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  1. Now 1.1k views, sort after speakers, maybe no one wants to pay your price or they are out of flavour at the moment. Anyway have a bump.
  2. I use these for drying racks, they hold 10 and are pretty cheap. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/132789607246
  3. Ok. I’ll be there for 10am. If Rob wants picking up I can do that, as I have to go that way anyway. Ask him to contact me ( Text ?) as I don’t have his number. I’ll send you mine on a pm. Rick is on a Bear Grylls extreme survival expedition catching fish tad poles with his spear like, razor sharp trident fork, so I don’t think he’s going. Ahh, shouldn’t of said that, he’ll probably drown me in the pond now, with a fork sticking out my ass.
  4. I might go, what time are you thinking of ? If Rick goes I can drop his phono stage back to him and I could probably pick Mark up if he goes and still lives in Derby. Let me know as I either can work today or tomorrow, but I need to work one of them. New records for the new J’s
  5. That sale didn’t last long.
  6. Just got a nice Tungsol of Bish, top wamming.
  7. Nice picture rockhopper, guess the seller thought that too.
  8. Thanks Nathan (The Bish ) but I think I’m sorted now.
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