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  1. Not heard this before, very good, on the buying list !
  2. Limited edition in kamikaze yellow vinyl.
  3. Vinyl of course. Sunday morning, fluff on the stylus and distortion guitar what more could you want.
  4. Ah, brings back memories of seeing this played at Glastonbury in the 80's. It was dark, thunder and lightning, lasers flying everywhere and pissing with rain all through their set as they headlined. It was great ! 😎 This is a good live version and same year I think.
  5. If you contact Colin Yallop at Chevron audio, I'm sure he will be able to tell you all about this as it looks like one of their early model mods on Dpa ( hence sticker " Chevin Audio" ) I know the name is not the same but I'm sure Colin was involved with Chevin. The Chevin sticker on the bottom will either be a service sticker or a serious upgrade mod that has been done to it, or both. Colin is very knowledgeable on these dacs and all dacs really ! http://www.chevronaudio.co.uk/index.html Hope this helps.
  6. Thanks for that pj, but I was chasing a dual v6 classic for my Dac GLWTS.
  7. Hi, Are these single or dual op amps ? I just can't read the writing clearly on them, but I think one of them says single. Thanks Des.
  8. Had a feeling you wouldn't be able to resist this.
  9. Hap Hazzard

    Valve info

    These are better at just over half the price if you haggle maybe even better again. I use these quite regular in my amp. Tried the original mullards from 1965 and thought they were good but I like the Fat boys a lot better but they have gone silly prices now https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Matched-Quad-Ei-Yugoslavia-Magnoval-6CA7-EL34-Fat-Boy-Valves-Tubes-NOS-V26/184007105706?hash=item2ad7ad9caa:g:gwcAAOSwuCBdsZuC The Russian Svetlana el34 fat boys from the 90's and before are pretty good as well.