For Sardines..." album when I was on a space rock binge. It's certainly tuneful enough to be popular... positively saccharine some of it
  8. My choice this time round is Sweden's The Movements "Grains of Oats". It's Garage Psych i guess, major influences would be 13th Floor Elevators, The Sonics, The Doors, The Byrds etc... Catchy songs, album is front-loaded with poppy numbers, a few more melancholic songs in the middle and ending with an all-out space rock blast foretelling their next album, the out and out space rock "For Sardines Space is No Problem". Druggy hippy lyrics, great production and playing. It's obviously been done before many times though Spotify
  9. I'm a sucker for marketing but the Vittoria Corsa CX sound very interesting, and the blue version would match my bike
  10. With regards to cornering, I need to improve, not the tyres I am improving my cornering, but don't expect nor am I looking for any "quick fixes" or changes in equipment to achieve it. I was really just curious about how the tyre shape/size affected it. At the time, it felt like a switch from 28c to 25c Schwalbe One's improved the feel of cornering but it was ages ago and it may have just been in my head. My summer and winter tyres (Michelin Pro4 Endurance) are both completely slick. I get that tread is cosmetic (entirely? largely?) Interesting link, thanks- I like Velonews
  11. I'm sure of it! This is really idle curiosity, not something I'm concerned makes a huge difference. Only thing is I'll probably have to pick up new summer tyres at some point next year
  12. Yeah, I was planning to give the velodrome a shot. I've got a bunch of mates that fancied it too so definitely give that a try this summer. Will try some chaingang rides later in the year if i'm up to it. Thinking now I'll probably get a few years experience under my belt before I try racing, rather than 2017. Bit premature I think
  13. Except the 23mm H plus Son rims I have say they are designed for and work best with 23c's, apparently "mimicking as tubular" or something like that. ...