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  1. Thanks to Simon's generosity I've downloaded the lot, and already managed to identify the difference between the Rogers Senior MKIII & MKIV control units.
  2. The A21 will be closed at Morley's Roundabout Sunday. Allow extra time for the diversion
  3. My line is deleted - hopefully someone takes up the space.
  4. I'm afraid I shall have to withdraw from exhibiting this year. although I hope to make the show on Sunday as a visitor.
  5. Lenco Heaven was first invited to exhibit at the 2012 Scalford show, and we have exhibited at every show since. This year I've decided not to exhibit, but rather attend as a visitor. Colin (bornin50) and Tony (funkpig) have taken up the baton and will be hosting the Lenco Heaven room.
  6. I don't mind taking the bed apart, it's the putting it back together again that worries me
  7. She told me she thought it was a wifi show Also, when she volunteered to work Sunday she wasn't aware there should be 400 - 500 people turning up on Sunday.
  8. The elephant in the room is the double bed, which we will have to work around. Otherwise the room is much as photo'd by Spider, and we should be able to do something with it.
  9. I just called into the hotel and they kindly let me view my room, now I have an idea what I will be dealing with next week. Apparently I'm not the only Wammer who's done that today
  10. Update for Line 24 - Room 22 Digital Source - none Turntable: Goldring 88, Roksan Tabriz arm and Grado Signature TLZ Cartridge Goldring Lenco GL75, Decca ffss arm & Decca Cartridge Goldring Lenco GL70, Audio Technica AT1005 arm
  11. Danny, a double for for Colin (Bornin50) and his good lady please - he is co-hosting the Lenco Heaven forum room
  12. See Post 57 - Sunday start 09:30ish and finish 17:30ish (less time to wake up and recover from hangover, so less of this? )